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Does Media and LAW maker learnt any think from Latest Nisha Sharma Dowry Case?

As per Navbhrat Times A Dowry case today filed against Media Darling Ms. Nisha Sharma ( Link)

निशा शर्मा के खिलाफ दहेज उत्पीड़न का केस

3-Years Back some of my good Friends of INB7 was very angry on me ,
when I write this article:

Worst programme of Zindagi Line (IBN7) and Promotions of Yellow
Journalism in the name of dowry death.

More than 62000 married men end their life every year as per Crime Bure Report, does the
killing the Husbands to be termed in this country as “Social Service’?

More than 15000 unmarried women end their life, before marriage...why
the same not termed as dowry death?
Why only when a married women end their life , the same termed as
dowry death? Have you ever checked that?

With reference to your telecast on Sunday regarding the dowry givers
sitting in your programme and they have only verbal allegations, no
evidence from their end to justify their claim, we surprised, when as
per law the “Dowry giving is a offense” and when the person is
accepted they had “given the dowry” , means the crime had been proved
  beyond reasonable dought , why they have not send behind the bar?

How they are in your studio, instead of behind the bar?

Unable to understand, why your team failed to raise this valid
questions, when they done the crime, how many days they had been put
in jail?

Does a criminal who accept his crime to be given special treatment?

More than 15000 unmarried women also end their life every year as per
crime bure Report , but why we do not term the same dowry death and
send the girl’s parents behind the bar?

Why it should be blamed the husbands family , whenever the married
women end their life and term it is dowry death?

More than 70% cases it is the husbands family proved their innocence
and rest 30% punished as they have not preserved their evidence of
innocence or police destroyed their evidences , when they was in jail,
do you know that?

Now when the Judgement came after 9 years the News we find :

Rebel bride’s dowry charge junked

GREATER NOIDA: She hit the headlines nine years ago after calling off
her wedding in front of 200 guests, alleging the groom’s family had
demanded a massive dowry at the last minute. But on Wednesday, all the
fame and media adulation Nisha Sharma cornered in 2003 seemed
misplaced when a court here declared she had fabricated the dowry
charges to wriggle out of the nuptials.

Calling Sharma’s action pre-meditated, the chief judicial magistrate
at Gautam Budh Nagar district courts, Vipin Rai, acquitted all the
four accused in the case - the groom Munish Dalal, his mother Vidya
Dalal, his aunt Savitri Sharma, and Nisha’s former classmate Navneet

After examining the evidence produced in court, the CJM ruled that
Sharma was close to her classmate Navneet Rai and wished to marry him.
Her family had discussed the alliance with Rai’s family but it did not
work out. Sharma’s father then betrothed her to Dalal. The order says
Sharma was unhappy with the match and had set her heart on marrying
Navneet, so she cooked up the dowry story.

During investigation, Rai himself had testified against Sharma. Munish
Dalal had claimed at the time that Navneet met and told him about his
relationship with the woman.
So, today the question is Does media and Law maker learn any think
and ready to accept that “The verbal allegation of a women can’t be
taken as truth , as no one born in Raja Harish Chandra Family” and a
person is Innocent till Proven Guilty ?

Unfortunately the last two decades my experience is Negative as in last
2-days we witness to cover up their earlier wrong doing, now again
  theyhad started to telecast a lot of Anti-Husbands story by taking
one sided Story of wives and there is no mention of their Husbands
version or allegation.

Many more Manish Dala is created even today and News Bordcasters
keeping Blind eye on them. They do not show any Husbands suffering
story one sided, they want evidence, Judgment copy and also the wife
side version , but when wives give thier one sided version, media do
not even brother to take the Husbands side story and term thm criminal
and forget all women do not born in Raja Harish Chandra Family and a
Person is innocent till Proven Guilty.

Last 60 years more and more duplications of LAW made in the name of
dowry and still we are crying the same not stopped and increasing ,
the basic questions is are our government or NCW and IBN7 team ,
really want to stop this so called Dowry System?

If the Answer is “YES”, then the first step to be taken on: Section 8B
on Dowry Prohibition Officers.

