Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Watch A Fake Story - JustMean presented by SIFAR

Light , camera , action and many Production houses brings you many stories . Some stories are true some are fake, but how you judge the same ?

But off the late whenever any story related to Men vs Women , our News media forget they have got the license to show the news , not to give Judgments , but who cares. Today you will hardly find any difference between a News channel vs any Sope-opera TV serial channel .

A Fake Story - JustMean presented by SIFAR Fight back team of Delhi.

One of such real incidence : You saw the truth , You know know the truth , still believe in #FakeStory ?

A normal argument on road between a wannabe girl JustMean & boy SabkiJeet framed up as molestation/eve teasing charges leading to arrest of boy. 

News anchor PornAb Go-Sue-Me aka god of sensationalize, en-caches the story to gain TRP for his channel. 

Poor boy termed as "PERVERT" and called names by entire nation without even hearing his part of story. 

In India as Per National Crime Bure report , every 8min one men had been send to Jail in the name of as molester or rapist on mere verbal allegations by a women or girls , but when case trail completed by Court found more than 72% cases the allegations are not true .

The unanswered question : Why Government make such unfair law , where a men can be jailed on mere verbal allegations in the name of Investigations by Police ? Investigate the case without arrest and if he founds guilty , hang him, but why destroy some one's life on mere allegations ? This is nothing but Legal Terrorism . Where is Constitutions article 21, which gives all Live and liberty ?  

But our News media Channel always prefer to show the allegation based News story, full day debates, make opinions, name calling , but will never show the cases where Court found the allegations not true.

A trivial disputes on road or office or in home, women/girls terming men as molester or rapist , that's the reality of today . Today terming a man or boy a rapist or molester much easier than ordering a PIZZA.

Next victim of such unfair laws can  be your brother , son, husband,  age old father or age old grand father  too.

The Pizza makers may refuse to take your order , but a Police officer can't refuse to register in-spite of knowing the case is fake , that's great law of India.



Monday, 28 September 2015

Vote for Your Party NOTA in upcoming Election !!

We have witness many trending hash Tag in twitter supported by many men as well as women,  like #StopMisuseofRapeLaw, #StopAbuseMen , #Scrap498A , #SaveMale , # StopMenSuicide , #StopElderAbuse , #MenAreHumantoo , #No2maintenance  etc , but none of the Political Party had given any Place in their manifesto as concern.

The safety, suffering , crime against men and their other family members had been ignored by all most every Political Party, as they know we men are not united for our own Constitution right, result we had been taken as granted.

Now , if you really want to stop such misuse of Law or necessary correction to be done in Law’s , there is no other option but to Join hands together and give a clear message to all Political party that we men & their family members are not Free Vote Bank any more.

One may love it or hate it , but fact is it's Political party elected MP/MLA only can change any Unfair laws, and all MP/MLA does any activity on the hope to get increase in their vote share  only .

Even 2 or 3% increase or decerese in their vote share makes huge difference in their number of seats won or lost.

One hand we witness some political Leaders out of country cry in the name of Mother, but does not provide any Protection such age old mothers when they get abused in their own home by Daughter-in-law.

Many political leaders talk about they want to remove the pain of women of this country, but got silent when we say , in this country every 6 min a mother or sister loss their own brother or son, does their pain is not considered as Pain of Women ?

In this Country every 8 min one women’s brother or son or husband had been termed as rapist or molester and subject to blackmailing or extortion via various Unfair Laws, does their pain is not a women’s pain?

Unfair Laws or policy can’t bring fairness in any society it only lead to hatred in Society and destroy the society harmony.  When Society harmony get destroyed , it only increase violence , crime , extortion and it’s common men and women pay the price , history witness.

So, we appeal to all, if any party members call you or visit your Home for seeking Your Vote, give this below list ( must Print) and ask them to include their stand in their party manifesto first, and then only you will review to whom you should vote instead of your own Party "NOTA".

Your Party : NOTA

Please let us know:

·         As per NCRB report the victims of Murder, accident, suicide of Men are 2 to 3 times than women. To address the crime against men and their day to day problem, do you agree to form a Men welfare ministry and Commission?

·         Do you agree to replace the word Men/Women to person in all anti-men laws like, rape, molestation, Work Place harassment, Domestic Violence act, crpc125? The above mentioned laws are poorly drafted and heavily biased against the husbands/men and their families leading to Legal Terrorism and subject to Legal extortion?

·          It was promised in Last Rajya Sabha Committee report, if arrest in most grossly abused IPC section like 498A does not get reduced, there is no option but to make 498A bailable . The NCRB data also shows there is no reduction of arrest even after crpc41A, so do you agree that such laws should be made bailable?

