Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Unemployment Allowance LAW irrespective of Caste/Religion/Sex

Sub: Unemployment Allowance LAW irrespective of Caste/Religion/Sex to Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister of India 
South Block, Raisina Hill,  New Delhi,110011
Cc: Ministry of Law & Justice & others
Respected Sir,

History witness the constitution's article 15(3)  providing special provision had been wronly linked with caste and gender for vote bank politics .Its' time to review the same and link it to economic standard irrespective of nay person's Caste , gender or religion. Let respect the Indian constitution's article 21 , Live and Liberty of every person irrespective of their case or gender.
We understand the difficulty faced by government to increase the GDP of country and the problem is so serious even government through WCD propose the Housewives to be paid by their Husbands.
But we bring to your kind attention women or men sit at home and take care the house is not by force, there is lack of Job opportunity result people prefer to do their own job by themselves. This is nothing but to hide the government own failure and shift the burden to those who are already burdened hugely and every 9 min one married men ending their live as per crime bure report. Today Indian family unable to pay the loan they had taken and making such burden will worsen the situation further and in turn the disharmony and crime in society will increase in multi fold.
Now it is whose responsibility to provide the Job opportunity to the citizen of India?
If government failed to provide the job opportunity to people then it is the responsibility of government to ensure the people of Country should get the minimum living standard that will give the real GDP growth of country.
Either government must provide the Job opportunity or give the Unemployment allowance to Indian citizen depend on their qualification and skills at least 50% of minimum wages which government had established.
The excuses government is not having earning is not acceptable, the way a husband can’t give excuses he have no earning so can’t take responsibility, SC already told, you beg, borrow or earn it is your concern, same way it is applicable for Indian government also as you are head of all citizen of India.
Government must increase their earning and run this country to fulfill their responsibility.
  1. Establish online centralized registration of Unemployment data base and categorized the type of people looking for Job; like qualification and skill.
  2. People bank account along with Pan Card must be ensured.
  3. Pan card should be must for all Indian Citizen otherwise all his/her assets or bank account will be frozen and all the same will be go to government fund.
  4. All high value purchase and sell the pan number should be compulsory. Any such transaction must be frozen and the same should be go to government fund.
  5. From the PAN card transaction it will give a lead to Income Tax department to catch those who hide their income.
Those are unemployed government must provide the Job to them or pay 50% of minimum wages to them irrespective of their Caste/religion/sex.
  1. Graduate and above : Rs.5000/month
  2. 12th pass but below graduation: Rs. 4000/month.
  3. Below 12th pass: Rs.2000/month.
With the above all the parents will ensure their child must get educated.

The problem of Naxals / minority /OBC /SC/ST/crime etc will get reduced drastically and all citizen of India will well come the move.

When it will be government responsibility to take care the unemployed people , then only government will act and make policy which leads to more and more job opportunity in turn higher GDP of country.
So, we request you to propose the same Bill on the event of “International Mens’ day 19th November “ and make a system as start which in place various country like US and in our own country state like UP had started.
You beg, borrow or earn the revenue is your concern , as a Country head it is your responsibility to give the minimum living condition to all Indian Citizen irrespective of their caste, religion or sex.
IN case you seek any clarification or help from our side we are always happy to provide the same .
(Swarup Sarkar)

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