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My Two days at Men's Conference at Mumbai on 15th August

I have been attending the Save Indian Family Network Ngo’s National meet since 2009 when the first meet was held in Goa, followed by Shimla, Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur, Agra and this time at Mumbai.

Witness how the same had evolved over the years and growing how more and more NGo started working for men coming forward  and showing their concerns about distressed and abused men of India , which had been ignored by decades in spite men suicide is double than women, accident , murder , cancer , heart attack of men always outnumbered than women.

Every conference had given us 2 or 3 surprise insight along with our traditional Brain storms, concerns; idea sharing by various chapters, future threats etc and the Mumbai Conference also was not an exception.

  • Live Press Conference:

This time the conference was started with a real press conference as the same was requested by some media houses and radical feminist journalist groups and we take that challenge and faced their all anti-men questions. 

The press conference was not only for journalist , it provided many in sight to 180 activist from all over India , how to deal with journalist's Question related to off-topic, unrelated than real cause .

The press conference given opportunity to highlight some of our key success stories, concern, demands along with out of topic question , handling of journalist.

It was like a practical training Course for every activist, how to face press journalist. One need to have full knowledge of overall History of suffering of men and the same must be presented with backed up data, stories, logic along with your emotions.

Choice of words is the key while reply to uncomfortable question of Journalist like why few women join Men rights movement in spite we help them, when they call us  to help to their brother, son, friends, fathers or even Husband  get trapped in false cases like rape498a, work place harassment laws , etc.

There ate enough number of women associated with us to provide their helping hands to us when needed, but it’s you as men or women first have to recognize, harassment to other men is not funny or joke. They also deserve protection, support , as Men suicide is increasing year after year due to your own Misandric- male hater attitude.

It’s a movement and network for men NGO to bring in notice to common people of India how the suffering, abuse, Indian constitution article 21live & liberty, dignified life of a man had been denied via anti-men, unfair law & polices by Governments.  It’s about men’s right which is also human rights.

As an example:

Search in Google , more than 90% article written about amen’s issue are women Journalist.

Search in YouTube Video, electronic media anchors who sown some concern for men’s issue more than 70% are women anchors.

But more than 70% male anchors display their extreme Misandric-male haters mind set without any shame.

So it’s time to alpha Men to first wake up from Misandric mind set, than counting the head numbers of Women in Men’s conference.

It’s like if someone believe Earth is flat, you can’t change his/her perception as what he/she witness in bare eye the earth is flat only. One need to show him/her with evidence, logic, studies Earth is not Flat , it’s actually round , which you can’t see in your bare eye.

  • Summarized Video of Activity: Year 2014-2015:

The same followed by a wonder summarized impact-full one hour video of all Chapters /Groups/ NGOs activity in 2014 to 2015, which was crisp, interesting and very motivating for all to take forward the good works for next year’s also and reach new mile stones. 

Many views were the same should have been started before start Press conference than after leaving the journalist. But keeping in mind the valuable time of journalist the organizers prefer to not waste their time, as the same was to motivate to activist, who are going to work on field not the media Journalist.

  • Interview of Media Editors:

Two Media editors as Guest were interviewed by MRA to understand their perception & suggestions about the movement’s success and failures. Key concerns like why men’s suffering and their abuse does not get sufficient space in electronic and print media brought to their notice also.

It had been witness though the concern of men and their suffering had get some noticeable space in Print media compared to 10 years back, but the electronic media still one denial mode.

As per editors the allegations media are biased or anti-men may not be true, except few editors or Journalist sitting in a ladder in any specific organizations. The key of their reporting’s depend on viewer-ship and readership only.  The type of issue and stories they carries, which viewers or readers want to know.

It’s a fact we Indian men or women are victim of Misandric mind set , so we love to view or read a rape stories with more interest ( let it be false or true ) than a story like suffering of men like Gopal Shettey , who had spend 7 years in jail in a fake rape-cases.

It’s we love to shame and disclose the identity of a men on the mere allegations or FIR or Charge sheet , than shame or disclose the identity of a person after the final verdict who was wrong let the case false or true .

The final verdicts of any cases let it be true or false does not give any suspense to readers or viewers but a allegations or FIR or Charge sheet keep every viewers or readers under suspense , what will be the final outcome of the case which is not known to them .

So, it is expected in today’s competitive world, media will be interested to more on un-decided cases than decided court verdicts.

  • 76% men found not found guilty in rape cases, more than 90% men found not guilty in Dowry cases (498A), but such order/story does not give any fantasy to viewers as there is no suspense.

But when women make any allegations against men, such stories have more viewer-ship or readership, as there is suspense and thrill, fantasy available, result we see out of 100 stories 98 will be allegations based and hardly 1 or 2 will be final court verdict based.

Unfortunately in Final verdict of Court Men outnumbered women but men failed to outnumbered women on creating allegations based FIR or complaint and as viewers or readers want allegations based suspense, lead media to give more space to women’s allegations than court verdict based story.

  • Now the question comes is it fair to shame a person on mere allegations without court verdicts by disclosing the identity of accused? Is not our constitution says, a person is innocent till proven guilty?

As per editors our present law there is no restrictions on that, when the accused is men and its police disclose the identity of accused and lead to media trail. Along with that tooth less defamation and damage law of our country lead to such media trails and promote to term a person Guilty on mere allegations.

One of editor agreed and promise to support for urgent need of a law to protect the identify of accused also till the court final verdict comes and the necessary bill must be placed in parliament with all statistics and case studies.

The activist’s teams present total 10 Topics related to need of the movement, help line performance, suffering of men in India.

Every topic ended with feedback panel summaries the same and determines some key actionable strategy for all chapters and groups working for men well fare.

Resolution Passed:

  • The conference end with pass a resolution and maximum member’s agreed by massive voice vote.

The 7th SIF (Save Indian Family) National Meet, held in Mumbai, was attended by more than 175 activists from across the country representing 50 NGOs. It was two days of rigorous brainstorming session and the following resolutions were passed and signed by the representatives.

These resolutions are to be submitted to The Prime Minister of India for necessary future steps to be taken by the Government of India.

1.    India should have a “Commission for Men”.

2.    National Family Health Survey should include Domestic Violence on Men.

3.    Make Shared Parenting as per UN Convention of Child Rights.

4.    Effective counselling and helpline for distressed and abused men to reduce men’s suicide.

5.    Amendments of CrPC 340 and IPC 182 to punish misuse of laws as these present laws are ineffective.

6.    Protection of identity of accused person. Merely on an allegation, the identity of the accused should not be revealed to the media.

7.    In all gender biased laws, the terms ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ should be replaced by the term ‘Person’ and also the terms ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ should be replaced by the term ‘Spouse’.

8.    Government should have separate funds and create policies to rehabilitate survivors of false cases.

The conference end with proposal for SIF- 8th National Meet conference of Men right’s activist will be held in South regions on 15th Aug, 2016 and the organize team will be SIF-Hyderabad.

A group was started in 2005 from a small yahoo group called “Save Indian Family”, one may love it or hate it, but can’t be ignored any more . 


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