Friday, 3 May 2019

Vote 4 #NOTA to #StopAbuseMen - We Want Men's Commission!

Vote for Your Party NOTA in upcoming Election !!

Unfair Laws or policy can’t bring fairness in any society it only lead to hatred in Society and destroy the society harmony. When Society harmony get destroyed , it only increase violence , crime , extortion and it’s common men and women pay the price , history witness.

So, we appeal to all, if any party members call you or visit your Home for seeking Your Vote, give this below list ( must Print) and ask them to include their stand in their party manifesto first, and then only you will review to whom you should vote instead of your own Party "NOTA".

· As per NCRB report the victims of Murder, accident, suicide of Men are 2 to 3 times than women. To address the crime against men and their day to day problem, do you agree to form a Men welfare ministry and Commission?

· Do you agree to replace the word Men/Women to person in all anti-men laws like, rape, molestation, Work Place harassment, Domestic Violence act, crpc125? The above mentioned laws are poorly drafted and heavily biased against the husbands/men and their families leading to Legal Terrorism and subject to Legal extortion?

· It was promised in Last Rajya Sabha Committee report, if arrest in most grossly abused IPC section like 498A does not get reduced, there is no option but to make 498A bailable . The NCRB data also shows there is no reduction of arrest even after crpc41A, so do you agree that such laws should be made bailable?

· What steps will your party take to stop heavy misuse of “Gender Biased” laws and consider the same heinous crime and strong Punishment followed, as present IPC182 and crpc340 had totally failed to control massive misuse of law on innocent men.

· Do you agree that the differences between husband and wife should be treated as a civil matter (and not Criminal) like all over developed country followed than creating multiple Laws in the name of seeking maintenance should be stopped?

· Do you agree to scrap the present unfair laws, which allow multiple maintenance and criminal litigation against Husband in multiple courts, when constitution said a person can’t be punished twice for same offense?

· Do you agree to form a single law with word “Spouse” by replacing the word Husband / wife in all marriage related laws start from dowry to Alimony?

· Why you support for giving maintenance to even educated, working, well bodied or adulterous wife, when they are not taking care any responsibility of Husband’s liabilities?

· What will your party do to ensure that no arrest is made before Final Judgment/ Order in case of a complaint only with verbal allegations under various assumption based law that a women never lie?

· What is your stand on equal rights on children’s (Shared Parenting) in case of separation of parents?

In case you do NOT receive any reply, tell them we will be forced to assume to that you too, like other Political parties consider Men as disposable gender.

So, better to #Vote4NOTA your own party, than voting to a party candidate, who does not consider men as human , who also victim of crime , Violence , sexual assault along with subject extortion and blackmailing via multiple #Fakecases in home and workplaces .

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

पुरुष अधिकार के लिए उतरे मर्द मैदान में

Friday, 26 April 2019

Rajat's Speech | Monologue | Comedy Scene | Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Monday, 22 April 2019

#MeToo Vs #MiLord: Who is responsible for Sexual Harassment Allegation case on CJI #RanjanGogoi ?

Demands :

a) The Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill must be reviewed and amended immediately to make it Gender Neutral. The word Men/women to be replaced by person or employee.
b) No direct money should be given to the person who complaint, all fine should be go to an employee welfare fund. This will reduce the instances of misuse and extortion.
c) If the case is found the false/fabricated or filed with an intention derive personal benefit, the person should be fined or sacked summarily without any discretion.
d) No outsiders must be allowed into the committees . No women’s rights NGOs or NGO working for the cause of women should be allowed to earn revenue from sitting in these committees and converting normal cases into cases sexual harassment.
e) The offence to be categorized into to 5 levels and the fine or disciplinary action should be as per level of offence found in enquiry.
f) If any person is not satisfied with the committee’s findings and conclusions they will have the right approach the court, but no way the employer or enquiry committee member should be involved in that case to defend the accuser.

