Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Protection of Men from Workplace Harassment: Join Today

Men too are victims of sexual harassment: Times of India


If this law does not made Gender Netural, it will destroy any men in
profession let it be Police, laywers, doctors, Judges, Politicians
also, as per law any women can visit your office for her own will and
then file a case and demand money in the name of Harrasement!!!!!

Protection of Men from Workplace Harassment: Join Today



In spite of more than 35+ country all over the world have Gender
neutral law, Indian government's LAW minister failed to make the same
law Gender Neutral and all our request/data submitted to Parliament
committee had been ignored. So, it is we man have to give the moral
and helping hand to such men , so that they should not silently leave
the job or end their file in Suicide or suffer injustice. Join hand
together to rise your voice against such one sided biased law
proposed by WCD.

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