· Any marriage involve with Dowry to be termed as illegal and void
marriage and special task force of Dowry Prohibition officers to be
appointed and start raid in marriage functions and all the Dowry
articles to be taken in custody and the fine to be imposed on both the
party and all the same should go to Government fund and the same will
be used for the real empower of women , like their educations/jobs and
make them self dependent , instead of treating the Husbands family as
Free ATM machine.

· Parents should give the equal rights to their boy and girls in their
assets/property/business share, instead of treating the Girls as a
burden and dispose off and then after marriage hide behind the word

We argue , give us this power for one year , we will prove it beyond
reasonable drought , what your NCW and their associated organizations
not able to achieve , we will achieve at faster process and will
eliminate the whole “Natanki” of so called Dowry system.

Who misused Dowry/ 498A/DVAct most?

· Wife want to teach a lesson to Husband’s family: 32.5%

· Wife want easy Divorce/Child Custody and fast money: 29.5%

· Wife who can’t adjust in Husband’s family.: 18.1%

· Wife having illegal relationship with other Man.: 10.8%

· Wife done marriage by hiding truth, like health, age, qualification
.etc: 8.2%

SFF members are committed and will continue their fight in the next
level to stop the Legal Terrorism of India where in the help of so
called women friendly LAWS misused to treat Indian men as Free ATM
machine to extorted the money/property and such gender biased laws
(498A/DV/CRPC125/Child custody) are responsible for creating a huge
father less child society in India and seek your kind support as a
Honest Citizen of India.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Protest in New Delhi against Speedy Divorce Law - YouTube : Must Watch

Protest in New Delhi against Speedy Divorce Law - YouTube : Must Watch

In the name of Easy Divorce Law minister on the way to make another
Husband Killer Extortion law which will be misused 100 time more than
498A. If Law minister Salaman Kursgid can't convince WCD / NCW to replace
the word husband/wife to Spouse which followed by all over world,
immediately the Bill should be rollback to stop another extortion law
in the name of divorce which is against Natural Justice.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Drafting of bill for protection of men from intimate partner voilence is near completion

About INSAAF: “Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum” INSAAF  is an international think tank specializing in social and gender research. Consisting entirely of intelligentsia possessing vast collective expertise in advancing social reform , legislative consultation and advisory research this Non Governmental Organization (NGO) has branches both the United States and in India. INSAAF has been invited to depose in the Rajya Sabha , Lok Sabha over 7 times on various issues India  like Prevention of Torture bill , Civil Nuclear Liability Bill , Lokpal bill , Marraige Law amendment bill , Sexual harrasment at workplace bill amongst many others. INSAAF has also actively worked in the United States Senate and House for various issues affecting Indian immigrants . We have acted as trusted advisers on national and international research studies  and have provided very credible data and unbiased factual research on various legislative issues both at the state and national level both in US and in India. We have  100's of active contributing research experts all over the world supplying us with their valuable opinion and peer reviewed research.

INSAAF has been retained by prominent Indian men's rights organisations along with  some key Members of parliament for drafting a Intimate Terror (Domestic Violence) act which specifically caters to protecting men and boys from domestic violence from their spouse , girlfriends and parents. It has been alleged that Husbands and boyfriends in Indian are specifically excluded from protected under domestic violence laws in India. Research has also shown that there have been significant demand from all quarters for creation of laws to protect men from intimate terror but all these requests have so far not led to to formulation of an actual law which is believed to have caused due to unavailability of a government forum to consider the safety and security of Indian men in general.

Preliminary Study results from INSAAF's study of Intimate Terror in India

INSAAF's researchers have collated vast amount of peer reviewed data and evidence from personal interviews of male victims, court case records , statements made by honorable courts and media articles and has determined that domestic violence abuse of Indian males falls across a wide range of categories namely

a. Physical abuse : Husbands and Male partners have presented serious evidence of been  scratched , punched , bit , things thrown at them by their female partners apart from attacks with deadly instruments. In the absence of a legal system to protect men from physical violence  these victims get little or no medical care or attention and are even unable to speak of their physical wounds due to the unavailability of a law to protect them from abuse.