Workplace Harassment bill to be made gender neutral

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Press Note #MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching legal tool, attacks CJI Ranjan Gogoi

Press Note #MeToo, the Digital Mob Lynching legal tool, attacks CJI Ranjan Gogoi

New Delhi, April 21, 2019 : Men Welfare Trust (MWT) urges the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi to correct the unfair Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law, which was created by the Supreme Court itself.

From the complaint against the Chief Justice and the official reply by Supreme Court it appears to be the issue of Woman terminated from her Job. The Supreme Court bench, hearing the case yesterday, commented that Judiciary is under threat, but we wish to bring to your notice, it’s not only judiciary every Workplace’s Men are under threat, let it be Govt/Private.

Any dispute, a woman can term you a molester/rapist and for that her verbal accusation is sufficient, with no limitation being applicable. Many organisations have paid heavy price, some are paying even today and many will have to pay in future for terminating any women employee for any legitimate reason, but Supreme Court never took any corrective action.

Because of widespread misandry in our society and biased laws against men, a man is immediately labelled as a molester, rapist and criminal on just a mere statement by a woman. He is stripped of his job and most importantly his self-respect without even given a chance to speak, let alone go through a fair trial. While everyone has the right to equality under the Constitution of India, the Indian government has provided no laws to protect Men whatsoever, whereas, there are over 49 laws to protect women. While the existing laws are unfair towards men, so is the society and media in putting a vulnerable man through a media trial.

Lakhs of cases of common men are languishing in courts where their life and liberty is curtailed because of these false cases. Even when they are acquitted after going through a trial for 5-10 years, their lives remain completely destroyed. The Indian law also does not provide for any redressal and rehabilitation for such common men who are acquitted of false cases. There is also no punishment for those women filing false cases and misusing the law; and no strong precedence for law misuse in the judiciary as well.

Hence, we strongly urge the media and the general public to be sensitive towards any person who is already going through a difficult period and avoid making any judgements till this case goes through a fair trial. The person is innocent till proven Guilty, to be respected, should not be punished or stripped of his job or forced to resign on mere allegation.

We appeal to Supreme Court of India and Mr. Ranjan Gogoi instead of crying foul, please take the corrective action and issue immediate necessary guidelines for all such cases, mere allegation of sexual harassment can’t be a right to deprive a man from his constitutional Right of Live and Liberty provided by Constitution under Article 21.

About Men Welfare Trust (MWT):
A registered NGO in New Delhi, Men Welfare Trust (MWT) works for safeguarding the interests of those Men who have been implicated in false cases because of the gross misuse of gender biased laws. MWT has been involved in several intervention petitions on issues such as Marital Rape. Mr. Amit Lakhani, President and Mr. Ritwik Bisaria, Vice-President of MWT are India’s foremost Men’s Rights Activists who have been actively involved for the last 9 years in providing free and selfless help to Men and their families who are victimised by the misuse of gender biased laws such as false IPC 498A, Rape, Sexual harassment, domestic violence and other cases of similar nature. They have provided counseling and support to lakhs of Men in distress who have been victims of false cases which are filed by many women and their families to cash in and extort from a failed relationship, defame and shame the husband and settle personal scores. They are also actively engaged in various other activities like research, documentation and publication on men’s rights issues, and regularly appear on India’s leading national news channels.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Best Bengali Poem Marriage for Men in India

Due to all Anti Men Law & Policy made and promoted by Indian Government and various @ScJudgements , the Life of Husbands had been made Hell.
No Political Party shown any concern towards the same , as they know we Stupid Men will keep voting them , they have no fear of Loosing their #MenVote, as stopping suffering of Men is not our 1st Priority. Time to wake up and take action by no more free Gift of Vote to any Political party , till they scrap all anti-men unfair laws and vote 4 #NOTA if they do not agree. #MenRHumanToo

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Refusal of Sex in Marriage : How Many time as Husband You had been refused to have Sex by Your wive ?

