Tuesday, 16 June 2020

#PurushPaksh : My discussion with NGO working for Men Daaman !

Men are Human Too ! Be #Misandry Free to Stop Abuse Of Men !

Monday, 15 June 2020

Sushant Rajput के लिए बात, क्यों मौत के बाद?

सुशांत राजपूत के लिए बात, क्यों मौत के बाद?

Panel Discussion, moderated by Mr. Amit Lakhani, a renowned Men's Rights Activity talks about Male Suicide, in light with recent loss of life #RIPSushantRajput .

RIP #SushantSinghRajput -many today talking about Mental Health, depression - but none will understand the real pain of a Men go through rest of the life - who once accused a Rapist or Molester, Yes he tired to tell every one his pain, but none care! Be #Mangina FREE for @MenWelfare

Panel of:
Dr. Ashish Bawa, Expert (Consultant, Stress Management)
Mr. Swarup Sarkar, Save Family Foundation (Men's NGO)
Mr. Ritwik Bisaria, Men Welfare Trust (Men's NGO)

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To contact us, please use any of the following mediums:
Helpline for Men (SIF-One): 8882 498 498
Websites: www.menwelfare.in l www.savefamily.in
Email: menwelfaretrust@gmail.com l contactsavefamily@gmail.com
Movement website: www. saveindianfamily.in

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

#PMOIndia : Bahut Huya Appka #MannKiBaat - Lissen Now #MenKiBaat !

#MenKiBaat : #DomesticViolenceOnMen are not Joke !

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Panel Discussion: #HusbandMurder - Why Being Ignored?

Panel discussion with Eminent Panel on something very important, urgent and about Life of Men and their Murders.

Panel Discussion on #HusbandMurder #HusbandBurning #GroomBurning being ignored by Law, Society.

  • Amit Lakhani, discusses #HusbandMurder #HusbandBurning #GroomBurning with a Panel of:
  • Mr. PK Malhotra - Former Law Secretary
  • Mr. Lohit Matani - Commandent, State Reserve Police Force, Amravati
  • Ms. Smita Dixit - Lawyer, Supreme Court
  • Mr. Wasif Ali - Men Welfare Trust, Delhi (Regd. NGO)
  • And 2 victims of Husband Burning, Murder Attempt by wives.

#HusbandBurntAlive by wife ! Till date no FIR registered against her , but the cases registered against him #IPC498A #CRPC125 his finger not working, he is #Jobless but wife asking Maint !

What type of Society we are Living? Be #Misandry FREE Be #Mangina FREE !

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Panel Discussion on #Lockerroom Generation: Where it Heading?

Panel Discussion on #Lockerroom Generation: Where it Heading?

Panel discussion with Eminent Panel on something very important, urgent and about our future generations.

  • Amit Lakhani, discusses #BoysLockerRoom, #GirlsLockerRoom with a Panel of:
  • Dr. Bhooshan - Child Psychiatrist from Pune
  • Adv. Panjwani - Advocate, Hon'ble Supreme Court of India
  • Mrs. Preeti - Former Director of Higher Education, Uttar Pradesh
  • Mr. Swarup Sarkar - Save Family Foundation, Delhi (Regd. NGO)
  • Mr. Wasif Ali - Men Welfare Trust, Delhi (Regd. NGO)

#WakeUpBoys : Our child Ministry only for name Shake , they will not do anything for you ! Call our Helpline : 8882498498 when you face any discriminations !

Our Father Groups will be more then be a best friend of You. Never ever think about to die by suicide!
 Come out from #Lockeroom ! You are living in a #Misandric Society , where A Girls 1000 wrong will be forgiven , but your one wrong - you are gone !

#DidiGang with #Mangina gang at social ,Print and electronic Media are just waiting to suck your blood ! So be very careful !

Time to #SpeakUpBoys the discrimination you are facing., we are here for you as Best friends , who will not Judge you on basis of your Gender !

Girl make fake profile as Boy & Chat for Rape Girls ! 

Delhi Police issued Press Release and says : 

Investigation has revealed that the alleged Snapchat conversation is actually between a girl (sender) and a boy (receiver) in which the girl is sending chat messages through a fictional Snapchat account named 'Siddharth'. Using the fake identity of a male person, she suggested in the chat, a plan to sexually assault herself. 
The sad part is that after found the same in investigation that the Rape chat was Fake - no action taken against the Girls or against the DCW Chief Ms.Swati Maliwal who issued Notice to police with the Fake Rape Chat as evidence & put Video also in Twitter to arrest all Boys of #BoysLockeroom and created hatred towards school going Boys ! 