b. Emotional abuse :  Demands to forcefully separate the husband from his parents and family , demand for separate residence, threat of Police action and legal recourse if the wife's demands are not met were  some of the commonly seen tactics of emotional abuse. Also , constant non-cooperation of the wife or the female partner in the smooth running of a family was another commonly seen tactic which was used to abuse husbands in case of non fulfillment of the demands of the wife.

c. Verbal abuse : Calling husbands and male partners derogatory names with an intent to demean and hurt. Names like "impotent" , "Spineless" , "Hijra(Eunuch)" have most commonly come up and were verbal abuses that were levelled against Husbands and male partners with an intent to cause pain and ignominy. Many husbands provided evidence of suffering of such verbal abuse for decades primarily due to their specific inability to earn an income as per the demands of their spouses.    

d. Legal abuse : The acts of misusing the state machinery by the wife or female partner for intent of coercing the husband or the male partner to abide by their demands. Common amongst these are misuse of IPC 498a , DV act 2005 , Rape/Molestation Laws , Denying Child custody on event of separation and Maintenance laws.

e. Economic abuse :- Constant irrational demands on the husband for purchase of jewelery , real estate , expensive clothing , automobiles , restaurant hospitality, feminine beauty products and demands for payments to family members of the wife's family was evidenced .When the husband or the male partner was unable to meet the financial demands of the female partner they were subjected to further emotional and physical abuse. A lot of data spoke of  severe economic abuse and daily non co-operatory tactics to force the man to increase his income beyond his normal means and capability. Inability of the man to earn more led to further domestic abuse and which in many cases led to legal and physical violence and an eventual divorce.

f. Sexual abuse: Using consensual physical relations to coerce a man for either financial payments and/or forced marriage . Threatening to file cases of rape and molestation after consensual physical relations. Forcing men to start families against their will and denying physical relation in a matrimonial relation if to irrational and unreasonable demands are not fulfilled.

INSAAF's study has also has taken into account the scale and propensity of abuse of husbands and males partners in India and compared that to worldwide abuse numbers . We have concluded that in in more than 50% of cases wives and females also initiated fights which led to intimate terror attacks on their male partners. The bill is going through its final touches  and  will be presented for consideration during the winter session of the parliament.
In case you need any clarification or information , feel free to Contact :


Now, a bill to safeguard men to be discussed in RS - ...

A Warning for Indian Bachelors


Essential reading for men planning to get married in India.
Last updated: Sept 24, 2012
Beware of the legal havoc that your wife can unleash on you and your innocent family members.Protect yourself and your family from years of imprisonment,harassment, blackmail, extortion and false litigation by an unscrupulous Indian wife and her family.


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Are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?? – Misuse of 498A/DV Act

Are you ready to avoid a Terrorist Attack?? – Misuse of 498A/DV Act

As a Volunteer and Moderator of SIF ( Save Indian Family ) , every day I used to habituated to hear the Same Cry , Pain , Frustration of thousands Age Old parents , Pregent Sister , handicapped Husbands , when this “ Legal Terrorism “ in India will Stop??

Recently though the Supreme Court of India Cautioned to take the necessary precaution and seal the hope hole in 498A and anti-dowry LAW to stop such “ Legal terrorism” , our LAW maker does not brother to respect the same , where as they are ready with another tools in the Name of Domestic Violence Act instead of a Domestic harmony Act , where a Husband and there all family members will be thrown out of House in the name of so called Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship ( no need any evidence , only her or her family members own statement is sufficient ) , where as for the same offence from the wife and their family members side , forget any punishment , there is no provision of a small warning for them , they have given them a whole sale free license for “Verbal abuse , mental harassment , economical abuse and adulterate relationship .”

Now the question is are we ready to avoid a Terrorist attack in the form of 498A or DV Act??

Last one year my experience is a Big “No”.

Because the Indian Husband still in leaving in the 16th Century as says by Ms. Shobha De in her famous Book. Where as the Wives are taking the lead as a result you can see more than 55% divorce case are filed by them followed by 498A for getting a huge money , the way a terrorist does with common innocent people in the name of Welfare .

