Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Indian Husband failed to recover from Cancer on time: Termed Criminal under 498A/Domestic Violence Act.

Vinay Kumar, a bright good earning guy live in USA, when got married to a Indian women, never imagined that one day he will be facing Cancer like Yuvraj Singh, but worse than that he never dream in wild that it will be termed as crime as per Indian great LAW 498A and Domestic Violence act.

When he shared his suffering along with all medical Documents and photo with SIF commando team, it was too late, but writing this blog with a hope that those sleeping men of India will wake up and rise their voice against such injustice and the Legal Terrorism Indian husbands are facing ever day , result every year more than 62,000 married men ending their life in silence as per crime bure report , but there is no law under which he can seek the Justice in India.
His Wife and in-laws blackmailing for money by filling 498A in India and he is fighting with life in USA. This is not a Breaking news for media as Mr. Vinay Kumar is Man and more than a Husband.

Wife doesn't want to take care of him but she wants home he bought before wedding.Wife expected that he would die in six months and then she can claim insurance.

He was diagnosed with Cancer in July 2010, had two major surgeries one in Oct 2011. Along with the surgery he also underwent rigorous Chemotherapy. Fighting with Cancer is a big battle on top his wife’s abuses forced him to go to Deep Depression.

While he was recovering from cancer surgery in August 2010 his wife told him to get his parents to take care of my health as it was his problem. Immediately he call his  parents to USA from India. When his parents reached in USA, his wife planned a trip to India citing that she needs to attend her brother’s wedding and take rest. He kept requesting her to complete 6 months vaccination for his kid which completed on 6th Dec 2010 and she left for India on 7th Dec 2010 along with the Baby. She also took all her jewellery and even husband's gold items. After the wedding was over on 15th Dec 2010, he requested her to come back along with the kid but she never showed any interest and she always provocative towards him.His parents kept waiting in vain to get another glimpse of his wife and kid in USA
In May 2011 Cancer relapsed and doctor suggested to undergo Chemotherapy and surgery. He begged his wife to come back USA, but she was very abusive. Every time he kept hearing the same statements – “It’s your health problem and your parents have to take care of you”. His friends in USA helped him during Chemotherapy. As he was required to go for another surgery he requested his parents to help him out. 
He underwent another major Surgery in Oct, 2011 and from that time his parents and friends have been helping him recovery.
During the treatment he was forced to take disability leave, not to mention the medical expenses. He kept explaining his wife that he was in really bad financial crisis but, she never bother to listen to him. Now his in-laws are trying to extort money to settle the case out-of-court as they have already filled a false case of 498A to harass him and my family.

You must well aware how Indian Judges and LAW makers, Treat the Indian Husbands worse than a animal in this country, if not read this News a low income gorup man suffering :

Punjab: Man wants to sell kidney to pay alimony: Times of India

CHANDIGARH: Unable to pay maintenance to his wife, a man has approached a court in Punjab to allow him to sell his one of his two kidneys so that he
could pay up.

The Ropar resident, who found the sum stipulated by the court way beyond his means, filed an application under section 125 of CrPC (order for maintenance of wives, children) in the court of the judicial magistrate on August 22, seeking permission to sell his kidney to pay Rs 8,000 as interim maintenance to his wife.

Narrating his ordeal in the application, he said the court had ordered him to pay his wife a monthly interim allowance of Rs 3,500 under CrPC and another interim maintenance of Rs 4,500 per month under the Domestic Violence Act. Denying any permanent means of livelihood, he said he found it difficult to sustain himself as his small monthly earnings made up for only Rs 3,600 per month.

Indian Husband or Free ATM Machine?

Despite his meagre income, the man tried to pay maintenance to his wife regularly. But, under the circumstances, he is left with no option but to sell his body organs.

They will not show any humanity towards you , as per them , Indian Husbands are only a Free ATM machine. They will remind you the minimum wages act, but the same minimum wages act will not be applicable for wife at all.

Clamming Maintenance in 3-different Law at a same time ( Crpc125, section24 and DV act) is total violation of Indian Constitution article 20, where it had clearly mentioned a person can’t be prosuced twice for the same offence, but who cares and when Judiciary became blind of any country and violate the Nation’s own Constitutions, even God also can’t help that Nations.

Today a rapist, terrorist get better Justice than Indian Husbands in this country.

Stop the Legal Terrorism by promoting Gender Biased LAW and Stop treating the Indian husbands as Free ATM Machine. First give your daughter/sister equal rights in your own home and make her established to take care herself, instead of treating the Husbands family as a Free ATM Machine.

A must to do activity : Whenever your so called wife demand and claim that she do not have any place to stay and give interim maintenance or residence etc, immediately , ask the concern authority to Put her in “Government Shelter Home” , get the Booklet form the WCD ministry .

One simple appeal : “The court may put her in any of the recognized shelter house maintained by govt.( the list of shelter homes are endless) as a interim relief and husband are ready to provide all the expenses of the Shelter Home till the time the final decision of the Case not decided.”