·         What steps will your party take to stop heavy misuse of “Gender Biased” laws and consider the same heinous crime and strong Punishment followed, as present IPC182 and crpc340 had totally failed to control massive misuse of law on innocent men.

·         Do you agree that the differences between husband and wife should be treated as a civil matter (and not Criminal) like all over developed country followed than creating multiple Laws in the name of seeking maintenance should be stopped?

·         Do you agree to scrap the present unfair laws, which allow multiple maintenance and criminal litigation against Husband in multiple courts, when constitution said a person can’t be punished twice for same offense?

·         Do you agree to form a single law with word “Spouse” by replacing the word Husband / wife  in all marriage related laws start from dowry to Alimony?

·         Why you support for giving maintenance to even educated, working, well bodied or adulterous wife, when they are not taking care any responsibility of Husband’s liabilities?

·          What will your party do to ensure that no arrest is made before Final Judgment/ Order in case of a complaint only with verbal allegations under various assumption based law that a women never lie?

·         What is your stand on equal rights on children’s (Shared Parenting) in case of separation of parents?

In case you do NOT receive any reply, tell them we will be forced to assume to that you too, like other Political parties consider Men as disposable gender. 

So, better to #Vote4NOTA your own party,  than voting to a party candidate, who does not consider men as human , who also victim of crime , Violence , sexual assault along with subject extortion and blackmailing via multiple #Fakecases  in home and workplaces . 

The day your party NOTA will attract more than 10 to 15% vote then see , all political party will be forced to consider Men are Human too and they need a welfare ministry or commission too to address their problems.The NOTA (none of the above) symbol, being used for the first time in Bihar, came about after the designers had taken feedback from villagers below the poverty line and semi-literate voters found that they, too, related the cross sign with rejection. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Training Seminar: Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant on 4th October,2015.

Save Family Foundation ( SFF) in association with Hydriya - A Nest of Family Harmony ( HNFS) supported by National Litigant Bench ( NLB) inviting all Men of Delhi / NCR who are victim of various false cases like :  498A , Domestic Violence,  Rape, Molestation and subject to extortion and blackmailing in the hand of Police as well as in Court in a unique Training program called " Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant".

Honorable Supreme Court in a Judgement caution to government if the misuse of law like 498A does not controlled it will  unleash Legal Terrorism .

Till date no effective corrective action had been taken by Government , where as along with 498A now IPC376, IPC377 , IPC354 ,CRPC125, Domestic Violence Act, also became another toll of extortion , which various court judgments brought to our notice.

Today if you are facing such Legal Terrorism , that's because your earlier brothers also prefer to surrender than fight back. So , what you want to fight back or also do the same mistakes what your earlier brothers had done ?

Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant

Date : 4th October ( Sunday) , 2015.
Time : 10AM to 4PM
Venue : Jawahar Lal Nehru Youth Center , Near Gandhi Peach Foundation, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg , New Delhi.
Help Line no : 8882-498-498

Register Now via Facebook Event Page . Maximum Seat 150 .

We had witness their earlier Training module like #Hope4Men for abused /distressed Men and Misandry for youth in College Campus , but this Training module is going to be something special as we witness from the question asked in the poster itself.

What do you think flows in our Body ?

Is it only Blood ? RBC? WBC?


It's Feminism , Anti-Men virus called Misandry !!!

None had been spared from this Misandry virus , let you be a politician , Police , Judge, Engineers, Doctors or common Men of India.

Result when a men reach to Court  for any Legal Case , subject to extortion , blackmailing and prefer to surrender in front of Legal Terrorist .

So, if you or your family or friends are a victim of false, fabricated cases and want to fight back , must join this  Training module .

There is a famous words by some army Commandos :

When you are suppose to die by a Bullet attack , learn to  take it at Chest than at Back .

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Happily Unmarried : A shop worth to Visit for Indian Men

On the eve of Somnath Bharti accused of Domestic Violence and attempt to murder case by his wife , seen the Delhi CM tweet of Arvind Kejriwal also seems find embarrassment , but never felt any embarrassment when Ms. Jasleen Kaur case came to our Knowledge . More than 92% pickpocket accused in Delhi Metro are women is not a embarrassment for Arvind Kejriwal .

It's not unknown the misandric mindset of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal , when we witness he even refused the Party tickets to some volunteers when their case of 498A is pending in court and such husabnd even secured bail without arrest from court . Somnath Bharti , well known of the fact , very soon he is going to be shown the back door, if he get arrested . He is trying to secure the arrest stay not on fear of his wife, it's necessary for him to save his place in Aam Admi Party ( AAP).