Recently when I meat a Commando who had on field experience 6 years in Punjab and presently last 5 years posted in Kashmir to fight against Terrorism, who share his experience with me, Which leads me to say all the nation how you can take a preventive action to avoid a terrorist attack, instead of crying after the terrorist completed their Job and killing a lot of Innocent People. It is up to you to decided, want to take preventive action or Cry after a terrorist attack.

1.Make Public Awareness for the Terrorist Activity, there is no logic, there is no aim, only aim to earn the money in dishonest way.
- Same way , make the Public awareness about Misuse of 498A and DV Act , where irrespective of you have done anything wrong or right , you along with your family members can be put behind the Bar with out any Investigation . ( Same way like TADA/POTA )

2. Whenever you find Some Strange Attitude by some one, immediately inform to Police or necessary authority.

- Whenever you find any small trouble and strange attitude from you dishonest wife or her family members, like she left the house without any Justifiable reason, immediately complain to Your Nearest Police Station and file a RCR in Court under Section 9 . Take the certified copy of the same and send to her Police Station and request for necessary action.

- If you have any strong evidence and witness, immediately file a Criminal case against them like under IPC section 384, 406, 506.. Etc. Otherwise, when your dishonest wife and their family members will say that you have thrown her from your house at Mid Night and she have to leave the house empty handed and you have asked 20 Lacks, you will not have any defense during your bail application.

3. Save guard your valuable Items and family members in some Safe places to reduce the damage in a Terrorist attack.

- Same is applicable in case of 498A and DV act Also. First you have to leave your parents house and find a separate rented house, and if any valuable items are there to be sold immediately, otherwise the Police will come and take all your Valuable Items irrespective of the Items belongs to your mother, sister or purchased by your won hard-earned money.

4. “ When a Terrorist really attack , do not afraid , face them bravely and say ok , “ You may seceded to kill me , but I will not allow to Kill you further Innocent by you or your associates ”

- Same thing when finally the 498A or DV Act attack you , say the same and make a action Plan and prepare your self for a Long battle . Never allow them to take any undue advantages as a cake way. If you are innocent, No one will punish you. Make a bail application and fight the same on merit and say to judge that you will prove your Innocent in trial, that’s all, no other words. Same thing in Women cell or in Police station, do not waste your valuable time, just relax and give all the Court Certified Copy and request them to do their duty.

Now you will be in two situations, the terrorist may say good bye to you and leave your Place or will Say sorry, I have changed and want to live with you as a Honest Citizen.

Ball is in your Court, if the terrorist say Good Bye, say them Good Bye as per your terms and condition (with mentioned that the settlement done and in future there should not any claim towards any StreeDhan , as per Hindu marriage Act 24 , 25 and Criminal Procedure 125 , all the case against each other will be withdrawn by some specified time frame and if any amount involved the same will be deposited at court and they will be entitled the same after completing all the Job )


to make them a Honest Citizen , ask them to accept the crime in front of Judge and make all the legal Documents and unconditional commitment that they will not do such type of Legal Terrorism in future irrespective of any situation .

“Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are” – Says Noah Porter.


1.      The word Men/women to be replaced by person and Husband/wife to be replaced by Spouse in all LAW and policy.
2.      No direct money should be given to the person who complaint, all
fine should be go to some government welfare fund. The same fund to be used for the real empowerment of women and child.

3.      If found the cases filed false/fabricated or to get some personnel benefit, the person should be fined and jailed the same terms under which IPC they filed the complint.
4.  Stop duplication of law , at present total 5 different maintenance law a person have to fight. Remove all duplication of law and make a single law under "Family disputes" act to resolve all disputes in one single law, instead of making more and more duplication of law as Indian constitution article 21 clearly says, a person can't be punished more than once for the same offense.


(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)

Replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse in proposed Marrage Amened Bill

Are you planning to marry Indian Girl? It is easy to get married
(’Legal Trap’) in India if Boy is with handsome earning and have
credible wealth.

“According to the Cabinet Note, while a wife can oppose a
husband’s plea for a divorce under the new “irretrievable
breakdown of marriage” clause, the husband will have no such
rights to oppose if the wife moves court on the same grounds.”

Are new divorce laws anti-men? Video:

NDTV: Why Marital Property Division Law Must not be Draconian ...