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Supreme court: Make rape laws Gender neutral

Law commission Report clearly suggested to make #RapeLaw by replacing the word Men/Women to person .

Lawmakers totally ignored the same due to pressure from WCD NCW and Women organisations of India !

Result all the Rapist Women are moving freely in our Society. They have no fear of law , first they rape men/boys and if the Men/boys #SpeakUp , such Rapist Women are terming the men/boys are rapist to hide their own Crime.

Stop to be a #Mangina and stop protecting criminal #RapistWomen of India ! Time to make #IPC375 gender neutral by replacing the word Men/Women to person .

Injustice Some where is direct threat of Justice Every where - all must keep in Mind !

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Supreme Court Allows Child Visitation via Electronic media during Lockdown - A Panel Discussion

Save Family Foundation (SFF) & Men Welfare Trust (MWT), both registered NGOs, have been witnessing a huge surge on the issues specifically related to child visitation during Corona Lockdown.

Many of fathers, across India, have fought vigorously to get visitation orders to meet their children, amidst matrimonial disputes, from the respective Family Courts or Trial Courts. In many cases, our NGOs have come across the ordeals of fathers, who even after winning, are at the losing end, as the custodial mothers are misusing the Corona Lockdown to create a Chinawall between Father and Child.
Such Custodial Mothers have completely ignored the welfare of child and the rights of a child to meet their father. Since the existing visitation orders are not explicitly mentioning about the provision of Electronic Visitation (over Video Conferencing etc), many Custodial Litigating mothers are misusing this gap to their advantage. This has left many fathers helpless during these critical times and has created huge pressure on non-custodial fathers, about the health and safety of their children.

Seeing this huge issue for the very upbringing, rights of Children and respecting the intention of the courts, which granted visitation rights to father, a member of Men Welfare Trust (MWT) & Save Family Foundation (MWT), Dr. Tanuj Dhawan, took up the task of knocking the doors of justice at the highest level and filed an online Petition (PIL) in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

While hearing and deciding the said petition by MWT, SFF member, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has issued clear observation that Electronic Contact instead of Physical visits can be substituted, keeping in view of the rights of the Child, non-Custodial parent and giving respect to the Intent of the respective Hon’ble courts, while granting visitation. The Hon’ble Supreme Court, further observed, that in case there is an aggrieved party (in this case, the non-custodial parent), they can approach to respective Family Court.

Based on these observations, MWT & SFF appeal to all the litigating parents to not use Corona or their own child as a tool of unleashing vengeance from the non-custodial parent (mostly fathers). The Observations of the Hon’ble Supreme Court are clear about Electronic Visitation to continue, as directed in the visitation orders.

We also would appeal humbly to all the Hon’ble Family Courts and Trial Courts of India to take a note of these observations from the Apex Court and provide quick and urgent redressal to the aggrieved parent, whose right of having visitation (physical or Electronic, as observed by Hon’ble Supreme Court, herein) is getting curtailed by the Custodial Parent (mostly mothers), during these times of pandemic.

Courts must also take into account the conduct of a custodial parent in these times, where stopping the visitation show their clear intentions, being against child welfare and hence cancel the custody to such parents.

At last, we are short of words while thanking Dr. Tanuj Dhawan, who took this petition Party in Person to the Hon’ble Supreme Court and did applaudable handwork in getting it listed as an urgent PIL and getting positive observations from the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Breaking: Supreme Court Allows Parents Having Visitation Rights To Maintain Contact With Children Via Electronic Means [Read Order]

A message from Mr. Tanuj Dhawan for Nation & Some NGO's  Members who misusing the order to collect Donation from Victims!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

List of Job #IndianWomen Low Participant - #LiberateMen Now !

Due to #COVID-19 there will be huge loss of Job for People . But to survive Men will be forced to take up some Job irrespective of their Choice  or likeing . 
They don't have any Option as society had burdened them with provider role . There is no Men Welfare ministry or Comission or International Organization understand their daily Pain, suffering

But for women? They have no such complesion or forced provider role. They can simply claim lost job and sit at Home or go to court to seek money from their Male at Home via  #DVAct , #CRPC125 and if men unable to pay them, none is going to listen !

Must read : Jobless not a ground todeny Maintenance by Husband, but Jobless a Ground to claimsMaintenance for Indian wives!

