Saturday, 17 August 2019

Men Welfare Trust Activities 2018 19

जेंडर इक्वालिटी आर्गेनाइजेशन की ओर से पपुरुषो के अधिकारों पर 11 वीं राष...

Sunday, 11 August 2019

How to Fight #Fakecases on Men? Learnings From Ramayan at #Hope4Men Seminar !

Learnings from Ramayan : #UnfairLaw and Policy by Misandric law makers of India, today pushing many men in The war Zone.
Some end their life some prefer to became a commando to stop this #LegalTerrorism against Men.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Gender Neutral Law & Policy: Irrespective of Caste , Religion or Sex

Since independence many political party Formed Government, made multiple Laws / Policy  by misuse/abuse the provision of our Constitution Article 15 (3) & (4) .

As we witness Unfair law or Policy in the name of caste, religion or gender, had never bring fairness in society, it destroyed the harmony in society, result violence , crime increasing. Respect to each others, trust to each others had reached to lowest level in India.   

Political party busy to work out the policy or law keeping in mind there Vote Bank only and keep making new law which leads to #LegalTerrorism only and Judiciary had been became nightmare , overburdened unnecessarily for same relief multiple cases filed and huge fake cases filed every day.

We propose the below Changes for A dream Country to bring real harmony and equality in Society :

National Policy of India ( NPI) : ( To be updated ) 

Constitution Amended : 

1. Article 15 (3) should read as  : Nothing in this article shall prevent the State from making any special provision for economic Backward person irrespective of their caste , religion or gender.  Article 15 (3) & Article 15 (4) to be merged . 

2. Article 51(A) (e) should read as : to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood among  all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of any Person.

Classification of Citizen on Basis of Economic Ground only : 

a. Below Poverty ( Yearly income per person in family : From XXXX to XXXX)

b. Poor : ( Yearly Income per person in family : from XXXX to XXXX) 

c. Middle  : ( Yearly Income per person in Family : from XXXX to XXX).

d. Rich : (Yearly Income per person in family: form XXXX to XXXX)

e. Supper Rich ( Yearly Income per person in family above : XXXX)

Criminal Law Amended ( CRPC ) :

1. CRPC..XXXX: After complete the Trail of any Criminal offence the judges should be bound to order under 3- category:

a. The accused had been found Guilty behind reasonable dought - Punishment to accused as per IPC Law and compensations to complainant. 

b. The accused had been acquitted on benefit of dought or prosecution had failed to prove his guilty : Accused should be compensated .

c. Accused had proved beyond reasonable dought the compliant was filed against him was false or malafied intention  by complainant : Punishment to complainant same as per IPC case filed and compensations to accused.

IPC LAW Amended : 

1. In any law the word Men or Women to be replaced by Person , Husband and wife to be replaced by spouse , He and She should be replaced by word "he or she".

Judaical adjournments :

1. More than 3- adjournments should not be allowed to either complainant or accused .  
Jury System for Civil Laws and petty crime: 

1. Establish Jury System for Civil Laws offence and petty crime.

Income Tax Policy :

1. Personnel Income tax : To be abolished ( as we already paying tax on purchase goods and services). 2. Corporate Taxes : Should be maximum 20 % ( To make India attractive for Investment) .

Shelter Home for Men and Women :

1. Every state should establish one Shelter Home for Men and Women separately, maximum stay up to 6 months .

Government Subsidies Canteen for Men and Women : 

1. Every Town or Village should have at least one subsidies canteen for Food should be established .
Pre-neptual Agreement for Marriage : 

 1. Those are interested to go for pre-neptual Agreement before maraige, it should be legalized in all Marriage related laws , to avoid multiple litigation and hassel free Divorce Process.

We would request to all, to send your suggestions  to summaries and update accordingly.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

#TripleAttack on Muslim Men: 498A, CRPC125 & #TripleTalaq Now !

Many non-Muslim men in Twitter made fool that 498A, CRPC125, DVact does not apply on Muslim Men, those are in that dream world , we would request them one time visit to Indian Court and see by your own eyes! 

The provisions of the ban of #TripleTalaq Act passed by Indian Law makers, proves #Misandry at best, converting a Civil disputes to criminal offence. In the World no country have such provision, they regulate the Talaq via Civil law only and punishment after proved that you violated the law. But here as accused itself (not proved you are guilty), you have to go jail and get punishment, as its criminal law.