The word husband/wife must be replaced by the word Spouse, otherwise it will lead a total Extortion business of your hard earned money/property and as the more awareness will come, maximum men will
stop saving and will spend their earnings , result more and more crime/fraud/stress in society and yes a huge father less child society on the way, which today some male haters do not understand , but will value the contribution of husbands family the day they will take oath to die as debit man than credit man. We do not understand why so called educated and liberal Women and LAW makers afraid to make law on the Principal with the word “Spouse”, both get euall responsibility and Liability.

This bill is a further evidence of the growing misandry (male hatred) in the society and how the society treats men as disposable entities. Even in this modern age when we talk of Gender Equality, the stereotypical patriarchal notion that the financial responsibility of a family should lay on a husband still prevails in the society, and this pervert social mindset is the root cause of abuse of men,
especially husbands in a marriage.

In such a situation, where men are already burdened with so much of load, another law which makes divorce extremely costly for them is thoroughly unwelcome.

Highlights of the law:

This law recognizes “Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage” as a ground for divorce.
While the law empowers the wife to oppose the divorce at any point of time if the husband has filed for divorce, it restrains the husband from doing so when the wife has filed for the same.
This law also contains a clause by which courts will be empowered to snatch away half the property of husband and give it away to wife.
This law only talks about women’s rights and has no considerations whatsoever for men.

Brief Background:

Due to demand from various quarters, this ground for divorce was introduced by the Govt. of India by way of the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which sought to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. However, the bill contained clauses that facilitated financial extortion of men.

The bill read that courts would have power not to grant the divorce unless the wife was paid adequate amount of money under the cute name of “Financial Security of Woman”.

And the bill also mentioned about special powers being given only to wives to oppose the divorce if the wife was unhappy with the money she received from the husband.

Such clauses being outright anti-male and gender-biased in nature were vehemently opposed by various men’s rights activists and organizations, who even deposed in front of the Standing Committee on personnel, public grievances, law and justice. The panel, chaired by Shri Santaram Naik, was presented with the objections raised by men’s rights organizations who sought to make the bill gender-neutral and ensure that no man faced any kind of financial hardship because of gender-biased clauses in the bill.

Oppositions ignored:

However, the objections raised by men’s rights organizations have been conveniently ignored by the standing committee panel, that has gone ahead and recommended the very clauses to the Govt. of India for the bill to be tabled, to which the men’s rights organizations has raised objections against.

What will happen if?

Husband purchases a property just 6 months after marriage out of his hard-earned savings earned before marriage and his marriage breaks and he loses half of the property. In that case the husband will be doomed.
Men start fearing this law and stop buying real estate which adversely affects the economy of the country.
Husband has dependent parents and owns a single property and if 50% of that goes to wife post-divorce, how will the husband take care of his old parents? Is the concept of family restricted to only husband-wife
in the Indian context?
What, if the family is a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) owning a single joint property? Will the wife get 50% of that? What about other sibling’s share in it?

Marriages are tumultuous for men. This fact reflects in the suicide statistics that are published year-over-year by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and it’s the married men who top the list of suicide.
Suicide rate of husbands’ increases 4 times the rate of wives’ and 6 times the rate they are born. Every 9 minutes a married man commits suicide. This fact clearly proves how bad marriages turn out for men
and if divorces are also made costlier by way of such laws, this will lead to further increase in suicides by men. Is the Government of India trying to facilitate the suicides of men?

In a democratic law making process, objections raised by a particular group or individual cannot be ignored without any proper justification. The panel has failed to give any just and proper reason as to why the objections raised should not be considered.

As per Dowry Prohibition Act, any demand of cash/kind in relation to marriage is “Dowry”. Is not this law legalizing dowry to be paid to wife from husband under the cute name of “Financial Security of Wife”?
Right to Equality is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India and cannot be disrespected under any circumstances. Current bill thoroughly violates it, as far as men are concerned.

Feminists are claiming that nearly 80% of women do not have a place to live post-divorce. This is completely false because no such study has ever been conducted. India does not have any standard data collected
as to how many divorces are happening, of those how many own a house and how many do not, how many are nuclear, joint and HUF families. Without any such data in place, any claims made are just airy claims
without any data. Formulating a law on airy data is dangerous.


