Sunday, 3 September 2017

Women Teacher or Lady Monster? 40 slaps in 3 minutes to a innocent child or A Rapist?

In India a man is guilty even after he is proven innocent & a woman is innocent even she is proven guilty, many case witness #StopAbuseMen .

Now our stupid Men of India will not even speak Up or who ever will speak up will be termed as anti-Women as Indian media are there to protect such type of Criminal women of India.
Do not forget such type of women are moving freely in India , some one beating men in metro , some one beating in road , some one beating in office and off course in their own home they are master to beat their own child, Husband ( Indian women awarded 3rd as Husband beater of the world ).

Will not be surprised, if tomorrow this women claim that the child had sexually assault her or even gang raped her , as by calm so none can touch her and our Indian men's protecting hormone will tiger immediately and justify such violent women .