·         All declaration of instant triple talaq, including in written or electronic form, to be void (i.e. not enforceable in law) and illegal.
    • (Let you say 1000 times talaq, you do not get any relief).
·         Instant triple talaq remains cognisable offence with a maximum of three years imprisonment and a fine. The fine amount is decided by the magistrate.
·         The offence will be cognisable only if information relating to the offence is given by the wife or her blood relative.
    • (If there is no evidence of Triple Talaq or witness, then also she or her parents, brother, sister can very well say to police that you verbally given Triple Talaq and police is bound to register the FIR & can arrest without any warrant from court).
·         The offence is non-bailable. But there is a provision that the Magistrate may grant bail to the accused. The bail may be granted only after hearing the wife and if the Magistrate is satisfied with reasonable grounds for granting bail.
    • (After file case , if wife do not come to court , your bail at least one or two time will be rejected, as her advocate will make sure she does not come to court with some excuses and here judge is help less).
·         The wife is entitled to subsistence allowance. The amount is decided by the magistrate.
    • ( Irrespective she have 1ruppes or 1 billion rupees ).
·         The wife is entitled to seek custody of her minor children from the marriage. The manner of custody will be determined by the Magistrate.
    • ( Irrespective she is honest or criminal, having link to any anti-social element, child abuser, mental disease, druggist or adulterous)
·         The offence may be compounded (i.e. stop legal proceedings and settle the dispute) by the Magistrate upon the request of the woman (against whom talaq has been declared).
    • (Like ordering some Pizza or cup of tea, then she can cancel the same as per her wish or whims at any point of time).

Once again the same presumption made during formation this #Unfairlaw , A #WomenNeverLie , so her verbal word itself is sufficient to term a Man is criminal and send behind the Bar as accused . Our Law makers had not learnt any lesson from law like 498A, Dowry, DVact, CRPC125, Rape, Sexual harassment law.

#MiLord of Supreme Court of India already made #TripleTalaq as void. Means if any Husband let say 1000 times Talaq , he does not get any relief. But if his wife goes to police station and says her husband had given her #TripleTalaq and it became mandatory for Police to register FIR and arrest the Husband, as the same had been made Cognizable Offence.

So, another Legal toll of #LegalTerrosim provided to Muslim Women to do blackmail, extortion to their husband along with 498A, DVact , CRPC125 .

Two wrong can’t be a Right think. Such type of #UnfairLaw kill the Fairness in Justice System, it promotes dis-harmony with leads to increase in violence & crime in society, but who cares. We choose MP’s to Make law and they are successfully misusing/abusing the same in the name of Constitution article 15 (3) against men and our #MiLord refuse to act or put any break on that.

Already bad marriage for men is nightmare; suicide of Married Men is double than married Women, but law makers determined to make their life more miserable by adding multiple law and burden on them.

So, some precaution for Muslim Men in this world of technology and redefine their role for Society must:

  • 1     Mobile: Immediately put a password based screen Lock System. If your wife uses your phone and just sends some SMS or whatsapp message of #TripleTalaq to her phone, it became evidence and your 3-years convection is almost 100% grantee.
  • 2.       Email, Social Profile: Ensure double password Lock System, so that hacking became difficult.
  • 3.       Property & Assets: Review all your Property, assets, Bank saving, the more you have in your name, you are at more risk. Find some trust for Men well fare or create one and Gift them immediately.
  • 4.       Book Old age Home: Find some good Old age Home and immediately Book an accommodation there or if you are capable start making one as trust, shelter home for Men, as there is no grantee you will be able to be allowed to stay at your own home, if your wife does not want, irrespective the same home in your name or in her name.
  • 5.       Document your suffering: Till date you may have ignored many of your suffering due to your wife abusive, violent, cheating, adultery actions with hope that she will change. But now, please start documented the same, you do not know when it will be required.
  • 6.       Review your relationship: Like every year we file ITR at the end of financial year with the help of CA, its time of review your relationship status with some MRA community and start taking corrective, preventive action to reduce your losses and suffering.
  • 7.       Misandry Free : You can see when it comes to washing any man in Parliament or in office or in Road in spite of ideological difference Jay/Hema/May along with Ravi/Navi all get together to make life miserable of Men. As a man you too enjoy when you see some Men is suffering as entertainment, come out from Misandry or you can be next.
  • 8.       #FightWith Smile: You born in this country and unfortunately get married with Indian women. So you have no choice, but to accept all the injustice, as that’s law of land. But as accused, no one can snatch your right to stick with Truth. Truth can’t be sacrificed for any think and any think can be sacrificed for truth. Fight and if required learn to take the Bullet in Chest than in Back , never ever surrender run away from war field and show the back .

