Friday, 18 July 2014

Husband Burnt Alive in India Not termed #DowryDeath

Crime does not have any Gender , which every one know , but due to biased media and radical women organisations any crime done by wife and their family members against Husband or Husband family never termed as Heinous crime in India.

Wife and their family members openly demand separate home, Car , Expensive Diamond/Gold Jewelery in wife name from Husband and from their family members , but we never termed the same as Dowry or any crime in India.

Any wife suicide with in 7 years of marriage for any reason the same termed as Dowry death in India and all blame not only to Husband, his mother/sisters also send behind the bar without any investigation , but when a married men suicide , the same not termed as Dowry death or wife is responsible.

From the crime Bure report we had witness the Husband suicide per year more than 64000 compared to wife suicide 34000 and every year the gap is increasing , but still we failed to amend the law to Spouse instead of wife .

Now come to Bride Burning Issue. Any women die in Burn injury , let it be accident or other cause also , but  no one is going to believe any think the Husband and their family put behind the bar. We had witness the cases where due to accident the fire in home and Husband tried his best to save his wife , but still the Husband convected even by SC under so called Dowry death.

Now do you know how many Husbands Burnt alive in India every year ? No , you will not know as media never make it a breaking news or there is no sensitive man who can think it is also a crime in India.

As per NCRB data every year more than 3300 men had been died burnt alive , but the same never get reported as in 304B only if wife die a case can be registered , if wife kill husband burnt alive the same never termed as Dowry death.

But due to rent-less effort by all SIF vol-enters now some small papers Journalist started to report some news where Husband Burnt alive by wife. But we will be wonder still how much time will take to wake up to our big News Journalist and Men of India to Stop such Barbaric crime by wife and their family towards Husbands family and make the law gender Neutral by replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse.

In Jaipur a Husband burnt alive and the Husband's Father running from pillar to Post to even register the FIR , forget about any arrest of wife.

Another Great wife Burnt his Husband as he was Dark , witness hear.

In UP another Husband burnt alive by wife , but it takes only a small News in Local Paper Only.

We do not know till how many years we will take to recognized that crime does not have any Gender and LAW should be Gender Neutral. Media Houses Keep ignoring such barbaric act done by Wife & thier family , result more and more Husband ending their life every year the same increasing by rocket speed.

Now the harrasement of Husband's other family does not stop on Husband's death. All this Husband Killers wife and their family members are now demanding the share in Property from Husbands Family and for that cases like 498A , Domestic Violence Act filed against many dead Husband's Parents, brother , Sisters.

In SIF we witness such harrasement every day , Husband Suicide, Husband cut in pics , Husband burnt Alive but alas , the in-sentative Indian Men , Media House along with LAW makers prefer to sleep in dip silence and suppress such suffering every day.

So , if you have a slight Humanity left in your heart wake up and #StopAbuseofMen with #FakeCases and Stop #CrimeAgainstMen also by replacing the LAW Husband/wife word to Spouse.

Want to #StopAbuseofMen by #Fakecases ? Call 0-8882-498-498 to Join # SaveIndianFamily Movement.


Partha said...

It is shame that media do not report such crimes and hence people also do not know about these. They think only crime against women exist.

JM said...

Dear Partha, media is also biased just like judiciary. It's so difficult to get justice in India.

Aazad sufferer said...

Its high time in india when law makers are need to be awaken from their deep sleep.

A mass revolution is the need of the nation. Even 10 % of population of india stand in against of these one sided laws then we will have more than 1 crore 21 lakhs of heads and more than 2 crores 42 lakhs of hands to protect our fundamental rights which has been shatered by these one sided women friendly laws.

But, its unfortunate to convey that every innocent victims only get treatments from these biased laws and get away like a selfish passengers once their cases are over. They do not join hands to fight for the social crisis of the nation I.e curbing down this gender biased laws.

Iam ready to give my every inch of life to fight for this noble cause.

Its time to recall the parliaments humanity to hear the innocent males of the socities who are treated as a slave in this republican and civilized country due to one sided laws unlike the developed nations of Uk, Us etc.

Saari umarr hum darr darr ke jee liye,

Ab toh ab humme khul ke marne do marne do....

na na na nana naa naaa aaaaa

Give me some redwine give me some pain,

I dont want to born up in India again...!

The above song is becoming the national song for innocent males in india.

So, before it is too late,

lets join hands to fight against legal terrorism and extortion by one sided laws of india.

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Anonymous said...

Groom burning is not 1% less serious than bride burning but it has got 0% attention of the government and society

kapil chopra said...

Why there are different laws for men and women where all these laws are in support of women. It seems like judiciary,media,government and feminist strongly believe that female is by default a weaker gender and so they are in need of this extra support. I don't believe in this because I don't discriminate.

neeraj juneja said...

Jab tak jhuthe case karne valo ke khilaaf saja ka pravadhaan nahi hoga tab tak kuch nahi ho sakta...or jis din jhuthe case karne valon ko saja hone lag gayi to ye jitne jhuthe case hote hain unme se keval 15%hi jhuthe honge...court ka time log aaj jhuthe case mein fanse hue hain wo log desh ke liye kuch kar nahi pate kyunki unka jyadatar time to court mein gujar jata hai....agar ye sab band ho gaya to wo log bhi desh ke liye kuch karenge.

amit shrivastava said...

I am ashamed ,i born in india and our law makers are , just putting blindfolds,due to votes.pity Indian male.

Unknown said...

In India only 2 things are cared and talked abt ... Women (wife) and Rape... only Women exist in India whose Rights r always at Stake and only they have problems ..the Rest DO NOT EXIST.... This is what India believes in... Media, Judiciary, Politicians and rest of all only go by this theorem of Life. Men R born Criminals and all Women r only Sita who scientifically can not commit Crime. Wonder why God made only Men as Criminal ??
Research is needed on this subject ??

amit shrivastava said...

No one is listening ashamed, i was born in India.

amit shrivastava said...

being ashamed of being indian.

Raghunath Reddy said...

The problem lies with men. They never get united. There are lot of men issues apart from false cases.
Woman, woman parents always expect high in every thing salary/property/status/height/profession/handsome of man that to by comparing to her. If boy expects at least equal, society terms them as dowry takers.

Remember women too look for handsome guy.

No only men want sexual pleasure women too wants.

Why men only should pay for every thing life long? Rent or EMI, Monthly expenses, Medical what not every thing.

But men never made any strike with dead body (suicide due to wife torture) in front of supreme court , human rights commission, political parties.