Marriages and Divorces should not be made a property-transfer-bureau. If property division is to be done then wife’s share in her ancestral property must also be considered and then division must be done. Duration of marriage must be a crucial factor of consideration. The difference between a 2 month marriage and a 20 year marriage must be clearly understood.

Property division must take into account contributions made by both the spouses and also the fact that the property was acquired from wealth earned post marriage and not from previous savings.
Any and all outstanding financial liabilities on the property like loan for property, loan against property, mortgage etc. must also be equally divided and wife must be made to be equally paid for it. If she is not working then she should get her share from her ancestral property.

Both the partners should have equal and unbridled right to oppose divorce and there should be no gender-bias in this.

There should not be any power wrested with the courts to decide upon property transfer or stalling of proceedings as the Indian judiciary is highly incompetent and has not shown positive trends favoring men
when it comes to disposing cases. The Indian judiciary is highly anti-male and does not consider twice before ordering a man to either “sell his kidney” or “beg, borrow or steal” just to pay maintenance to his estranged wife. What is the guarantee that the same judiciary will make judicious decisions when it comes to this law?

Institute a National Commission for Men, that can systematically collect issues, concerns and problems of men, study them and recommend to the Govt. about measures to be taken to address those problems.
If the Govt. of India does not take these considerations seriously then we have only one message for the hardworking Indian men, who think putting self before others, is a social norm –

Your hard earned property does not belong to you.

P.S. Long run effect as the more and more cases will come out :

“Also this bill will have a disastrous effect on the marriageability of non-working or low income men/women - as all women/men would like to marry high income men/women now. Will the govt. take responsibility
to get these low-income or no-income men/women marrage? How is this bill useful when it helps high income men/women while at the same time makes the low-income men/women un-marriageable? This bill infact is
contrary to women’s and men’s welfare”

So,what to do ?

1. This is nothing but legal terrorism and to stop that the First think to make more and more awareness. So, highlight the danger to all LAW makers MP, Society and Friends. Always demand as per constitution every one is equal in front of law , so the word men/women must be replaced by person and husband/wife must be replaced by spouse.
2. Those are in LAW filed must start collected the LAW of other country of the world and be ready to fight in Supreme court. No country have such biased law in place.
3. Before marriage must engage a Lawyers.
4. Book a low cost Home in some Village area , so that in old age you can have a place to live.
5. The moment you feel any smell of any problem without any second thought dispose-off all your movable or immovable assets .
6. Minimum Saving after marriage , enjoy the life instead of work like donkey and one day die in Heart attack and left huge assets.
7.Come out from all the emotion , today marriage is no longer a emotional bond, all this male haters LAW makers make the marriage a emotionless simple Business deal and a easy money earning business for
wrong people.

Warning to all Male Haters :
To grab the Husbands money/property you have made several law start from DP3, 498A, DV act, CRPC125, Section 24 and now this new HMA act, with the Principal all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra Family , never lie and all Husbands born in Criminal Family.

All the law the basic motive is how to grab the money and property from Husbands family with the logic women had suffered so long, so now it is turn to men to suffer.

But forget two wrong can’t make a right think. If women is suffering that is not due to husbands family , it is due to the girls at their own home had not given equal right and responsibility give to a boy, instead of correcting the same started putting all burden/blame to husbands family .

Do not forget more then 90% women who have a home in this country , they got from their husbands family , not from their own family, correct that first or the day the is not too far when we will be witness when a man will die, the bank will come and take over all his assets , which we witness in western country .

The day Indian Husbands will learn to live a life as Debit man than credit man and stop making any saving in property or in other assets , then only you all will realize the real contribution of Indian husbands for this society.

Do not take Indian husbands family in ride and stop promotion of Legal Extortion of their hard earned money/property, make the LAW gender neutral the word husband/wife must be replaced by the word spouse and the share should be equal both liability and claim in assets.

Click Here For Video : CNN-IBN Debeate "Face The Nation." With Sagarika Ghosh .

NDTV: Why Marital Property Division Law Must not be Draconian ...