  • Question Of Law for SC : This #TripleTalaq law is a criminal Law or Civil Law ? Its linked with Maintenance & child custody also. If Criminal Law an accused can be arrest then final order can be punishment of Jail & Fine if found guilty. But if Civil Law the punishment of Jail & Fine should be if person violate the court order. 

#WhyForceMen to stay with abusive, violent, cheater, adulterous women and still pay her for rest of the life in name maint ? Can anyone #ForceWomen to do the same?

#Misandry at best exhibited in Indian #Parliament.

#NaturalJustice and common sense says : Men or Women, if he/she feel unhappy with any relationship, institution or organizations, must have right to exit without putting Burden on others.
In India in case of women walk out from relationship not only well appreciated considered as Liberal women, but for Men? Every man's nightmare is bad marriage and endless #LegalTerrorism on them continues…. to force them stick in their abusive relationship !

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota | Ek Jhooth | Stand Up Comedy 2019 | Stand Up Com...

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Boys ( लड़का) on Road Working & What Indian Adult Women doing in Court?

Those Feminist always support special privilege start from child hood to end their life on the basis of Gender , god shake one time must go through this Video posted by Vikas Bishnoi.

Now Request to ask your self : 

1. Child labor of Boys is increasing day by day , but our WCD - Women and child development Ministry have any concern for Boy - Child ? Why it should not be renamed as Women and Girl Child Development Ministry ( WCG) ?

2. Wonder when able bodied Women demand Maintenance from their ex-Husband and law makers give that special privilege not only via one law , multiple law ( DV, CRPC125 , Section 24). So , for even an adult women, get marry, file divorce & criminal case against Husband family and rest of the life enjoy with the hard earned money of Husband , without taking any responsibility !

Sitting at Home & earn Free Money for rest of Life from Husband?  Is this called Gender Equality ? 

When government & society justify discrimination of even a Child in the name of his Gander , as a Man I have every right to refuse to be a Protector and provider for any Women or Girls , till the discrimination against boys and Men get stopped !


#UnfairLaw and Policy can't Bring Fairness in Society.

God had given both men and women two leg, two hand and one brain , but as we grow it's men who take more responsibility as provider and protector, which women can also take and by default women will get all rights what a men have . (Read More )

Indian Women, you want to be treated as special or equal?

Those women really believe to be treated as equal , they got equal treatment, but those women believe to be treated as special they got special treatment and should not expect equal treatment .

Friday, 19 July 2019

#SUMwAL Episode 6 - #MenToo with Swarup Sarkar

#UnfairLaw & Policy can't Bring fairness in any society, it kills the fairness in Justice , it only destroy the harmony, resulting more crime , violence in society. Thanks @TheAmitLakhani of @MenWelfare give me a opportunity to express my view .🙏
#SpeakUpMen to #StopAbuseMen

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

#AskMWT #AskSFF - A #Hope4Men Legal Awareness Seminar at Delhi

#Hope4Men Legal Awareness Seminar ; #AskMWT #AskSFF

#Hope4Men is a series of legal awareness seminars organised by Men Welfare Trust in Delhi- NCR and even in other cities to help the victims of the misuse of gender-based laws to understand their basic rights as a citizen and also as accused in-case of a false- case coming on to their way. Starting with the frequently asked questions, the Volunteers carefully listen to the queries of the attendees and advise them on the way to go.

In continuation with providing legal awareness to people, Men Welfare Trust & Save Family Foundation under the aegis of Save Indian Family Movement organizing Legal Awareness Seminar on fighting with gender biased laws on Saturday 3 Aug 2019. This will be a full day FREE Seminar where everyone is invited however the seats will be provided as first come first serve basis.

Venue :The Indian Society Of International LawBhagwan Das Road V.K. Krishna Menon Bhawan, New Delhi
Starting at 9:00 AM till 5:00 PMDate: 3-Aug-2019, Saturday

#AskMWT & we will take top 25 max asked in Seminar. Ask about Misandry, 498A, 376, 354, DV, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, POSH, #MenToo.

Fear of arrest, fear of losing Job, fear of losing social reputation, fear of to be termed criminal for a crime which they had never do became a nightmare for every day. Their all knowledge, training program go in vain to find any logical solution. Because this is called Legal Terrorism and there is no logic, how to find the solution. The fast you try to resolve the puzzle, you end up in more big trouble.

