Thursday, 17 September 2015

Indian Women, you want to be treated as special or equal?

Just have a Look of this Man: Lord Ganesha , his head was Cut when was Born, but today we all seek his blessing from Him . Where there is a will there is a way, be honest yourself first what you want .

Ask any women activist or Feminist of the world the question: you want to be treated equal or to be treated as special ?

100% percent you will get answer; they want to be treated equally.

But in reality what they demanded and got till date just have a list:

1.      Special income tax slabs for women
2.      Special city buses for women
3.      Special autos/cabs only for women
4.      Special central ministry for women ( State as well as in center)
5.      Special Women commission ( State as well as in center)
6.      Special reservation for women in  admissions and employment
7.      Special compulsory seat for women in corporate boards of private company
8.      Special multiple laws for women ( at present more than 40+)
9.      Special police stations for women
10.  Special  Mahila ( Women) court
11.  Special Exemption for women in Domestic Violence accused
12.  Special  Exemption for women in Rape Law as rape accused
13.  Special interest rate (loans/deposits) for women
14.  Special helpline for women
15.  Special wing for women in all political parties
16.  Special reservation in Local/Ward/ Panchayat Election
17.  Special Army Law for Women
18.  Special NGOs for women across the Nation
19.  Special reservation and seats in  railways (ladies quota)and buses
20.  Special women wing even in Naxalites / terrorists organizations.
21. Special  Exemption for women in Adultery Law as accused
22.  Still many are under their never ending demand list….( You may mention in my comment list )

May be our Next step only left to have a special currency for Women .(#SpCurrency4Women)

It makes me really wonder, why no women organizations object so many special treatments to them, when they seek to be treated as equal.

We do not have any problem you had been treated as Special, you enjoy all your special privilege, but please be truth full to us when you say, and you want to be treated as equal.

Coming Soon #SpCurrency4Women

Many time we had tried our best to tell everyone start from Media, women organizations , Political Members , in the dictionary there is a word called Person vs Men/women and Spouse vs Husband/wife.

When a Child born, Child does not know He or She. It’s your Law and policy teaches him or her to be termed as He or she.

The biggest myth he or she learn women don’t get equal treatment in India. Any problem or issue converted to women issue and problem let it be murder, accident, suicide or even not having electricity in your home, not having toilet or water supply in your home.

Women had been always thinks or start believe as Victim in spite NCRB data shows the victim of Murder , accident , suicide or illness as a Men in India at least 2 to 3 times more compared to women. Still we believe due to our Misandric mindset, it’s the women are always victim of all violence or crime, where is fact remains it’s not women, more men are victim of violence or heinous crime in our society.

When I tried to understand why such think happen from a well known child right activist, he explained, maximum men are very poor to represent lie and maximum women had mastery in it. History witness a women can lie and fool any men and never caught by men even in their whole life time also, where as if a men try to lie to women, he get caught in few seconds. So, men have no option but to prefer to stick with truth more specially in front of Women.

So, if you are not interested to be honest to others, at least be honest yourself and ask want to be treated as Special or want to be treated as equal ?

Equality comes when you yourself own both equal rights and responsibility as men own. Demanding equal rights but avoiding to take equal responsibility like men will never make you equal to men , be honest yourself.

God had given both men and women two leg, two hand and one brain , but as we grow it's men who take more responsibility as provider and protector, which you can also take and by default you will get all rights what a men have .

Those women really believe to be treated as equal , they got equal treatment , but those women believe to be treated as special they got special treatment and should not expect equal treatment .Men never asked for any special treatment , except the latest demand in West Bengal for “Pitribhuami “ train , a special Train for men, as you even refused to share two empty Coach with Men.

Would love to have your views which are listed Special treatment you Prefer to give up for equality or what are more special demand you have to get treated as Special.

History witness unfair, biased law or policy never brings fairness in any society.

WIsh You all Happy Ganesh Puja !!


ab said...

Women have been "MANipulating" men since the beginning of the creation. They just want them men dance to their tune. They want a life of luxury and comfort but do not want to work for it. So they demand these privileges as their right and yet want to be treated as equal. They know fully well that they are be-fooling men and are very skilled in it.

saurabh81111 said...

It is pathetic

Crusader said...

men are being victimised of biased laws. rightly said in this article!

ab said...

When it is question of money they want equality and when it is a question of hard work and duties, they want special privileged treatment.Women want to have all the laws against men, but against themselves, forget about law, they do not even want any restriction.
If they think they are so equal , let them make all the laws against women and no restriction against men