Somnath Bharti may had flighted against many people let it start from drug suppliers, Delhi Police but one think he forget when it comes to fight against wife or any women in legal case the same not like other cases. Here you had been assumed guilty on mere verbal allegations of your wife , let it be true or false .

Somnath had been visited many time Delhi Airport T3 , but I am sure , he had never Visited the Shop like many Indian men named : " Happily Unmarried " .

If he had been visited , had not been missed the left side Doormat placed : " Beware of The Wife " and was a worth to buy for him, as we understand their problem is going on since 2010.

So , instead of all the documented evidence he had in the form of SMS or call recording submit to Police or in Court , prefer to give to Media and Media are not allowed to run the same when it's against any women or wife .

Media are allowed to term any men pervert or any words on the basis of Verbal allegations by any women , but any electronic evidence against any women are not allowed to telecast, that's the law of this land.

When I saw Somnath Bharti in TV news at mid-night in-front of Delhi Police station after getting Arrest Stay and subsequent interviews in various TV Channels , I know he is in trouble .

He keep blaming every one start form BJP, Congress, Delhi police except his own wife and lost the merit of AB there itself , like maximum Husband do , use Josh than Hosh

Maximum men will keep blaming every one , except their own wife , like it's their wife a small child or a dumb wife and she don't know what she is doing .

Result the abuse, Domestic Violence , extortion, Blackmailing a Husband face in the hand of wife always get back foot as evidence .

They totally unaware why SC termed such cases as Legal Terrorism .There is no logic , there is no Natural Justice , it's a process where a Husband have to keep mum and have to act like a Punching Bag till you get the bail, you had no other option .

Now let see a common Husband mail today i had received in our SIF Group :  Wife threatens in front of Court to suicide with my child , please advice!!

My wife has tried to committed suicide with my daughter and than she has filed 498 and than DV complaint.

498 is still under investigation and DV is in hearing stage.

In DV she has been awarded 6000 maintenance including 2500 for my daughter. Now on last hearing she was requesting judge to request me to increase her maintenance on which judge denied and ask her to go to upper court. Then she started shouting on me and compared me with dog and cats and than she told that nothing is left for me and my daughter than suicide.

My lawyer wrote an affidavit stating her statement in Court but judge is denying to sign the same and he is behaving rude with us.

Now still 10 days when I asked for copy of affidavit judge is not signing the same.

Just for a moment imagine , the same act like threatening of Suicide to Judge done by a Husband in Court room , till now he had not been taken in custody ?

But as the same done by a wife , even the Judge also help less , seems Judge shab had already visited the doormat placed at Delhi Airport Shop "Happily UnMarried " show room.

We know Somnath Bharti not only a well known Advocate , but ex-law minister of Delhi or a fear less person,  but for common men it's time to wake up , when it comes to fight Legal Case against your wife or verses any women , first became a Punching bag

Time being forget the logic, truth , natural justice and come out from fear of Jail or fear of loss of your social reputation , because you are a victim of Legal Terrorism , not only an accused .

Friday, 18 September 2015

WCD propose Marriage Contract Law like Prenuptial ?

When I came to know from various news that present WCD minister working with a module in the name of marriage contract or popularly known in rest of the world as Prenuptial agreement, remind me in 2007 itself I send a mail about that to them, which was put in dustbin.

Prenuptials agreements have been finding their way into marital unions in India too, but there's a problem: Indian law does not recognise these pacts, rendering them useless. Now Maneka Gandhi's Ministry of Women and Child Development has initiated moves to change this.

It is outlining modalities for introducing prenuptial agreements into the existing legal system as an option for couples.

Now, my concern , hope this proposed law also should not be anti-men , like we witness they had done in earlier domestic violence act, work place harassment act, where the word person was replaced by women and spouse was replaced with husband. Hope this time also the same should not happen.

So, the question how it should be the proposed Marriage Contract Law of India and how it can be enforceable in India?

Prenuptial are enforceable guidelines, contrary to popular perceptions it is not only about financials but is much more.

Prenuptial agreement is more likely to stand up if it meets the following conditions:

1. The Agreement should be fair, and duly acknowledged.
2. The Agreement should have attorney certification from both parties as well.
3. The Agreement should have clause stating that if any provision of the agreement is
     invalidated, the rest of the agreement still remains in effect.
4. There should be listing attached showing each spouse's assets and liabilities.
5. The Agreement should have all the clauses of agreements arrived at between the
     prospective spouses.
6. The Agreement may also contain the necessary history of proposed alliance.
7. The Agreement should be reviewed by separate lawyers and duly certified by them.
8. The Agreement should be setting out each party's assets, debts, and property rights before the marriage, settling issues of division of property and of spousal support in the event of marriage breakdown.