Reference :

First make #RefusalofSex a Criminal offence then talk about Marital rape

  • wrong done by wives refuse to have sex without any justified reason and blackmailing Husbands , radical feminist groups termed as marital rape to hide their own wrong doing.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Power of NOTA for Men's Commission

We have witness many trending hash Tag in twitter supported by many men as well as women, like #StopMisuseofRapeLaw, #StopAbuseMen , #Scrap498A , #SaveMale , # StopMenSuicide , #StopElderAbuse , #MenAreHumantoo , #No2maintenance etc , but none of the Political Party had given any Place in their manifesto as concern.

The safety, suffering , crime against men and their other family members had been ignored by all most every Political Party, as they know we men are not united for our own Constitution right, result we had been taken as granted.

Now , if you really want to stop such misuse of Law or necessary correction to be done in Law’s , there is no other option but to Join hands together and give a clear message to all Political party that we men & their family members are not Free Vote Bank any more.

More Details :
Vote for Your Party NOTA in upcoming Election !!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Pind-Daan of #MeToo

Friday, 26 October 2018

Men Welfare Trust and Save Family Foundation Activities Around the Year ...

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop #MeToo4Publicity

Unfair Law or Policy can't bring any Fairness in Society .There is No Law in India to Punish any Girls or Women who Rape, Molest Man, as the law is not Gender Neutral . So , when a Man try to say his assault , instead of consider him as Victim , he himself had been termed as Molester , Rapist. More than 35 country have gender neutral Work Place Harassment LAW , but in India its does not Protect Men or women when the assault done by Women. Result all Rapist Women are moving freely in India , as the same not crime for them in India.

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop abuse of Men and Demand Gender Neutral law. If Women do not do such crime , why they afraid for Gender neutral Law?

Friday, 12 October 2018


अमेरिका से चलकर भारत में तबाही मचाने आ गया है #Mee2 Virus

Sunday, 7 October 2018

तनुश्री दत्ता के 2008 के F.I.R का सच| Mumbai Tak

Friday, 5 October 2018

Annu Kapoor SLAMS Tanushree Dutta On Nana Patekar Controversy | ANGRY RE...

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

For #MenCommission in India Need to act before 2019 Election : #SpeakUpMan by Amit Lakhani

President of Men Well Fare Trust (MWT) - Mr. Amit Lakahani address the gathering at Jantar Mantar on 2nd Oct-2018 for the Road map and action plan to create #MenCommission in India .

#SpeakUpMan , when any Political party come to your door for your Vote , all Men must demand their 5 Points agenda and must Create importance of #MaleVote . More than 70 Years all Political party ignored the well fare of Men in this country, result men are getting help less and end their life which we termed as Suicide .

Stop Abuse of Men and Join hands to #SpeakUpMan Movement to create Men Commission In India.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Protest to 'Silence' atrocities on men - NEWS9

Full Interview: Hrithik Roshan On Kangana Ranuat | Nation Wants To Know ...

A must watch and Learn the Men done Basic Mistakes when any Women accuses You.
The most Important #SpeakUpMan before too late .

We gone through all such real story in SIF one Help Line : 8882498498.

Hope this will help many to learn , whoever you may be , who big you may me , when a Women put allegations on you , your life is not a normal life like others . So , you must talk to those who had gone through such cases . No advocate or Media person can help you , its your fight , you have to fight than surrender.

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know: 2008 Video!

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know , how we Indian men are stupid . Thanks to #MeToo gang .

#SpeakUpMan or next can be You too.

Now #MeToo gang will you believe this Journalist Men too like #TanushreeDutta ?

Very Interesting : #TanushreeDutta made so many Allegation against #NanaPatekar , #GansehAcharya, #VivekAgnihotri , #RajThackeray , #MNS , Indian Judiciary , but no allegation against Pankaj Bhardwaj ( he claim to be Media Camera Man of Sahara News) , who seen damaging her car .
Here evidence is there , but her silence about this incidence raise a Big Question mark or the act of Pankaj Bhardwaj is not to be termed as Crime or Harassment ? 
Seems some thing she is hiding which she does not want the real truth to come in Public domain ? 