NCW/WCD will argue the suffering of women is more, so let some men die or get suffering, they will never accept to make the LAW 498A, Domestic violence , maintenance act gender neutral, for them Indian husband means a FREE ATM machine only. Any crime done by wife and their family to be termed as social service in this country!!!

The hard reality is all over world study shows the Domestic Violence on Men and harassment to husbands for money/property by wife and their family is much more and if those law made gender neutral, at least 10 times more women will be convected behond reasonable dought in Court, so NCW/WCD desperate to protect such criminal women of India and all such criminal women moving free in India and some men use them as bread and butter earners.

But they forget it is not the numbers game, injustice some where is direct treat to justice every where. Number of Terrorist/murder in the form of Women is very less, so does all prevention of Terrorist act will be only for men? Drink and drive very women does, so does the same law should be only for men?

Request all honest citizen of India, Stop this legal terrorism of India against Indian men and demand to your MP/MLA to make gender neutral LAW as a Natural Justice all over world follow and immediately replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse or be ready to pay heavy price tomorrow as crime in society is going to increase in multiform.

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)


Ajay Kumar said...

Once upon a time there was a dowry menace in india. At that time being a closed economy most of the indians do not have high incomes except a handful of people. Since economy was kept closed by Congress there were not enough job opportunities in Govt as well as in private sector.
Some greedy people started torturing their DIL's for dowry which instigated Govt to inact these acts.
Initially there was no misuse of this Act. But soon when lawyers gets to know about 100% loopholes in this act they started teaching ladies, who are not confortable with their husbands, to file false cases.
Earlier in India there were lot of property related cases. Since by passage of time, people become totally awaired about property dealings and now there are only a handful of property cases in indian courts.
In every court in India matrimonial cases outnumber total no. of cases. It is so easy to file dowry related cases in india just like ordering a Pizza. Now a days this has become a main income source for legal fraternity pracsing in India.
These cases are really endangering our national interests. firstly, we are loosing our brains due to these cases which otherwise will be available for the progress of our country. Govt has spent whole lot of money to create engineers, C.A's, Doctor etc, who are now fighting these cases leaving their careers in doldrums. Our forefathers has worked and strengthen our families. But a single case ruines whole of the family.
We all are not criminals but law abiding citizens. In whole of our life we never expected so much helplessness which we are facing in these cases. We keep shouting that we are not ciriminals, we have enough proofs but no body listens even till Supreme Court. And it takes ten of years to face trials tearing one's financial backbone. Some are lucky enough to escape punishment and some innocent husbands face tough trials. Judiciary at lower levels is also unsupportive and we innocent native of India has to face all this.
Now a days financially sound and highly educated women are taking maximum benefit from these cases. To level scores with husband these girls take recource to these Acts.

In view of changing socio-economic enviornment in India, there is a dire need to change these laws with hefty punishment for false cases to all involved including lawyers who are endangering our indian family systems.

amit said...

Its shocking! how can the society let these things happen? How can men be subjected to so much pain just because this society is feminist as if men don't have any right. Where is equality here?? Answer NCW? This country will rot on hell!

nitish gupta said...

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Anonymous said...

Is it that India which fought for independence ?

Raj said...

Whats Vijay's status now?

Atul Kumar said...

In 2012 in India 43.6% crime against woman are reported as 498A not rape. Rape is only 10.2% ( source
I wonder why nobody talks about 498A. According to this statistics every newspaper should print 4x more stories about 498A cases than rape.
It seems 498A is lucrative to only corrupt police officer who use it to take bribe. This also increase the workload of judicial system. (the acquittal rate in > 95%). This 498A is the real reason our judicial system is slow. And this is used a tool by corrupt police to take bribe.
Please do something.


As a lawyer dealing with so many cases of this type-I agree with all the statements/comments.In fact the provisions provided by our judiciary are not reaching....those women for which they were formed. No doubt these are used for black mailing the men and their families ...LEGALLY!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about it ..

Anonymous said...

It is very sad news. Let us know what action has yet been taken by Government / judiciary system to stop false 498a case, dv act case? Let me know is it possible to start maintenance without DV report by protection officer? if start what should we do?

Anonymous said...

Now Anti Rape Law is becoming a draconic law followed by IRBM if passed. BJP is coming to power hence we have to place our demands to them . Atleast some BJP leaders support Male rights. I hope they won't ignore us like CONGRESS. But we have to ensure they listen to our demands. Our peaceful protests are waste of time as CONGRESS thought they will come shout and go back in the name of dharna. We have to think somethink else to do. If not peaceful we need to conduct violent protest because I think that is the only way Govt will listen to us. Atleaat they will dare to change 498a bya a miause clause addition

Anonymous said...

im Lawyer , me and my friends lawyers in Jalandhar, we see all the time 99% cases this dowry related are false, fake for revenge or for money extortion.

Anonymous said...

Great suggestion....

Unknown said...

95% cases involving maintanence under 125crpc are for harassment and greed.equality for women gone overboard.sec 498a an extortion tool.should be scrapped immediately .