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NGO for Men: Why suicide Increases, when boy became Men?

In a press release issued by coalition of various NGOs , like Save Family Foundation ,  working for abused and distressed men of In dia ask: 

Why suicide Increase, when a boy became men after 18 years of age?


After 18 Years Men Suicide Increasing

Up to 18 years the suicide of boy vs girl are more or less same. But one must wonder what get changed after 18 years the men suicide keeps increasing?

As the age increases, a boy getting to be termed as Men and they are becoming victim of all gender biased law as well by default along with there is no support system available, when they face any type of Domestic abuse like verbal, emotional, sexual or economical abuse. There is no protection of men in present Domestic Violence act. With the increasing ages Men are getting more victims of blackmailing, extortion and domestic abuses which witness clearly from the suicide data.

This Independence Day, group of 50 Ngo’s and 180 activists across nation will assemble in Mumbai to brainstorm advocacy of gender neutral laws in their 7th National Meet.

The seventh national confluence has been earmarked to evolve with strategy of protecting vulnerable men from laws facing undue harassment due to heavily loaded legal provisions against men. It’s ironical that “India” presumed to be a patriarchal society has marginalized men like never before.   Apart from gender neutral laws the group will also discuss the concerning issue of suicide of men & deteriorating health status and lack of medical facilities for men & boys. 

Suicide Men vs Women

Suicides is one avenue which exhibits the social trauma and mental status of a men NCRB 2014 illustrates the vulnerable situation men are facing in present scenario. 

Every 5.9 min a men is committing suicide in India with family disputes as single largest reason of male suicide. As per the latest statistics from NCRB, we wish to highlight following:

Ø  As against last year ratio of 2.17 Husband Suicide per Wife Suicide in India, in 2014, the ratio has increased to 2.21 Husband Suicide per Wife Suicide. Similarly, Male Suicide to Female Suicide ratio has increased from 2.05 last year to 2.10 in 2014. This means that with the Anti-Men environment in India, more Men and Husbands are forced to commit suicide. India, indeed, is becoming unsafe for men.

 Ø  In India, 1 male commits suicide every 5.9 minutes in 2014. While Women suicide is 1 in every 12.36 minutes. Unfortunately, still Government is not showing any intent to bring equality for Men in Law. In 2014, India witnessed Male Suicide (89129), Husband Suicide (59744), Female Suicide (42521) while least was Wife Suicide (27064).

 Ø  Another startling fact is that suicide of women in age-group 30-60 years is 39% of total women suicide while the same for men is 16% Higher & is 55%. This clearly shows that the age group of 30-60 years is 16% more vulnerable for men as compared to women. It is pertinent to mention here that this is the age group which is contributing maximum to GDP of India and hence government’s loss of focus to men of this age groups specifically will have a direct effect on the GDP of the country.

 Ø  Another clear indicator of how growing to be an Adult male in India is crime is showing in the NCRB 2014 data. Till the age of 18 years, for every 100 suicides, boys and girls have almost equal proportions. The moment a boy becomes a man, i.e. of every 100 suicides of adults in India, 2/3rd of the suicides are by Male. This is clearly arriving to the fact that since POCSO is Gender Neutral (and other laws are too), the suicide ratio is almost same irrespective of Gender. The moment laws become biased, male suicide sky-rockets by another 25%-28%. Means, women are safer in Husband’s house whereas Men are unsafe once they become adult.

 Ø  It is ironical that Ministry of Women and Child Development, in their own report in 2007 had said that of every 100 children sexually abused, 53 are boys but still the Rape laws of India or other laws do not cover men as victims because of which we see a huge increase of Suicide of Male gender the moment they become adult. The suicides are because of either false rape case threats or because of them being victims of Rape by women and no law covers them.

 Ø  Cannot be directly established but indeed in 2013-2014, Men in India did see some relief with launch of SIF One (National helpline for Men – 8882498498) and also the directions from Hon’ble Supreme Court in ‘Arnesh Kumar vs State of Bihar’ gave a huge hope to Husbands / Married men and that’s where we are pleased to see their suicide rate coming down.

 Ø  As per the Accidental deaths (by unnatural causes) data of NCRB 2014, 80% of victims are Men but still the Government is no waking up to make workplace, society, public areas, homes safer for men.

 Ø  More than 85% of Traffic Deaths and over 81% of Traffic injuries victims are Men and still the Government is ignoring men completely in their policies and their budgets.

