Friday, 26 October 2018

Men Welfare Trust and Save Family Foundation Activities Around the Year ...

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop #MeToo4Publicity

Unfair Law or Policy can't bring any Fairness in Society .There is No Law in India to Punish any Girls or Women who Rape, Molest Man, as the law is not Gender Neutral . So , when a Man try to say his assault , instead of consider him as Victim , he himself had been termed as Molester , Rapist. More than 35 country have gender neutral Work Place Harassment LAW , but in India its does not Protect Men or women when the assault done by Women. Result all Rapist Women are moving freely in India , as the same not crime for them in India.

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop abuse of Men and Demand Gender Neutral law. If Women do not do such crime , why they afraid for Gender neutral Law?

Friday, 12 October 2018


अमेरिका से चलकर भारत में तबाही मचाने आ गया है #Mee2 Virus

Sunday, 7 October 2018

तनुश्री दत्ता के 2008 के F.I.R का सच| Mumbai Tak

Friday, 5 October 2018

Annu Kapoor SLAMS Tanushree Dutta On Nana Patekar Controversy | ANGRY RE...

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

For #MenCommission in India Need to act before 2019 Election : #SpeakUpMan by Amit Lakhani

President of Men Well Fare Trust (MWT) - Mr. Amit Lakahani address the gathering at Jantar Mantar on 2nd Oct-2018 for the Road map and action plan to create #MenCommission in India .

#SpeakUpMan , when any Political party come to your door for your Vote , all Men must demand their 5 Points agenda and must Create importance of #MaleVote . More than 70 Years all Political party ignored the well fare of Men in this country, result men are getting help less and end their life which we termed as Suicide .

Stop Abuse of Men and Join hands to #SpeakUpMan Movement to create Men Commission In India.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Protest to 'Silence' atrocities on men - NEWS9

Full Interview: Hrithik Roshan On Kangana Ranuat | Nation Wants To Know ...

A must watch and Learn the Men done Basic Mistakes when any Women accuses You.
The most Important #SpeakUpMan before too late .

We gone through all such real story in SIF one Help Line : 8882498498.

Hope this will help many to learn , whoever you may be , who big you may me , when a Women put allegations on you , your life is not a normal life like others . So , you must talk to those who had gone through such cases . No advocate or Media person can help you , its your fight , you have to fight than surrender.

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know: 2008 Video!

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know , how we Indian men are stupid . Thanks to #MeToo gang .

#SpeakUpMan or next can be You too.

Now #MeToo gang will you believe this Journalist Men too like #TanushreeDutta ?

Very Interesting : #TanushreeDutta made so many Allegation against #NanaPatekar , #GansehAcharya, #VivekAgnihotri , #RajThackeray , #MNS , Indian Judiciary , but no allegation against Pankaj Bhardwaj ( he claim to be Media Camera Man of Sahara News) , who seen damaging her car .
Here evidence is there , but her silence about this incidence raise a Big Question mark or the act of Pankaj Bhardwaj is not to be termed as Crime or Harassment ? 
Seems some thing she is hiding which she does not want the real truth to come in Public domain ?

There must be Police complaint copy available on record  , why not all big Media House get that copy and tell to Public what was written there ?