Already International organizations like UN , Feminist Gang , Women organization started Crying foul that the number of Women will be Jobless more, so that they can secure huge fund , grant or reservation in Job to make men life miserable !

But the fact is there are number of Job where the women Participant is very Low or negligible, as it's need more stress, more hard work, more tension more health risk, which Women intentionally refuse to Do !

Not only the above job #IndianWomen intentionally refuse to do , there a list of Job , Which they always refused to do by playing #WomenCard !

There are few list of Job #IndianWomen have low participant, which have huge scope for them! 

But women’s own Laziness & eagerness to play #WomenCard to avoid Hard Work, men are forced to do the such Jobs without any option ! 
  • ·        Car/Bus/Truck/Taxi Driver
  • ·        Security force at factory, BSF , Army
  • ·        Restaurant Cook, House Plumber/Electrician
  • ·        Delivery Staff – Gas/Food.
  • ·        Mining Sector- Coal/Iron/Zinc
  • ·        Cement/Infra/House/Road sector
  • ·        Sewage Cleaning/Fire & Safety Sector
  • ·        Fruits/Vegetable Sellers  
  • ·        Loading/Unloading
  • ·        Crane/JCB workers
  • ·        Welders/Fitters
  • ·        Boiler operators
  • ·        Cold room operators
  • ·        Forging Press operators
  • ·        Kiln/Furnace operators
  • ·        Metal plating specialists
  • ·        Sawmill operators
  • ·        Asbestos Industry workers
  • ·        Die makers / machinists
  • ·        Blacksmiths
  • ·        Tanners
  • ·        Metalworking/casting
  • ·        Shipping - shipyards, cruise liners, merchant ships.
  • ·        Cobbler
  • ·        Carpenter
Manufacturing Factory Indian Women Work Force (Less than 24% vs World average 51%).


#LiberateMen from their Provider/Protector Role! 

It's time for Feminist & all women organizations stop giving excuses and avoid hard working Job , which men are forced to do !   

Monday, 27 April 2020

Yours Shamefully 2 | A Short Film watch by 11M + Review!

Mere Allegation by a Women/Girls and whole India term the Guy Rapist, Molester , #WifeBeater and some well Known Editor of Electronic Media termed Him Darinda !

But when in court it found the Guy is innocent , there is no punishment to such Girsl/Women or such Editors of Electronic Media !

The Men/Boy Life had been destroyed by Women/Girls Lie and we do the Digital Mob Lynching, just see one time mirro your face !

More than 76% Rape cases, in court after trail found the allegation is not true, but men/boy's life had been destroyed! His dignity had never been restored !

Lacks of rape cases are filed as Boy refused to Marry the Girls. but not a single case registered against any Girls or Women , who refuse to marry their Boy/men after having sex !

Women commission of India , Women NGO along with UN will keep you provoking & will be injecting #Misandry Virus with advertisement in TV, Facebook, Twitter with your favourite Cricketer, Actors , Actrosess so that you start Hate Men , you file more cases against them , so that they can encash more money from Government by giving examples crime against Women is increasing !

Those organizations will never #SpeakUp for the Men suffering, their Pain in spite they know the Suicide of Men/Boys are double than Women/Girls in India !

Be #Misandry FREE !

#Unfair Law just to destroy Men's life on mere allegation by Women/Girls can't bring any fairness in Society ! It will only increase hate , violence and crime in Society !

#SpeakUpMen , never ever think of ending Life , we have to Fight , there is not other Option !

Prepare yourself to take the Bullet on Chest than Back, but never ever surrender against #FakeCases or Extortion/Blackmail by such Women/Girls Organizations ! 
If you will not #SpeakUp then you are helping such #Miasdric gang to destroy further at least 20-30 men/boys like you via  #LegaTerrorism !

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Stop #DomesticViolenceonMen : Appeal By MWT & SFF NGO !

Why #DomesticViolenceOnMen is ignored by Indian Law Makers , Media and society?

Be #Misandry FREE.
The women #MaleAbuser know very well that , they will not be Punished for doing #DVOnMen & get scot FREE easily !

If Men try to #SpeakUp, they know how to abuse the #Unfair #DVAct and play the #WomenCard to term Men as wife beater ! Which in result men have to suffer silently all the abuse and there is no Government authority or specific Law to protect Men.

Stop #DomesticViolenceOnMen as crime has No Gander !

