Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Watch A Fake Story - JustMean presented by SIFAR

Light , camera , action and many Production houses brings you many stories . Some stories are true some are fake, but how you judge the same ?

But off the late whenever any story related to Men vs Women , our News media forget they have got the license to show the news , not to give Judgments , but who cares. Today you will hardly find any difference between a News channel vs any Sope-opera TV serial channel .

A Fake Story - JustMean presented by SIFAR Fight back team of Delhi.

One of such real incidence : You saw the truth , You know know the truth , still believe in #FakeStory ?

A normal argument on road between a wannabe girl JustMean & boy SabkiJeet framed up as molestation/eve teasing charges leading to arrest of boy. 

News anchor PornAb Go-Sue-Me aka god of sensationalize, en-caches the story to gain TRP for his channel. 

Poor boy termed as "PERVERT" and called names by entire nation without even hearing his part of story. 

In India as Per National Crime Bure report , every 8min one men had been send to Jail in the name of as molester or rapist on mere verbal allegations by a women or girls , but when case trail completed by Court found more than 72% cases the allegations are not true .

The unanswered question : Why Government make such unfair law , where a men can be jailed on mere verbal allegations in the name of Investigations by Police ? Investigate the case without arrest and if he founds guilty , hang him, but why destroy some one's life on mere allegations ? This is nothing but Legal Terrorism . Where is Constitutions article 21, which gives all Live and liberty ?  

But our News media Channel always prefer to show the allegation based News story, full day debates, make opinions, name calling , but will never show the cases where Court found the allegations not true.

A trivial disputes on road or office or in home, women/girls terming men as molester or rapist , that's the reality of today . Today terming a man or boy a rapist or molester much easier than ordering a PIZZA.

Next victim of such unfair laws can  be your brother , son, husband,  age old father or age old grand father  too.

The Pizza makers may refuse to take your order , but a Police officer can't refuse to register in-spite of knowing the case is fake , that's great law of India.



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