#SpeakUpMan to #StopAbuseMen , as Men are Human Too. 

Friday, 12 July 2019

#CrimebyWomen via #UnfairLaw :ससुरालवालों को फंसाने के लिए महिला ने रची ऐसी साजिश कि जानकर आप भी चौंक ...

Women family claim wife suicide or get murder (but she is alive ), but without any evidence , the Husband Family had been book in criminal cases.

How white Lie had been made and we all Indian Misandric People every time believe as their every story, every allegation and shame ,spread hate towards all Men community. 

In the Name of Dowry the #Unfair law made by Law makers , mere Verbal allegation and the Husband , husband Family behind the bar.

At the time of Marriage they claim its Streedhan and the same Women Right, none can ban it , but the same Streedhan termed Dowry as and when she want. So a Item at the time of Marriage is Streedhan , which is legal , but the same is became Dowry when any disputes comes. 

The home, car , money , property, gold wives and her family demanded from Husband family never termed as Dowry.

Result in the name of Dowry law makers made multiple special law DP3, 498a , 304B , DV act in-spite in Indian Ipc every law is there start from extortion to murder.

Result it only increases the #Fakecases on Men , it had been misused Left , right and center , married Men Suicide keep increasing , but our Law makers prefer in deep sleep .

But who cares ?

Law makers and women organisation assumption a #WomenNeverLie and the Men should be punished on mere allegation.

In India #CrimeByWomen towards to Men leads to Zero-Action.

Today Indian Women do not have Fear of any law.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

#Jantarmantar Save Indian Family Movement #PurushAyog :#MenToo Human

Save Indian family Movement is an multiple NGO working for Men Welfare , who want a Men's Commission for protecting the men's right.This NGO works from last 14 years and they help around ten crore people directly or indirectly.

ABOUT SIF :Save Indian Family (SIF) a Movement, Group of non-funded, non-profit, Non-Government Organization in India (NGO). SIF is a movement which promotes, associates with formation of various NGOs, which intend to work for Men’s welfare and strongly believe in replacing the word Men/Women by Person and Husband/Wife by Spouse in any Government law/policy.

Friday, 5 July 2019

#SUMwAL Episode 5 - From Fears to Smiles with Saurabh Singh

#SpeakUpMen is an attempt to touch upon the issue related to men.

With this series, we bring to you interviews, opinions of Men's Rights Activists on various topics which effect men or are important for Men's Rights.

Episode 5, we speak to Saurabh Singh, a Men's Rights Activist from Delhi about his journey from fears & tears to spreading smiles. We hope that this episode motivates many to stand up against #LegalTerrorism. Victory comes to those who seek it.

Amit Lakhani, a known Men's Rights Activist and President of Men Welfare Trust (Registered NGO), part of Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement, brings to you this series, #SpeakUpMen with "Amit Lakhani", where he will keep bringing t similar interesting topics and views of MRAs.

Stay tuned and subscribe the channel for regular updates.

#MenToo Are Human ! Stop #Legalterrorism on Indian Men !

Monday, 1 July 2019

Rishton Ka Vyapaar | Karan B Oberoi | #MenToo

Constitution Article 21 : Live & Liberty of A person with dignity , had been snatched way by Law makers , #MiLord of Judiciary from Indian Men. They abused/misused the #Article15 (3) for their vote bank policy and common Men are suffering in #Fakecases.

Time to #SracpArticle-15_3 to restore the Article 21 . #SpeakUpMen as #MenToo are Human.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

लड़कियों का GANG जो लड़को को फंसाता था : #MenToo R Human!

Cast: Varun Pruthi, Kritika Bhist, Manan Mehta !

#UnfairLaw of India in the Name of Rape ( IPC376) , where the assumption that A #WomenNeverLie . She can term any Men or Boys a Rapist only by her Verbal allegations along and there is no limit of time frame also. She can term you a Rapist even after 10 or 20 or 30 Yrs latter also.

The moment any Rape case news Flashed , masindric people of India start dreaming a violent, forced sex with women and start #DigitalMobLynching without using any commonsense to destroy the Men's life in such a extend, in the name of Investigation he had been Jailed, sacked from Job as accused  & his bail had been denied months after months.