There must be Police complaint copy available on record  , why not all big Media House get that copy and tell to Public what was written there ? 

Friday, 28 September 2018


Press Release on Adultery & Sabrimala Verdict of Supreme Court

Men Welfare Trust (Regd. NGO) is part of Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement which is the biggest representative of Men’s Rights Movement of India. SIF is a conglomerate of over 40 NGOs across India & Abroad, working tirelessly for Men;s Rights in India. SIF has been working for Empowerment of Men at Legal, Policy, Health, Govt Budgeting level. SIF conducts weekly Support group meetings at over 30 places in India, 5 places outside India. In addition, SIF also runs multiple Websites, Blogs, Email support groups and even Whatsapp First Aid groups to help and support Indian men and boys. SIF runs the world’s largest Private Helpline for Men in Distress, “SIF One”, which gets over 6000 calls every month. SIF One Android Mobile app also allows Men/Boys in distress to connect with SIF.

September 2018 continues to be BLACK SEPTEMBER in the lives of Indian Men.

This Month, after Triple Talaq Ordinance and removal of Family Welfare Committee, 2 more blows to the rights and dignity of men have happened:

Ø  Hon’ble Supreme Court decriminalized IPC 497 #AdulteryØ  Hon’ble Supreme Court allowed entry of women to #Sabrimala Shrine


The Hon’ble Supreme Court in a 5 judges bench, headed by Chief Justice of India, decriminalized Adultery thus making Sexual relationship outside the Marriage not a Criminal Offence.

With the way the definition and reality of Marriage has changed in India, where Husbands were forced to live under constant fear of False Dowry, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Custody cases, Adultery law was the only protection they had in case of adulterous wife filling false bouquet of cases. That shield, which could have helped Husband prove the Cruelty he has undergone because of Wife’ Adultery has been taken off and Husbands are left defenceless.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court while pronouncing the judgment mentioned that Husband is not a Master of the wife. MWT wishes to submit an amendment that, No Spouse if Master or Other Spouse. It is highly unfortunate that though the Husband is not a Master of Wife, but still the Hon’ble Supreme Court allowed archaic and draconian laws like Maintenance, Alimony laws which force the Husband to be the PROVIDER to his wife.

With the removal of Adultery law, which gave 100% immunity to an Adulterous wife, now wife will have no deterrent in having Sexual Relationship outside her marriage. It would be pertinent to add that a Husband, if at all, even talks to another female (or doesn’t even do that much), a wife has all the right to file Criminal Case on her Husband (and his entire family members) under IPC 498A, CrPC 125, PWDVA 2005 and many other sections.

It had been our demand for long time that Adultery law MUST be amended to make it Gender Neutral. With Hon’ble Supreme Court doing away with the law inspite of correcting it, the value of Marriage has been left to nothing in India. Now the big question remains, CAN A CHILD BE EVER BE SURE WHO IS IT’S FATHER?


                Entry of women between 10-50 years of age was not allowed in the shrine of Sabrimala, which is considered to be the abode of Celibate Lord Ayyappa. Interestingly, a religious sentiment case, was conveniently converted and viewed as a Feminist Issue which means that Feminists don’t regard females under 10 years and over 50 years as women at all.

                Hon’ble Supreme Court 5 judges bench, headed by Chief Justice of India, also used terms like “Patriarchy”, “Women not inferior to Men” etc. Though, the case was never a Gender based case, the Hon’ble Supreme Court verdict made it like one.

                MWT believes in religious autonomy to remain untouched by Judiciary but would request the Hon’ble Supreme Court to also issue directions to Attukal Temple, Chakkulathukavu Temple, Santoshi Maa ‘Vrat’, Lord Brahma Temple (Pushkar), Bhagati Maa Temple (Kanyakumari), Mata Temple (Muzaffarpur), Trimbakeshwar Temple, Kamrup Kamakhya Temple TO ALLOW MEN INSIDE THESE TEMPLES FOR THE SAME EQUALITY.