Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why to Celebrate International Mens Day ?

Hope many of you had already got the answer of the Question : When is International Men's day ?

Yes, you are right it's 19th November of every year !!!

In a country we have Government funded authority/Commission even to protect the rights and welfare of Trees , animal , but none for Men. When it comes to issue like Crime against men or high Men suicide, Job-loss of Men, Men health issue , our Government always prefers to go on silent mode.



Them of this Year International Men's Day by Save Family Foundation ( SFF)  : Men are Human too

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But still you are wondering Why to Celebrate International  Men's Day to give some love or respect to the men in your life?

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Uma Challa , a Hyderabad based Women who writes about Fight for Gender Equality ,  prefers to bring the same via her Blog Pictures.

Photo credit: Minal Adkar Veturi. Pune. India

Save Family Foundation ( SFF) , Delhi based NGO working for Men presents picture messages to all and appeal :

  • Don't forget to Say Happy Men's day to all our Men in Life on 19th November and show some concern of problem they are facing in society as a Men. 

So get ready and Join @SFFNGO to Say : Happy Men's Day as Men are Human too !!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Why Breast Cancer more dangerous than Lung, Lips or Stomach Cancer ?

Cancer Death of Men Higher than Women in Breast Cancer !

We witness so much concern , asking donations  in the name of awareness month to Stop Cancer Death !! Any normal person will welcome such effort without any arguments .

We asked to many men and women , what comes to your in Mind when some one want to stop Cancer Death ? 

  • Breast Cancer Death !! Very Good !! 

After all it's #FeministWorld and an opportunity no one want to loose to score some browny point .

After all you are working for a problem related to women , which have much more rewards in return Politically as well as Socially accepted (CSR activity ) .

A Cancer Death is Cancer Death  , but we wonder why here also gender biased approach and Priority ?

Do you even know Men are dieing much higher rate than women in Cancer Death ? Click

All Cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer)
Estimated Incidence, Mortality and Prevalence Worldwide in 2012

Estimated numbers (thousands)MenWomenBoth sexes
CasesDeaths5-year prev.CasesDeaths5-year prev.CasesDeaths5-year prev.
 More developed regions3227159285502827128782746054287816823
 Less developed regions4184306267473831226188858014532315632
 WHO Africa region (AFRO)2652054683812508956454561363
 WHO Americas region (PAHO)1454677384314296184115288212957958
 WHO East Mediterranean region (EMRO)2631914612931767335553671194
 WHO Europe region (EURO)19701081479117448524910371519339701
 WHO South-East Asia region (SEARO)81661612379085552041172411713278
 WHO Western Pacific region (WPRO)264218824493190210964464454329788956
 IARC membership (24 countries)3689190091933349157094027038347018595
 United States of America8253242402779293237316046174775
 European Union (EU-28)1430716369312065613464263512767157

According to WHO ( World Health organizations ) Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012 (1). The most common causes of cancer death are cancers of:
  • Lung (1.59 million deaths)
  • Liver (745 000 deaths)
  • Stomach (723 000 deaths)
  • Colorectal (694 000 deaths)
  • Breast (521 000 deaths)
  • Oesophageal cancer (400 000 deaths).
But see how #FeministWorld make all us believe "Breast Cancer is the Top most Priority " when it comes to fight against Cancer Death and multi Billions Dollars spend .

  • Among men, the 5 most common sites of cancer diagnosed in 2012 were lung, prostate, colorectum, stomach, and liver cancer.
  • Among women the 5 most common sites diagnosed were breast, colorectum, lung, cervix, and stomach cancer. 

The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades.

Between 1977 and 2006, the top five biggest disparities in age-adjusted cancer death rates were for the following types of cancer, according to the study:
  1. Cancer of the Lip: 5.51 men died for every one woman
  2. Cancer of the Larynx: 5.37 men died for every one woman
  3. Cancer of the Hypopharynx: 4.47 men died for every one woman
  4. Cancer of the Esophagus: 4.08 men died for every one woman
  5. Cancer of the Bladder: 3.36 men died for every one woman
The most common causes of cancer death were cancers of the lung (1.6 million, 19.4% of the total), liver (0.8 million, 9.1%), and stomach (0.7 million, 8.8%).

Over the course of the study period, 2.31 men died of lung cancer for every one woman who died of lung cancer, for example, and 1.42 men died of colorectal cancer of every woman who did.

Now many male haters , Women NGO will come out with logic , more men die in cancer for Tobacco consumption, right ?

So, better to ignore suffering of men , they don't deserve same importance as women breast cancer , right ?  None of us will term it absurd or unfair .

The importance of Breast in our Human body is Top most important parts than Lips, Lung , Liver , right ?

But will you term the same absurd , Msyogoinst , if any one give the reason for increasing Breast cancer as :

  •  More women today refused to breast feed their child or 
  • Getting pregnant in teen age lead to forced abortion , but the milk formed in their breast keep increasing

No , you can't give such logic or reason if at all the same found to be true .