More than 76%+ Rape case, its the Men had proven his innocence in the court in front of #MiLord , but still his constitutional right of  Live & Liberty with dignity (Article 21) had been restored . The trauma the Man have to go through all his rest of the life in silence !

When you have sex with in any type of relationship and latter terming your partner as Rapist not only Unfair , its pure cheating & Blackmailing !

Time to realize by Law makers and #MiLord of Judiciary that #FakeCases on Men are also a heinous Crime. Its time to amend the CRPC , IPC to ensure that the same amount of Punishment must be given to  fake complaintent too at the end of Trial on the Sport, instead of justifying the same has deterrent like IPc182 , IPC211 and hide behind such totally useless , toothless Law.

Those feel law IPC182 , IPC211 is very good law and is sufficient as deterrent for the heinous crime like #Fakecases , request them why not amend the law like Rape also in same principal & CRPC followed in IPC182, IPC211?

#MenToo are Human, stop Killing their Constitution Right of Live & Liberty with Dignity- #Article21 by misusing #Article15 (3) .

Time to #ScrapArticle15_3 to make any #UnfairLaw or policy by vote hunger Political Parties.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Marathon for Mens Right : #MenToo are Human !

Constitution Article 21: Live & Liberty a person with dignity considered to be supreme! But our Law makers for Vote bank politics and fool Indian Men always grossly abused/misused article 15(3) of Constitution , result Men had been deprived from their constitution right provided under Article 21.
Till the time clause like 15(3) in our Constitution exist, how many time Prime Minister of India shout from Top : " Sab ka sath sab ka vikas" , it will never can be achieved ! 
Time to #ScrapArticle15_3 #MenToo are  Human !

Mr. Y.P. Singh from Lucknow , well know Men right activist says : 15(3)  is wrongly interpreted , misused and implemented.

Unfortunately #MiLord of Supreme Court is also blindly doing wrong in the name of women sensitization and is also not doing their duty.
15(3)  is made to do the Provisions for the weaker section to bring them in the main stream of society, not the Law.

There is a big difference between Provision and Law :  

Laws are applicable to all and have punishment clause, while provisions for some group and no punishment to others. Like : Providing wheal chair for disabled is a provision for which 15(3) was made. 

Constitution makers were not such fools that, one article is overruled by the next one. 

If so then,  why they use two words law,  provision in constitution ?
Why not they use same word in both Articles 14 & 15(3) ?

Sunday, 23 June 2019

#SUMwAL Episode 4 - #TripleTalaqBill View with Wasif Ali

#SpeakUpMen is an attempt to touch upon the issue related to men.

With this series, we bring to you interviews, opinions of Men's Rights Activists on various topics which effect men or are important for Men's Rights.

Episode 4, we speak to Wasif Ali, a Men's Rights Activist from Delhi about the talk of the hour, #TripleTalaqBill version 2.0 in Lok Sabha. We bring to you the views, myth busters, realities around the bill and the practise itself as an eye opener.

Amit Lakhani, a known Men's Rights Activist and President of Men Welfare Trust (Registered NGO), part of Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement, brings to you this series, #SpeakUpMen with "Amit Lakhani", where he will keep bringing t similar interesting topics and views of MRAs.

Stay tuned and subscribe the channel for regular updates.

India will become the 1st country across globe where a man will be jailed for a Civil dispute of Divorce. This reality will happen for Muslim men and tomorrow the government will say if it's for Muslims then why not for Hindus too.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Importance of #FathersDay

Let delegate this Video to Indian Prime Minister for 4.4Min Silence !!  

You Guys may be Surprising , why I am not talking , Right?

I Do the same think what India's Great or Greatest Prime Minister and his team Does !

Start from Toilet day , CA day to even #Canadaday India's PMO wish to all , but forget #Fathersday , he is Totally Silent !

Thanks to Indian Law Makers for making Indian Father's speechless !

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Father's Day 2018 : Stop Creating Father Less Society!

Saturday, 15 June 2019

#SUMwAL Episode 3 - Importance of #FathersDay

Men Welfare Trust & Save Family Foundation (part of Save Indian Family Movement), wish all of you a very happy father's day.

We bring to you our web-series #SpeakUpMen with Amit Lakhani, covering various issues concerning men and latest topics on Men's Rights.

Episode 3, we present the significance, importance of father's day and about the emotional side of father's. #FathersDay  celebrate with a #SelfieWithDad !

Friday, 14 June 2019

#SpeakUpMen Episode 2 - #TanushreeDutta vs #NanaPatekar with Wasif Ali