Thursday, 24 September 2015

Training Seminar: Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant on 4th October,2015.

Save Family Foundation ( SFF) in association with Hydriya - A Nest of Family Harmony ( HNFS) supported by National Litigant Bench ( NLB) inviting all Men of Delhi / NCR who are victim of various false cases like :  498A , Domestic Violence,  Rape, Molestation and subject to extortion and blackmailing in the hand of Police as well as in Court in a unique Training program called " Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant".

Honorable Supreme Court in a Judgement caution to government if the misuse of law like 498A does not controlled it will  unleash Legal Terrorism .

Till date no effective corrective action had been taken by Government , where as along with 498A now IPC376, IPC377 , IPC354 ,CRPC125, Domestic Violence Act, also became another toll of extortion , which various court judgments brought to our notice.

Today if you are facing such Legal Terrorism , that's because your earlier brothers also prefer to surrender than fight back. So , what you want to fight back or also do the same mistakes what your earlier brothers had done ?

Remove Misandry & To be a Smart Litigant

Date : 4th October ( Sunday) , 2015.
Time : 10AM to 4PM
Venue : Jawahar Lal Nehru Youth Center , Near Gandhi Peach Foundation, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg , New Delhi.
Help Line no : 8882-498-498

Register Now via Facebook Event Page . Maximum Seat 150 .

We had witness their earlier Training module like #Hope4Men for abused /distressed Men and Misandry for youth in College Campus , but this Training module is going to be something special as we witness from the question asked in the poster itself.

What do you think flows in our Body ?

Is it only Blood ? RBC? WBC?


It's Feminism , Anti-Men virus called Misandry !!!

None had been spared from this Misandry virus , let you be a politician , Police , Judge, Engineers, Doctors or common Men of India.

Result when a men reach to Court  for any Legal Case , subject to extortion , blackmailing and prefer to surrender in front of Legal Terrorist .

So, if you or your family or friends are a victim of false, fabricated cases and want to fight back , must join this  Training module .

There is a famous words by some army Commandos :

When you are suppose to die by a Bullet attack , learn to  take it at Chest than at Back .


Partha Tr said...

Highly recommended for the young generation of today who are being led blindly into self-destruction

ab said...

All the so called intellectuals and institution including the judiciary appear to have become slave of the slogan "women empowerment and liberation" and have lost the ability of independent and unbiased thinking and decision making. They all appear to be under the magic ark spell of feminists. They all have made the men to be bonded labour of the wife and children with no rights.

Geetasaini said...

The time has reached its peak of false implications Why are we talking about one gender only,why not for both boys and girls Both have the same dignity and modesty Then,why we keep ringing the bell for girls only The time is changed Time to talk about gender equality Everyone has to play a role in this awareness initiative by the media and the law makers and utmost important the power of WE the people.