With the change of time life style of people also change and the new challenges to be accepted , than blaming their life style or choices let it be men or women. 

Those advocate Men suffer more Cancer death due to consumption of Tabacco , must know :

Tobacco Consumption High among Indian Females ...


More than 20 percent of India's female population consumes tobacco, the Union government stated on July, 2014.

As per the findings of the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), conducted by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (2010), 20.3 percent of females - 15 years and above - consume tobacco in some form or the other.

The use of smokeless forms of tobacco is more prevalent (18.4 percent) among females than smoking forms (2.9 percent), Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Harsh Vardhan pointed out in Rajya Sabha.

Campaign , awareness , CSR activity , Government policy to support Breast Cancer Victims are welcome , but ignoring the  Lung, Liver, Stomach Victims are  not only in-human but shows your misandry ( male hatred) in mind.

On the eve of International Men's Day on 19th November , will you ready to accept Men are Human too and Cancer death is not limited to Breast Cancer ?

Time to understand , the importance of our body parts like Lips , Stomach , Lung , Liver are not less than Breast . 

Don't convert fight against Cancer Death limited to Breast Cancer only: Men are Human too !!


Monday, 26 October 2015

International Men"s day: Spare A Thought to Stop Legal Terrorism against Men.

When violence against women and girls are always on everyone's agenda, abuse of boys or men is never talked about or discussed.

Many even do not know in a recent Women and Child ministers survey report show the sexual abuse of boys are 53% vs 47% girls as child.

As a result we see there is no welfare system in place for boys and the need of security and well being of boys is completely ignored simply based on their gender. Whenever this issue comes up in any discussion it is said that Indian boys never face any discrimination. This survey tries to capture the childhood abuse of Indian boys so that their issues can be highlighted and correct data can be presented to lawmaking bodies.

Now as the boys cross 18+ years and get termed as Men, suddenly all abuse or crime against them get vanished by default?

Suicide of Men due to Legal Terrorism in India

Crimes against men are ignored amidst the noise around crimes against women. India has ministries for environment, women and child welfare ( WCD) and a National Commission for Women , thousand of Women NGO — but it has no ministry or tribunal for men.

Since men are ignored in the lawmaking process, lawmakers do not represent men per se; there is around 50 pro-women laws whose usage in practice amount to being anti-men. They forget men are Human too and they also have right to Life and liberty as per Indian constitution article 21.

Men are Human too , Stop abuse them

The misuse of dowry harassment law (Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code) has invited strong observations from courts and various government committees. In Sushil Kumar Sharma vs Union of India, the Supreme Court equated misuse of IPC 498A to “legal terrorism”.

In 2003, the Justice Malimath Commission report on criminal justice reform recommended making offenses under IPC 498A bailable. Many other judgments have pointed to the gross misuse of this law. 

In October 2010, the Criminal Procedure Code was amended via CrPC Amendment Act 2008 to introduce CrPC Section 41A that laid down the procedure of arrests for all offenses that entail seven or fewer years of imprisonment and not just IPC 498a.

But only its applicability to IPC 498A is opposed by its misuser. The reason for this is that IPC 498A has evolved into a money-minting mechanism.

The steps are simple: File a case and get everyone in the family arrested. This starts the engine of money making right from arrests, release, litigation and settlement.

It is worth noting that the number of cases and arrests under IPC 498A has continued to increase, despite the introduction of Section 41A, while fewer cases have resulted in conviction.

This means that Section 41A procedures are not being followed, leading to the arrest of many innocents, the majority of whom are eventually exonerated by the courts.

Even now such arrests happen without investigations or due procedure. Women’s organizations are contesting the court judgment in the court of public opinion.

Keeping in mind maximum men are totally unaware about our criminal justice system  SIF with their limited resources,  try to educated masses through their various Training programs by which many victim false cases  able to prove their innocence in court than surrender in front of Legal terrorist . 

But such Training program may not able to give back the suffering one gone through , but help to reduce reduce your suffering and losses , it does not remove the root cause of such Legal Terrorism.

Need of the hour , A Gender Neutral Domestic Violence law and scrap IPC498A as in our IPC enough  laws like , blackmailing, extortion, attempt to murder laws capable to take care if there are any true allegations of abuse with prima face evidence against any men or women.

Terming someone criminal with mere verbal allegations via a non-bailable section is nothing but promoting Legal Terrorism only.

On the eve of International Men's day , it's time to relies the Legal Terrorism Indian men are facing is not a Joke , the same rightly deserve a spare of thought for all.

In 2011, the Rajya Sabha’s Committee on Petitions in its 140th Report on Amendments in IPC 498A observed that in case the gross misuse continues, IPC 498A should be made bailable and also that the misuse clause should be in the Section itself. 

The government should live up to its commitment to make this Section bailable  and to introduce the penalty clause in this law or scrap such criminal law, which is nothing but duplications of laws.


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