Shri Ashwani Kumar ,Ministry of Law and Justice

4th Floor, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001


What will happen if the MAD [Marriage Law Amendment (DRAFT) Bill 2010] BILL is passed?
1)      Husband and his family loses minimum 50% to 80% of the property in case of Divorce. He will have to run after the court for next 20 years to fight 498A / DV / CrPC 125 / Child Custody, as wife is not bound to come to court.
2)      Wife’s contribution, financial liabilities and duration of marriage will NOT be considered at the time of divorce. (Example: Wife has Rs 100 Crores of property and Husband has Rs 10 Lakhs property, it is only husband who will have to pay Rs 5 Lakhs to wife.)
3)      The wife can object a divorce petition filed by husband on grounds of financial hardship but husband CANNOT object a petition filed by wife. So, husbands will prefer to avoid to go court and sell off/mortgage all assets, like china it happened. Result every divorce case 3 to 4 property litigation in court for years will continue.
4)      Upon quoting ‘financial hardship’, the wife will get minimum 50% to 80% of husband’s family property and same share in assets to fulfill her lavish lifestyle, even if the marriage lasted for 1 day or 1 month. Result more husbands suicide or spouse murder will happen.
5)      Financial position of the wife, her assets is not being considered at all; neither is her capability to earn nor her education nor her financial / non-financial contributions.
6)      While the distribution of assets has been allowed, the distribution of liabilities is not at all mentioned. So the husband keeps paying the loans & mortgages and wife runs away with money and property.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why "Zero" Fund for Men Well fare?

More than 82% Taxes earned by Indian Government from Indian men , but reality is in last 60 Years Budget , the Fund for "Men Well fare " always is "Zero" , in spite every day more than 232 Men end their life compared to 120 Women end their life.( As per Crime Bure Stastics).

Study Report by Save Indian Family Foundation and My Nation.
Here is an overview of the situation and status of Men in India.

- A traditional cultural preference for Men's total responsibility towards Wife, children, parents, sisters, and result every day 232 Men ending their life, Crime Bureau Statistics witness.

- Save Indian family Foundation, World Health organization review all the men's ending their life, confirms, married men are ending their life two times higher than married women.

- It is normal for more male babies to be born than females, but India's sex ratio is one of the world's lowest with an average of 933 females recorded for every 1,000 males in the 2001 census, up from the 1991 census figure of 927. The more the educated women, the female feticide are more.


- India's adult male literacy rate is 73.4 percent, compared to the adult female rate of 47.8 percent in 2004. Still more than 60% men can earn less than $1USD per day.


- Women's average annual earned income was US$1,471 in 2002, almost
three times less than the average for men of US$4,723, but still shopping malls dominated by women more than 75% buying capacity.
Indian Men's only responsibility: Working like a Donkey for day night and their female members are spending the same like free water. Result Indian Men are ending their life faster than women by more than 1.98 times over all statistics.
This is called enjoying the lavish life style without working and earning.

- More than 98% Indian husbands face the Domestic violence minimum one time from their wife on an average 3 Years of Marriage in terms of Economical abuse, mental harassment, relationship cheating .
- More than 22,000 Indian Men end their life in reverse dowry Harassment by their wives against 6800 wives end their life due to dowry harassment by their husbands.
- In all the 6800 cases the Indian husbands had been send to behind the bar without any investigation and more then 68% found to be innocent , where as in 22000 cases only 6 cases had been registered and not a single women had been questioned why their Husbands had end their life , forget about any punishment.

- More than two-thirds of married Men in India between the ages of 15 and 49 are victims of forced sex by their girlfriends and in more than 78% cases the men had been booked under Rape cases, as they refused to marry their girlfriends.
- Crime against men is increasing with a Growth rate of 42% in last 5 years, where as media and government never disclose the same in front of Public.

- Sexual harassment and refusal of sex more than 82% Indian men faced from their wives at least once in 6 months and 42% faced once in 3 months.


- Since independence six decades ago, India has enacted "Zero" LAW and "Zero" fund towards the men well fare, in spite the 88% Income taxed Earned by Indian men for Indian Government.

