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Rape accused Gopal Shetye is Victim of Misandry- Women Never Lie.

Maharashtra: Man wants back 7 years of his life in jail ...



He Spent 7-Years In Prison For A Crime He Did Not Commit ...

On July 29, 2009 he was picked up by the police and charged of raping a 28-year old woman sleeping at the railway bridge of Ghatkopar station. Gopal pleaded not guilty, but all his pleas fell on deaf years. The police presented his case in Sewree court and within a span of ten months of the case hearing, he was awarded seven years imprisonment.

Soon after his conviction, Gopal appealed in the Bombay High court against the lower court's judgments. On June 10, 2015, the Bombay High Court acquitted him of all charges on the basis of inadequate evidence and several loopholes in the probe.

Even after the grave injustice that was meted out to him, Gopal didn't lose hope. He is on a hunger strike at Azad Maidan, Mumbai waiting to meet Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis so that he can present his case and get the policemen who framed him punished. 

Gopal, whose identity in the society is that of a rapist is not ready to live it. He wants to present his case to the CM and fight for justice. He hopes to one day bring his daughters out of the orphanage and give them a better life!

Give me Back my 7 years : Gopal Shetya , Fake Rape Accused 

We know everyone will now go behind the Police and blame that its police had framed him.  But the irony is, it is Supreme Court only made such precedents, that mere verbal statements of women to be considered as gospel truth in rape cases and the men to be convicted. 

In a number of cases SC had convicted men by mere verbal allegation only without any medical or DNA or any supportive evidence in cases. 


That’s how our judiciary and law makers work in our country. To convict a person court take 8 months but to decide his appeal application takes 6 years. 

No one will ask the role of the women who also part of this whole game. If this case had been any other country the women had been send in jail till now , but it is India and we are in #Misandric mind set , let punish the men first mere verbal allegations of a women, after years after years if at all he found not guilty , who cares ? Let him suffer.

It’s not only court; even media also termed many men a rapist on the mere allegation of rape without any evidence except the verbal allegations of women.

It’s not only Gopal Shetye , there are more than 76% cases in India a person had been put in jail months after months, years after years and denied bail on assumption a women never lie, a women never cheat.
Few days back it is court only said, a police can’t refuse to register a fake rape case, even though they know or have evidence, it is court to decide. 

Then how can you blame the Police alone for such manipulation? We have seen in number of cases many police officer had been blamed or sacked if they filed Final closer report in court ( FR) , because it is court had tell them to consider the verbal allegation of women as prim-faces evidence . 

It is  natural Police will prefer to file a charge-sheet as per women verbal allegations and put the ball in court rather  than taking the risk of file the closer reports in rape cases, is not that common sense said?

Today it is Gopal Shetye , tomorrow it can be any one of us victim  of such Misandric mind set , because such law and order had been passed by our elected representative and higher judiciary and none of them can be held accountable in India.

Any law or order passed on assumption a women never lie or a women never cheat is bound to get abused and not only police, everyone in the Justice system will be prefer to  take safer side than taking risk or brave step to file closer reports .

Our caution all gone in deaf years, where we had strongly recommended, you can’t arrest a person and term him rapist on mere verbal allegations. Time to SC and law makers take some corrective steps to establish our constitutions article 21 – Live and liberty in true sprite than abuse the constitutions 15(3) special privilege in the name of empower to women.

We know none can return the 7 –years of Gopal  Sathey like men in India , whatever loss he had faced had already gone and non-recoverable , but time to immediate attention need of our LAW makers as suggested by various HC  and organizations like SIF Network:

1.       There must be some re-rehabilitation scheme to Men to restart their life as fresh.

2.       A strong Punishment clause in Law itself like Lokpal act , so that Judge can take action against  to those who help or promoted or supported such fake and fabricated cases and spoiled life in beyond reasonable doughty, than hide under some use less provision like,  crpc340 or Ipc182.

3.       A person should not be arrest on mere verbal allegation, irrespective the LAW is bailable or Non-bailable.
4.       Any review or appeal must be disposed off within 30 days, as here you are not conducting any trail , you have to just review the order of lower court is right or wrong and for that 6 years can’t be a Justification at all.

5.       If court fails to give their final order on time, it is Judiciary’s failure and for that the punishment can’t be give to accused and keep the person behind the bar for month after month.

Why a common citizen of India have to pay the price of inefficiency of Judiciary to deliver the order on time?

Would love to see your views and suggestion in comment sections, are you ready to learn any lesson from such cases or prefer to be in #Misandric mind set.

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Satyameva Jayate said...

Judicary can't give the precious 6 years and price of the mental peace to Goel..

Indian judiciary has to wake up ..

Anonymous said...

Wake up Judiciary!

Punishing the innocent and torturing means judiciary goddess is dead.. and for that Indian law minister is responsible..

All the innocent people suffering due to imperfect laws goes to all the judiciary authorities personnel..

Chetan S said...

Not only this. The poor man got infected from TB during his custody.He lost his job, lost his family, lost his health and lost his social respect and dignity. Indian legal system is very pathetic and have no value for men. #HangDfalseAccuser

Partha Sadhukhan said...

Shame on us. We have given godess status to women

Anonymous said...

The root cause of these injustice is taking women word as holy. Women's word can be as good as a human and they do lie through their teeth. 98% false 498a cases are a live proof of that.

Laws must be made gender neutral and a false accuser should get the equal punishment as the offense she falsely filed for.

Anonymous said...

main reason is because we have lots of women empowerment but no character empowerment. and additionally most of men/women are sleeping, even if they see in front of their eyes some false case/incident on innocents they try to ignore or show support for wrong rather than asking for punishment to wrongdoer women, and this all helps to make gender biased laws which traps only innocents. Urgent need is to make laws gender neutral and or establish men ministry, and also must punish severely all those who is not only practicing wrong by filing false case but also punish all those whoever is supporting it

Anonymous said...

How can we progress as a nation when we don't even respect the rights of a hard-working, innocent family man ? We claim to be fastest growing economy but it's not worth anything when human rights are violated so blatantly. My heart goes out to Gopal, no amount of money can ever compensate the agony and losses he has suffered.

Finally the question that needs to be answered is, would our government wake up and do something about this? I highly doubt this as feminists have convinced them that ALL INDIAN MALES are born rapists and dowry seekers. God save our nation!!

rajbir singh1986 said...

Yes a girl never lies... But according to the court a boy's mother and sisters are not considered to be Girls or Women. They are guilty at being any female relatives to a boy.

kapil chopra said...

Mark my words...India is no country men and honest people.

Yajnavalkya Sinha said...

#NoCountryForMen #NoCountryForMales #NoCountryForGents #Male_tears

Abhishek Jain said...

Shame full condition for all of us just because of the misuse of the Indian Law. We should also be shame on that kind of women.