Monday, 20 April 2020

Maintenance during Corona Lockdown - A Panel Discussion !

Maintenance during Corona Lockdown - A Panel Discussion

Amit Lakhani discusses with a panel of Adv Gautam Panjwani (Delhi High Court), Arnaz (Men's Day Out Media House), Partha (SIF Hyderabad), Wasif (Save Family Foundation), Ritwik (Men Welfare Trust) about how Maintenance is taking a toll on Men during this lockdown.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Corona Alienates Fathers & Children, a Panel Discussion

Our Future, our children are at the receiving end of Corona Virus.

Parental Alienation is at all time high as the non-custodian parents suffer the complete silence about the well-being of their children during this #LockDown.

Today's panel discussion with Dr. Bawa (Consultant, Parenting), Dr. Bhooshan (Child Psychiatrist), Rakesh Kapur (BambooTree NGO), Chetan (Vaastav Foundation), an alienated father, in discussion with Amit Lakhani.

#MenVsCorona - Panel Discussion with Couple Therapist, Stress Experts & MRAs

#MenVsCorona brings up the issues that Men face during these days of Stress, Domestic Violence on them, Lockdowns, all because of Corona.

Dr. Ashish Bawa (Expert, Stress Management), Ms. Shivani Sadhoo (Couples Therapist), Mr. Wasif Ali (Save Family Foundation), Mr. Ritwik Bisaria (Men Welfare Trust), Mr. Priyash Bhargava (Business Owner) & Mr. Ravi (name changed) share about the same. Hosted by Mr. Amit Lakhani, renowned MRA.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

#TaslimaNasreen at her Best to spread #MaleHatered in #LockDown

Taslima Nasrin is a Bangladeshi-Swedish writer &  feminist, presently given shelter by Indian Government- never felt ashamed & never got any punishment for her advocacy that a Women deserve to have sex with 72 virgin Men in the earth . After all Women have Special privilege in India ! 

Muslim Women deserve to Sex with 72 Virgin Men in Earth !

Now on the eve of #LockDown due to Corono Virus in India , she came up with her another Tweet to spread extreme #MaleHatered  advocacy. After all how she can let it go the Golden opportunity to defame & demean  Men  ? She feel Lucky that there is no Men in her Home !

If this had been said by any Men that he is Lucky that No Women in his House , he had been termed as ............!!! Mo need to mention !

In a country where the married Men Suicide more than 64000+ every year which are double than married Women , a country where when Men face Domestic Violence in hand of Women, there is no remedy available in the Law, but on mere allegation by women -let it be true/false men had been made Homeless, Jobless , Jailed , but when after years of trial at court he prove his innocence, he had not been compensated for his loss of Life, Dignity or financial loss,

In such a situation, we welcome & hope all Feminist must take inspiration from Women like Taslima Nasreen and prefer to stay alone , than making life miserable of their Men at Home . #LiberateMen from their Provider Role and amend all Laws too. Stop force Men to pay abusive Women into heir life for Life Long .

We feel at least feminist gang should strictly follow the advocacy of Ms. Taslima , so that many Men can be allowed to be Live Alive .

Men have to silently suffer the emotional, economical, verbal & Physical #DomesticViolence at Home, but authority like @UN @UNICEFIndia @WHO totally failed to acknowledge the pain and suffering of men.

#LiberateMen from Domestic Violence at home & #MakeHomeSafe4Men Too !

Friday, 6 December 2019

Who will encounter the Encounters of Telangana Police, who killed four truck drivers as accused of rape/murder without any Fair trial?

India is a country where even Terrorist Like #Kasab was given a fair trial, but when it comes for poor Lorry drivers, they deserve to be killed in the name of safety for women without any Trial. Those today celebrating & doing Party, just wait & watch, Next it will be #YouToo when Police get FREE License to Kill anyone without any punishment, which they are looking for Long time , but its #MiLord of Suprement Court till date not allowed them to do so .

One must have heard the famous movie dialogue, “No FIR, no arrest, no talk ... faisla on the spot”. It was 2002, when this dialogue was on screens. This statement inventory again came to screens on early hours of 6th December 2019, when India woke upto the news of Telangana police killing 4 accused in an encounter.

Telangana and India was taking about and many were protesting against the recent alleged rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Telangana on 27th December 2019. Police, amidst pressure, arrested 4 accused, who were remanded to 14 days judicial custody.