- More than 98% men serve in the armed forces Jobs where as female are less than 2%.
- Less than 28% men serve in Media Industry.
- Prostitution Industry: 99.98% by women and only 0.02% by men.
- Reception, office tele- call, school, bank etc. all little less burden jobs, men less than 30% and women more than 70%.
- More than 96% NGO getting fund from Government in the Name of Women and child welfare headed by Women only. The NGO headed by Men receive the fund for the same purpose is less than 4%.
- One-third of seats in village councils are now reserved for women, but still educated women are not ready to take the responsibility of Politics on merit and ready to do the hard work.


- Mr. Atul Biro Vajpayee, Dr. Abdul Kalama - Never married legally!!!
-More than 85% time this country ruled by Congress Government.
- Indian husbands had been killed openly by their wives and by their wife’s boyfriends and all those killer's are openly moving freely in our society , but Congress Government never bother to make any LAW to stop that.
- Unborn Child Killing became the on birth Right for Indian women in 1973 Special LAW. But in case of any Female fotecide blame to Men only. Neither God or LAW given any power to Men to protect a Female unborn child , but still it is they have to go to Jail and all Cry/blame men only, no punishment to women who actually killing the unborn child.
- After Divorce, the Father will not even get weekly Visiting rights, forget to get Child custody, but court will ask you " BEG/Borrow or earn" should pay , like a Free ATM Machine.
- Legal Terrorism Tools like 498a, Section 125 Maintenance Act, Domestic Violence Act, in all the cases the Verbal statement of Wife to be considered as 100% true and any evidence, like voice recording, video recording, bank documents from Husband’s side will not be considered at the time of investigation.
- Making adultery as Civil LAW under process.
- New Rape LAW = Sexual assault and Workplace harassment LAW to destroy harmony in work place are on line.
- Proposed IRBM, NEW Divorce law: Wife file divorce husband can't oppose in financial hardship. Let wife have 1000 Cr, she will not give 1paisa to husband, but if husband have 10 rupees, 5 rupees to be given to wife. Let the marriage last for 1day or 100 years it is the husband have to pay irrespective he is at fault or no fault.
Every where the assumption is all Indian women born in Raja Harish Chandra Family( never lie) and all men born in Criminal Family.
Result :

Any crime done by women never punished or recorded in FIR. All criminal Women moving free in Society and some men use them to sprade more and more crime in society as they know any crime done by Women will not be Punished.
The day is not too far when we will be witness as we see the NCW/WCD/Government always give justification that it is men do the more crime , so the LAW and police to be made against men only!! On the same logic very soon in India the new LAW amended will be Proposed :
1. Drink and Drive Law : No punishment for Women as more men do the same crime.
2. Murder LAW : No punishment to women, as women are weaker sex and can't murder a Man.
3. Zero Tax for women: The income Tax and Service Tax will be Nill for Women as NO women do not waste the money or misuse the same.
Is Congress Government not Anti-male ?
Is not Congress Government desperate to make a father less society forIndia?
Is not Congress Government desperate to kill the institution of Marriage in India, by promotion of adultery and dishormeny in society?
Hope Congress Government has good Justification Why "Zero" Fund for Men Well fare? and Maintaining "ZERO" Budget for MEN Well fare since 60 years in this country and as a Result more and more increase in Crime and Violence in our Country we witness and the same will definitely Increase day by day , if they continue to maintain the "Zero" Budget for men-Well fare

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Men too are victims of sexual harassment: Times of India

Photo by Mark : Stop Abuse of Men at Work Place

Men too are victims of sexual harassment: Times of India

With the government contemplating whether men should be included in the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, we wonder why they were left out in the first place.

If this law does not made Gender Neutral, it will destroy any men in profession let it be Police, lawyers, doctors, Judges, Politicians also, as per law any women can visit your office for her own will and then file a case and demand money in the name of Harassment!!!!!

Protection of Men from Workplace Harassment: Join Today

In spite of more than 35+ country all over the world have Gender neutral law, Indian government's LAW minister failed to make the same law Gender Neutral and all our request/data submitted to Parliament
committee had been ignored. So, it is we man have to give the moral and helping hand to such men , so that they should not silently leave the job or end their file in Suicide or suffer injustice.

Join hand together to rise your voice against such one sided biased law proposed by WCD.