That means, if the both party are genuine, transparent and do not have any pre-planned ill mind, will accept the same before marriage itself.

The Prenuptial Agreement cannot counter Section 498A IPC at all, but may reduce the damage
Caused by misuse of the law .

Some of those people, who refuse to see dangers and consequences of false 498A or Domestic Violence Act cases and brush aside the truth, thinking nothing is going to happen to them, may find this as cheap insurance policy like medical Insurance, which is not very popular in India.

It has got three Modules:   Entry Module, Operations Module, and Separation Module.

A. Entry Module:

Examples of preconditions: 

1.HIV tests
2.Horsoscopematching (Optional)
3.Proof of age
4.Passport copies, getting a passport
5.Proof of educations
6.Trial Period
7.Mode of calling of the marriage.
8. Expense sharing for preparation of marriage
9. Expense sharing or compensation in case of calling of the marriage
10.Gift register (setting limits)

B. Operations Module

   Example: How will the various items required for running marital will be bought
          1. Car (who buys or who rents)

 What percentage money will each put for common pool also called as marital pool.

How will the common pool be operated?

What happens if one person puts from their pool into marital pool is it to be treated as gift or a zero percent loan to the other spouse.

Example: if a husband becomes unemployed then the wife would put in some money is it to be treated as marital expense or loan to the marital pool) 

 Who gifts what to whom, setting the limit of yearly gift from close relative .Limits can be set on what can be maximum or minimum limits.

In case of financial despair acceptable sources to tap and the modalities.

2. Definition cruelty: You are setting certain expectations from your spouse here as all the Indian marriages act says mental cruelty depends in the conditions. This gives you a chance to clearly define these are a not acceptable and this are acceptable to some extent, also you can grade it to cruelty, violence and crime.

3. Household chores (cooking, cleaning etc)

4.Child planning (when, how many, where)

5. Define exception conditions (Example if the couple cannot conceive then adoption or surrogate or intravital ) 

6.Rules of staying away ( Transfer )

7.Rulesof abortion ( Either or both )

8. Rules of meeting parental obligations ( in-house, in complex etc )

C. Separation module

  • Define the alimony ( indexed on wholesale Price index, index on income , limiting alimony based on tax limits etc ).
  • Define the shared parenting responsibilities (residence, schooling, clothing, food. Mode of collection of the Childs needs).
  • Define the rules for division of marital property (Operation module defines how the marital property will be accrued).
  • Define residential rules for children.

 How to enforce such Marriage Contract or prenuptial agreement in India ?

Now as I had discussion to a smart retired judge (who doesn’t) want to   be known and asked him if a Prenuptial agreement was valid in the court of law .He smiled "why not "and said my opinion it could definitely be valid, if you follow certain procedures and amend the Present contract act along with a note in all Marriage related law the previous agreed Marriage contract to be considered as valid.

The way to do it is to file for declaration of marriage in the family courts under the "Special Marriage Act" along with your documents, witnesses and the deed of Prenuptial.

That would be treated as your engagement.

Take next date and solemnize in the family court in the next date.

Orders are passed and you are declared married.

With this document get the whole order registered in the Registrar office and you have married with an enforceable prenuptial in courts.

But he says such a prenuptial is very likely to be enforceable as the courts have married you by accepting the prenuptials.

A marital pool has to be defined regardless of assets.

The prenuptial agreement in India stand a very good chance of enforcement in India if the prenuptial is certified by the court easily and with open mind and this is possible in the "Special Marriage Act" where in the magistrate goes through all the documents and then declares the marriage based on those. 

Just Married !!

A magistrate can refuse the marriage in certain circumstances. eg: if one of the spouses is below the age of marriage the magistrate can dismiss your petition for declaration of marriage or if the magistrate feels the some clauses are unfair then also he can dismiss but once the magistrate has accepted the prenuptial agreement in India then for demanding money or anything beyond prenuptial agreement in India the onus is one other party to prove additional circumstances. 

Don’t think that prenuptial agreement in India are just two to three pages. Nothing can be far from the truth. A good prenuptial may go to 40 to 50 pages.

There is no grantee such contract give 100% success of your married life, but at least be honest , be transparent to your would be spouse , which you perceive to do at present verbally , it’s time to get documented.