Monday, 6 April 2015

#‎IChoseYou‬ by Vaastav in response to ‪#‎MyChoice‬

#‎IChoseYou‬ by Vaastav Foundation is in response to ‪#‎MyChoice‬ video.

It's not only women who compromise or need to suppress their choices. Men do a lot of compromises for others too. If women are going to make choices without considering its effects on others, then men can do so too.


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Friday, 3 April 2015

90% Ngo seeking Money in Name Women Fake: WCD

In a country we have witness Coal Scam , 2G scam , but as a Volunteer of SIF , we had pointed out many times the NGOs claim run for Women Empowerment is nothing but just to earn the money only , but all media, Government Authority and esteemed MPs had always ignored to find the truth . 


Women NGOs even used the Women to file #Fakecases like Rape/Molestations against men followed by #MediaTrail, when the men refused to buckle under their extortion and Blackmailing, had also established under Court orders.


Case against NGO for forcing woman to file false rape case ...

Till few Years Back , we Used to believe activist like Ms. Kiran Bedi who run Women NGO have the highest honesty and can't do any think Wrong as Perception was created by Media. But what the reality ?

Court orders FIR against Kiran Bedi for misappropriating funds

Tax notice Kiran Bedi NGOs | The Indian Express

People might have forgotten how Delhi court once had even blasted Ms. Kiren Bedi Ngo for issuing threatened Summons against Husbands.


Kiran Bedi in dock for illegal summons by her NGO - gender ...

Its Kiran Bedi not alone , maximum Women activist engaged themselves in same type threatening call and activity of Extortion/Blackmailing to high earning men to fulfill their own desire in the name of Justice to Women and none have guts to Question them.  


Now it comes from Government Source Ministry of Women and Child Ministry 90% NGOs are Fake who seeks money for Schemes aimed to make Women Empowerment.



90% of NGOs seeking funds under WCD scheme found fake

NEW DELHI: In a disturbing revelation, the women and child development (WCD) ministry has found that nearly 90% of around 1,400 NGOs seeking financial grants under a major training and employment scheme were fake.

Top officials in the ministry said applications were invited from NGOs to impart skill development training to women in rural areas under its Support to Training and Employment Programme (STEP) which has a corpus of Rs 30 crore.

"We had received 1,400 to 1,500 applications of which 90% are fake. The scrutiny of applications revealed that most of the NGOs have applied multiple times giving false names and details," a senior official said.

STEP is a major programme being implemented by WCD ministry, aimed at providing employability skills to women. The official said the ministry has decided to upload the names of all fake NGOs on its website so that they can be "exposed" and "identified" by other ministries as well.

The last date of submission of project proposals by NGOs for financial assistance under the scheme for 2015-16 was March 31.

Applications were sought by the ministry from NGOs after the scheme was revised by WCD minister Maneka Gandhi to improve its implementation.

The ministry had earlier issued an advisory to all NGOs which had applied for financial grants under the scheme to impart training to women in sectors like carpentry, plumbing, electrical works and even construction and IT.

The STEP scheme has already covered 24,037 beneficiaries in 2014-15 and 31,478 beneficiaries in 2013-14. The number stood at 30,481 in the 2012-13.

Just go through the TOP rated women organizations, you will find Corers of Fund is available in their Balance sheet itself unused. They collect fund not only from Governments, get huge money from Outside India as well as corporate world in the name of CSR activity.


Every year more than 93-thousands men are ending their life vs 43 thousands women in India, i.e every 6mins a men end their life, but no corporate or Government spend a single rupees to reduce that or for well fare of men or Boys. Well fare of Men or Boys had never considered as CSR activity.


In the Name of Women Empowerment today in India you can get away by doing any Scam and Electronic Media will prefers to keep a Blind eye.


But as a Citizen of India we appeal to all Corporates and Government, before donate any money to Women NGO think twice, when it had been established by WCD itself more than 90% NGO seeking money in the name of Women are fake and remaining 10% who get fund also doughtfull , are they really do any good use of that money or not.


You may love it or hate it but can’t ignore it, today in the name of CSR activity big Fraud/Scam is going on in India by maximum Women NGOs.



Want to #StopAbuseofMen by #Fakecases ? Call 0-8882-498-498 to Join # SaveIndianFamily Movement.