Saturday, 29 September 2012

Does Media and LAW maker learnt any think from Latest Nisha Sharma Dowry Case?

As per Navbhrat Times A Dowry case today filed against Media Darling Ms. Nisha Sharma ( Link)

निशा शर्मा के खिलाफ दहेज उत्पीड़न का केस

3-Years Back some of my good Friends of INB7 was very angry on me ,
when I write this article:

Worst programme of Zindagi Line (IBN7) and Promotions of Yellow
Journalism in the name of dowry death.

More than 62000 married men end their life every year as per Crime Bure Report, does the
killing the Husbands to be termed in this country as “Social Service’?

More than 15000 unmarried women end their life, before marriage...why
the same not termed as dowry death?
Why only when a married women end their life , the same termed as
dowry death? Have you ever checked that?

With reference to your telecast on Sunday regarding the dowry givers
sitting in your programme and they have only verbal allegations, no
evidence from their end to justify their claim, we surprised, when as
per law the “Dowry giving is a offense” and when the person is
accepted they had “given the dowry” , means the crime had been proved
  beyond reasonable dought , why they have not send behind the bar?

How they are in your studio, instead of behind the bar?

Unable to understand, why your team failed to raise this valid
questions, when they done the crime, how many days they had been put
in jail?

Does a criminal who accept his crime to be given special treatment?

More than 15000 unmarried women also end their life every year as per
crime bure Report , but why we do not term the same dowry death and
send the girl’s parents behind the bar?

Why it should be blamed the husbands family , whenever the married
women end their life and term it is dowry death?

More than 70% cases it is the husbands family proved their innocence
and rest 30% punished as they have not preserved their evidence of
innocence or police destroyed their evidences , when they was in jail,
do you know that?

Now when the Judgement came after 9 years the News we find :

Rebel bride’s dowry charge junked

GREATER NOIDA: She hit the headlines nine years ago after calling off
her wedding in front of 200 guests, alleging the groom’s family had
demanded a massive dowry at the last minute. But on Wednesday, all the
fame and media adulation Nisha Sharma cornered in 2003 seemed
misplaced when a court here declared she had fabricated the dowry
charges to wriggle out of the nuptials.

Calling Sharma’s action pre-meditated, the chief judicial magistrate
at Gautam Budh Nagar district courts, Vipin Rai, acquitted all the
four accused in the case - the groom Munish Dalal, his mother Vidya
Dalal, his aunt Savitri Sharma, and Nisha’s former classmate Navneet

After examining the evidence produced in court, the CJM ruled that
Sharma was close to her classmate Navneet Rai and wished to marry him.
Her family had discussed the alliance with Rai’s family but it did not
work out. Sharma’s father then betrothed her to Dalal. The order says
Sharma was unhappy with the match and had set her heart on marrying
Navneet, so she cooked up the dowry story.

During investigation, Rai himself had testified against Sharma. Munish
Dalal had claimed at the time that Navneet met and told him about his
relationship with the woman.
So, today the question is Does media and Law maker learn any think
and ready to accept that “The verbal allegation of a women can’t be
taken as truth , as no one born in Raja Harish Chandra Family” and a
person is Innocent till Proven Guilty ?

Unfortunately the last two decades my experience is Negative as in last
2-days we witness to cover up their earlier wrong doing, now again
  theyhad started to telecast a lot of Anti-Husbands story by taking
one sided Story of wives and there is no mention of their Husbands
version or allegation.

Many more Manish Dala is created even today and News Bordcasters
keeping Blind eye on them. They do not show any Husbands suffering
story one sided, they want evidence, Judgment copy and also the wife
side version , but when wives give thier one sided version, media do
not even brother to take the Husbands side story and term thm criminal
and forget all women do not born in Raja Harish Chandra Family and a
Person is innocent till Proven Guilty.

Last 60 years more and more duplications of LAW made in the name of
dowry and still we are crying the same not stopped and increasing ,
the basic questions is are our government or NCW and IBN7 team ,
really want to stop this so called Dowry System?

If the Answer is “YES”, then the first step to be taken on: Section 8B
on Dowry Prohibition Officers.

· Any marriage involve with Dowry to be termed as illegal and void
marriage and special task force of Dowry Prohibition officers to be
appointed and start raid in marriage functions and all the Dowry
articles to be taken in custody and the fine to be imposed on both the
party and all the same should go to Government fund and the same will
be used for the real empower of women , like their educations/jobs and
make them self dependent , instead of treating the Husbands family as
Free ATM machine.

· Parents should give the equal rights to their boy and girls in their
assets/property/business share, instead of treating the Girls as a
burden and dispose off and then after marriage hide behind the word

We argue , give us this power for one year , we will prove it beyond
reasonable drought , what your NCW and their associated organizations
not able to achieve , we will achieve at faster process and will
eliminate the whole “Natanki” of so called Dowry system.

Who misused Dowry/ 498A/DVAct most?

· Wife want to teach a lesson to Husband’s family: 32.5%

· Wife want easy Divorce/Child Custody and fast money: 29.5%

· Wife who can’t adjust in Husband’s family.: 18.1%

· Wife having illegal relationship with other Man.: 10.8%

· Wife done marriage by hiding truth, like health, age, qualification
.etc: 8.2%

SFF members are committed and will continue their fight in the next
level to stop the Legal Terrorism of India where in the help of so
called women friendly LAWS misused to treat Indian men as Free ATM
machine to extorted the money/property and such gender biased laws
(498A/DV/CRPC125/Child custody) are responsible for creating a huge
father less child society in India and seek your kind support as a
Honest Citizen of India.


satish kumar said...

great analysis swarup daa. Sathya

hamed_ahmed said...

yes these things are one sided, firstly when the girls parentsreaches the court and police station they will see the boy only the criminal and they will not even try to know who is the real one, either this is a genuine case or fake case being filed against the husband, and they will start harrasing the boy and his family, instead of blindly taking the complaints and before filing the case , the authorities should also try to know the girls status, dont think that all the girls are innocent, so dont be one sided try to know the reality of the case.

Rahul Bisht said...

Indian is definitly is going to be Mahila Talibaan in the name of Women Empowerment.

Unknown said...

when these law makers will learn