Thursday, 25 December 2014

#NewYearParty ? Avoid/Boycott Club/Pub who gives free entry 2Girls but not Boys

On the eve of Marry Christmas and Happy New Years, a caution to all, specially those who keep finding Club/Pubs where the Girls have Free Entry.
Avoid/Boycott Club/Pub who gives free entry 2Girls but not Boys, such Place dangerous for Boys; you may even termed #Rapist #Molester by #FakeCases
Inform to all your near and dear ones, as various Gangs are working how to trap men and boys on the eve of New Year Festive season and do extortion of money by trapping them in #Fakecases of Molestation or Rape.
There are 100 of places, where you can enjoy having fun and they respect you as customers irrespective of your gender like Boys vs. girls or Men vs. women.

As per New Law if a women can term any Men a Molester or rapist without any medical evidence.

Mere on her Verbal allegations, you will be arrested and even after court trail found the same was #Fakecases hardly any Police officer or Judge will evoke CRPC340 or IPC 182.

Court concerned about misuse of new rape laws , the court said after the December 16 gang rape of a 23- year-old girl in a moving bus here, it lead to the creation of an atmosphere that "the mere statement of a lady that she has been raped came to be taken as gospel truth, the accused arrested and charge sheeted".

Even some women Judges of Court concerned about misuse ofnew rape laws . like Ms. Kamini Lau , found Complainant accused of being part of gang that files false rape cases.
Delhi court has expressed serious concerns regarding the misuse of the new laws to protect women from sexual harassment and has asked senior police officers to apply their minds before registering cases under the new provisions.

"There has to be some checklist and safeguards devised to prevent such an abuse of Special Legislation in favour of women," Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau observed in an order on 9 July granting bail to Narender Pal Kashyap, who has been accused of rape by a woman who is allegedly a member of a gang that has filed nine other similar cases.

"A detailed report with regard to other cases (as many as nine) has also been placed on record" Lau noted.
"There are serious concerns of this court regarding the manner in which repeated FIRs have been filed over the last two years, the majority of which relate to offences against women ... In case these repeated complaints/FIRs are on the basis of false grounds then the issue involved is relating to abuse of Special Laws relating to offences against women, which only dilutes the cause in genuine cases.

Kashyap was jailed last January, one day after an FIR was lodged against him. On 3 June 2014, Kashyap submitted a complaint to the Metropolitan Magistrate in Rohini alleging that the woman is a member of a gang that has filed 10 similar cases in the last two years.

"It is submitted that the aforesaid Ravinder Thakur is running an organised gang engaged in getting registered cases of rape or outraging of modesty of woman or attempt to kill or criminal intimidation etc. to serve the nefarious designs and purposes of his own and others," read the complaint. The complaint alleged that the gang had three female members and added that Thakur and Kashyap were involved in a property dispute.

The order noted that in the present case, a copy of the DNA report is on record, according to which "the profile generated from the exhibits of the prosecutor have been found to be dissimilar from the profile generated from the exhibits of the applicant/accused."

The unfair Law already made, there is no intention of Government to consider that #Fakecases is a Heinous Crime.

Any disputes between Women vs. Men, let the women is wrong still the men will be termed as #Molester or #Rapist till Proven Innocent.

Even after prove his innocence in Court , he will be always carry the trauma and a negative Character certificate for rest of the Life as a Potentional Rapist or Molester and many will prefer to keep safe distance to even give a Drive Job in their organizations.

So, are you ready to take that huge risk in your life on the eve of Festive Season?

Caution: Avoid/Boycott Club/Pub who gives free entry 2Girls but not Boys, such Place dangerous for Boys; you may even termed #Rapist #Molester by #FakeCases