In a, straight out of Bollywood plot, they were taken to alleged crime site on 6th December by police, as investigation process (crime reconstruction) and for such important case which each section of society was following, the accused,  attacked police party with stones and sticks, snatched weapons and opened fire this police killed them in same encounter.

In parallel, we also see another crime reported from other parts of the country. Few of them were:

While the country wakes up selectively on crimes, with inclination only when the alleged victim is female and alleged perpetrator is male, NGO like Men Welfare Trust, are bound to raise some very important questions on the way we are growing as a feminist society:

Question 1: If encounter of accused (remember, they were not convicted by any court yet) is the way forward of criminal Justice system, why to have law at all? Because, the one with the gun in his hand have right to decide the accused is guilty or not? In the Name of Encounter, cold blooded murder of accused is not Heinous Crime?

Question 2: Four accused(arms less) aged 20-24 truck drivers, physical looks like Stick, obviously not treated best in the custody, police claim they attack highly secured, well trained  and heavily prepared with arms team had been attacked with stones/ sticks and get killed!! 2 allegedly snatch weapons but all 4 get killed? After killing them, more than 2-hrs waited to gather public in place, but no ambulance able to reach? Great now a days even movie makers also stopped to write such story.

Question3: Most alarming, should we close down the courts and process of law? How many of us are sure that indeed it was rape and was committed by those 4 only, when no medical evidence was collected? No court had till date seen the evidence to convict the accused.

Question 4: Why is the CP, Sajjanar, so trigger-happy, selectively against male gender? 2008, where he did same in an alleged acid attack case and now 2019. Do such officers deserve to continue in the police force, especially, Telangana police who boast of wearing, “Duty, Honor, Compassion”? Isn't any #FakeEncounter an #EncounterOfLaw, #EncounterOfHumanity, #EncounterOfConstitution?

Question 5: FOR ALL OF US, AS A SOCIETY, WHY IS OUR OUTRAGE AND DEMAND OF PUNISHMENT SO SELECTIVE AND BASED ONLY ON GENDER ONLY? It is so sad to see every petition from a woman criminal to any authority, always writing, “I am a woman”, as they know it works. The same police whose judgment we always question in simple traffic laws violation, we trusted their judgment in this case, WHY?

It is even more dangerous to witness following who had taken oath to protect our Constitution are violating at their will , then what is the difference of such people and Naxalites or Nazis ? When protector of Constitution became Violator of Constitution , as a common Man what option you have?
1.       President of India’s statement about not allowing appeal to POCSO convicts. This is when we know how mothers use POCSO against fathers commonly.
2.       Statement of MP, Mrs. Jaya Bachhan, advocating public Lynching as the solution for crime like this. Why should she not be removed from the Parliament for making statements asking people to take law in their own hands? Aren't people like her responsible for gruesome murder like that done during Dimapur Lynching in a false rape case (as per police report and like Telangana case, India must accept that police report as true as well).
3.       Constitutional bodies like Minister of Women and Child Development, proposing lesser jail term for same crime being done by women?
4.       Honble Speaker, Mr. Venkiah Naidu, of the house asking MPs to look into changing of rape laws when the same Parliament turns blind eye towards the majority of Fake Rape Cases or towards Men being victims of Rape?

India is not a crime free country, no country is. India is not the only country where such crimes happen but India is the one of very few countries, where men are not considered as victims of Rape, Cruelty by partner, Domestic Violence, responsible custodian of child, victim of sexual violence at home, deserving of getting maintenance and many such bias. THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL, PATRIARCHY.

Crime has no gender. Law and punishment must not have gender either. Last 14 years we keep reminding everyone to be #Misdary FREE those promoting and advocating always Unfair Law/Policy on the basis of gander, which is against natural Justice, but none understand such unfairness leads to more violence and hate, which we witness in recent Hyderabad Case also.

Just think when you give FREE license to Police in uniform to  Kill someone on assumption that he/she had done some crime , why not Police or your enemy will not use the weapon against you to Kill you too one day ?

Telengana Police not only Killed Four Truck Drivers who was accused of Rape/Murder, they killed whole criminal Justice foundation itself. Before enjoy ask yourself what is difference between you and Naxalites ?

#FakeEncounter : Dear Mentally retarded Men of this country, who enjoy Killing of four Truck Driver accused of Rape/Murder case without any court Trail, let me here also play the Women card for you, as if any Men try to explain u 20 times still never understand👇Listen care fully !