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Following will happen if the PRESENT ANTI-MEN Bill is passed in its
current form:

1)      Men loose minimum 25 TO 50% monthly salary and the same will go to women employee if man refuses to give leave, promotion, and increment to a women employee.
2)      Any Women can file the case and sit at home and company have to pay her salary irrespective she is right or wrong.
3)      If the case is false, the same can’t be disclosed to any one even the same information will not be available through RTI also.
4)      Any outside women can visit your work place for meeting or promotion of their sales items like credit card/holiday trips and if you refuse to purchase the same they can file case against you for blackmailing.
5)      If you are a customer and you have any problem, you can’t question to company if the same attended by women, she can file a case against you and you have to pay her the money as compensation along with
criminal case.
6)      If any women harassed to other women or men, they can’t file any complaint against the women, only a women can file complaint against men.
7)      Company can’t ask resign from any Women employee, if her performance is not up to mark, she will file the complaint and will get salary without coming to office.
8)      Women NGO heads will get a Job in all Company irrespective of her qualification or integrity in the name of “Sexual Harassment Committee members”.

Injustice some where is direct thread of Justice every where. Stop this extortion/blackmailing Law in the name of WORKPLACE SEXUAL HARASSMENT BILL otherwise it will be misused like left/right and


1.      The word Men/women to be replaced by person or employee.
2.      No direct money should be given to the person who complaint, all fine should be go to some employee welfare fund.
3.      If found the same filed false/fabricated or to get some personnel benefit, the person should be fined or sacked. Presently it is may, the word may should change to Shall.
4.      The committee members should not be outsider, they should be the company HR/admin personnel.
5.      The offense to be cauterized to 5 levels and the fine or disciplinary action should be as per level of offense found in inquiry.
6.      If any person is not satisfied to inquiry committee finding, can approach the court, but no way the employer or inquiry committee member should be involved in the case.

Women and Child Development ministry's internal committee which is nothing more than a kangaroo court when to come to men's issues will conduct a survey if men are being harassed at the workplace.  Why are
they not using the Economic times and Synovate Survey. Economic times is India's premier business paper and Synovate is one of the worlds most credible research organization.

When the data is not in their favor then the Kangaroo courts at WCD prefer doing their own surveys.

As part of this very credible and extensive research 527 people queried in the survey across seven cities in the country -Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

Below are excerpts from the report to expose how often Males are sexually harassed.

a) Bangalore: - Half of who agreed that they have been sexually harassed at their workplace said they have been harassed by their female colleagues. Only 32% said that they were harassed by Male colleagues.

b) Hyderabad: - 29% of said they have been sexually harassed by their female bosses while 48% accused their male bosses.

c) Delhi: - Numbers are even, with 43% pointing a finger at their female colleagues and an equal number accusing their male colleagues of sexual harassment.

d) 38% of the respondents agreed that in today’s workplaces, even men are as vulnerable to sexual harassment as women. In Hyderabad and Mumbai, 55% of the respondents agreed to this point.

e) Many of the corporate and PSUs, ET spoke to, agree to this new trend and point out that many male employees do not come out in the open and file complaints because they feel they will not be believed, considering India’s social beliefs. They usually seek a transfer to get out of the situation or find a new job.

From the above facts of the report it can be concluded that Sexual Harassment of Males at Workplace in India is more than that of women since in most cases males do not even file complaints for the fear of Social ridicule.

Result the increasing rate of Suicide of working Men( refer crime bure data working men suicide vs working women suicide) and as there is no Men well fare ministry, WCD refuse to accept the hard reality that the work place harassment bill all over more than 44 country is Gender Neutral.

If LAW minister can't convince to WCD, there is no point to make such law at all , which will promote the misuse Left, right and center and workplace will became a gender war and extortion of money hub without
any work result the workplace harmony will be totally destroyed.

If women do not harasses men, why WCD afraid to make the same Gender Neutral? If women do not harasses the men they will not be Punished, very simple.

Workplace harassment is a crime and under no Constitution which any gives power to give any protection any specific gender/caste/religion to do the crime and not get punished. Stop misuse the Indian Constitution in the name of Positive discrimination.

If this law does not make gender Neutral, tomorrow WCD will demand, remove women from Murder Law, remove Women from Drink & drive law.

Will our LAW minister will agree to that also on the same logic of Positive discrimination theory?

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