 Single largest reason as revealed by NCRB for suicides were found to be family disputes (21.7%).

Cause of Suicide

The Confluence of activist will discuss the expansion of SIF one helpline to various other states.

Presently the helpline is operational in 10 States of the country namely MP-CG, UP, Delhi, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal. The Non sponsored non funded helpline is a Single helpline service run by by self supported, self volunteers 24X7 to counsel and guide men in distress.

The grim scenario of men facing atrocities is a black spot as India when it is assumed to be a male dominated society where men even lack basic amenities as gender neutral laws and distress centers.

Single largest reason as revealed by NCRB~ for committing suicide 21.7 % are family disputes. 18623 male & 9977 females committed suicides because of family problems. Followed by illness 18.0% marriage related issues rank third with 5.1% love affairs 3.2% drug addiction 2.8%. The unsympathizing attitude of government & investigating authorities is exhibited from the fact that 12.4% of suicides have causes unknown. 

Men are completely on a barren land in case of any disputes with any female in family, work place or at Social Network. It’s the Men have to pay heavy price even without any fault at their end.

65 crore male population does not have a law to protect themselves in case they face cruelty or any form of Domestic abuse. Studies report that male child Sexual abuse is 15% more than female child yet the laws remain biased to protect girl child alone. Amendment in various laws to protect women fails to protect men under similar scenario of molestation & sexual abuse. The forum will formalize a strategic group to create legal sensitization and seek constitutional amendments and urge lawmaking authorities to enroll men in the frame work of laws to protect interest of men.

Absence of a dedicated “Men Welfare ministry” explains gender Apartheid and men even facing poor health condition and medical aid also. Out of Illness 16078 men & 7663 women committed suicide. Aids forced 184 men & 48 women to suicide.

Men are more also prone to various forms of cancer, 407 men & 175 women chose to death.
Mental illness also engulfed 4761 men & 2341 women. Other prolonged illness sucked 10425 men & 4992 women to death.

Paralysis cased male suicide 3 times that of women. 407 men & 175 men committed suicide because of paralysis.

Where men are prone to illness & health hazards Indian men don’t receive any respite in the so called male dominated society. 

“The Forum in this national confluence will evolve with a strategy to create pressure groups to sensitize parliamentarians to evolve with a time line & concrete plan to address male specific heath issues” , Said by one of activist from Mumbai.

Men overburdened with the social expectation of providing & protecting their families and society face larger social trauma.

Bankruptcy took away 2098 men vis a vis 210 women almost 10 times that of women showing men the sole breadwinner could not take the trauma. Poverty adhered 1419 men & 280 women, unemployment 1965 & 242 women.

Thus strengthening the fact that men are more vulnerable to social stigma and unable to meet the expectation of family & society succumbed to death. 

·         To evolve a consensus from nationwide volunteers to evolve with strategic initiatives to empathize with the deteriorating situation of men in legal front, heath care & Social Status.

·         To address men in distress through various channels, campaign, create pressure groups and establish the respect for men.

·         To avoid the inevitable & stand by all Men to address their pain n support them for better living.

·         To restore the dignity of men & give them equality in true sense by respecting Indian Constitution article 21 – right to Live and Liberty to all.


ab said...

Sir, you have rightly said that men are unsafe in their own homes. When they marry they do not bring their wife home but there enemy and their death. Wives' are no more 'abala', rather they have become sa+bala( bala is she-devil a chudail) Wives are she-draculas and along with them are draconian laws, women's organizations, judiciary, media etc.
wives have been given many laws to protect themselves which they are using as weapons to blackmail and extort money from the husband, whereas the man cannot even fight with bare hands.
Why women are blaiming men for patiarchal society? In the beginning of the society women chose the comforts of the cave in the name of looking after home and gave the tough job of earning livelihood to men - be it rains, winter, scorching summer etc or deadly snakes and other animals and insects. And they chose the patriarchal system as equality to ensure that husband is the father. They also chose to use the husband's name because a woman "gives" consent to man . So by just looking at the name it is obvious to whom a woman has given consent.
Women have made many laws against men, but they do not have even a single law against them. Not even that they do not want even a smallest restriction against them. Men have been too king to women in the past that's why they did not make any law against women, but only against themselves. Whereas women they want to make one androcidal law against men after another.The are indulging in androcidy. They worse than even hitler. If women say that they are equal to men and equally strong- they should make equal number of equally draconian law against women.

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