Friday, 27 January 2017

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Monday, 16 January 2017

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

To Stop Abuse Men Vote 4 NOTA in upcoming Election !!

We have witness many trending hash Tag in twitter supported by many men as well as women,  like #StopMisuseofRapeLaw, #StopAbuseMen , #Scrap498A , #SaveMale , # StopMenSuicide , #StopElderAbuse , #MenAreHumantoo , #No2maintenance  etc , but none of the Political Party had given any Place in their manifesto as concern.

The safety, suffering , crime against men and their other family members had been ignored by all most every Political Party, as they know we men are not united for our own Constitution right, result we had been taken as granted.

Now , if you really want to stop such misuse of Law or necessary correction to be done in Law’s , there is no other option but to Join hands together and give a clear message to all Political party that we men & their family members are not Free Vote Bank any more.

One may love it or hate it , but fact is it's Political party elected MP/MLA only can change any Unfair laws, and all MP/MLA does any activity on the hope to get increase in their vote share  only .

Even 2 or 3% increase or decerese in their vote share makes huge difference in their number of seats won or lost.

One hand we witness some political Leaders out of country cry in the name of Mother, but does not provide any Protection such age old mothers when they get abused in their own home by Daughter-in-law.

Many political leaders talk about they want to remove the pain of women of this country, but got silent when we say , in this country every 6 min a mother or sister loss their own brother or son, does their pain is not considered as Pain of Women ?

In this Country every 8 min one women’s brother or son or husband had been termed as rapist or molester and subject to blackmailing or extortion via various Unfair Laws, does their pain is not a women’s pain?

Unfair Laws or policy can’t bring fairness in any society it only lead to hatred in Society and destroy the society harmony.  When Society harmony get destroyed , it only increase violence , crime , extortion and it’s common men and women pay the price , history witness.

So, we appeal to all, if any party members call you or visit your Home for seeking Your Vote, give this below list ( must Print) and ask them to include their stand in their party manifesto first, and then only you will review to whom you should vote instead of your own Party "NOTA".

Your Party : NOTA

Please let us know:

·         As per NCRB report the victims of Murder, accident, suicide of Men are 2 to 3 times than women. To address the crime against men and their day to day problem, do you agree to form a Men welfare ministry and Commission?

·         Do you agree to replace the word Men/Women to person in all anti-men laws like, rape, molestation, Work Place harassment, Domestic Violence act, crpc125? The above mentioned laws are poorly drafted and heavily biased against the husbands/men and their families leading to Legal Terrorism and subject to Legal extortion?

·          It was promised in Last Rajya Sabha Committee report, if arrest in most grossly abused IPC section like 498A does not get reduced, there is no option but to make 498A bailable . The NCRB data also shows there is no reduction of arrest even after crpc41A, so do you agree that such laws should be made bailable?

·         What steps will your party take to stop heavy misuse of “Gender Biased” laws and consider the same heinous crime and strong Punishment followed, as present IPC182 and crpc340 had totally failed to control massive misuse of law on innocent men.

·         Do you agree that the differences between husband and wife should be treated as a civil matter (and not Criminal) like all over developed country followed than creating multiple Laws in the name of seeking maintenance should be stopped?

·         Do you agree to scrap the present unfair laws, which allow multiple maintenance and criminal litigation against Husband in multiple courts, when constitution said a person can’t be punished twice for same offense?

·         Do you agree to form a single law with word “Spouse” by replacing the word Husband / wife  in all marriage related laws start from dowry to Alimony?

·         Why you support for giving maintenance to even educated, working, well bodied or adulterous wife, when they are not taking care any responsibility of Husband’s liabilities?

·          What will your party do to ensure that no arrest is made before Final Judgment/ Order in case of a complaint only with verbal allegations under various assumption based law that a women never lie?

·         What is your stand on equal rights on children’s (Shared Parenting) in case of separation of parents?

In case you do NOT receive any reply, tell them we will be forced to assume to that you too, like other Political parties consider Men as disposable gender.

So, better to #Vote4NOTA your own party,  than voting to a party candidate, who does not consider men as human , who also victim of crime , Violence , sexual assault along with subject extortion and blackmailing via multiple #Fakecases  in home and workplaces .

The day your party NOTA will attract more than 10 to 15% vote then see , all political party will be forced to consider Men are Human too and they need a welfare ministry or commission too to address their problems.The NOTA (none of the above) symbol, being used for the first time in Bihar, came about after the designers had taken feedback from villagers below the poverty line and semi-literate voters found that they, too, related the cross sign with rejection.