Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Happily Unmarried : A shop worth to Visit for Indian Men

On the eve of Somnath Bharti accused of Domestic Violence and attempt to murder case by his wife , seen the Delhi CM tweet of Arvind Kejriwal also seems find embarrassment , but never felt any embarrassment when Ms. Jasleen Kaur case came to our Knowledge . More than 92% pickpocket accused in Delhi Metro are women is not a embarrassment for Arvind Kejriwal .

It's not unknown the misandric mindset of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal , when we witness he even refused the Party tickets to some volunteers when their case of 498A is pending in court and such husabnd even secured bail without arrest from court . Somnath Bharti , well known of the fact , very soon he is going to be shown the back door, if he get arrested . He is trying to secure the arrest stay not on fear of his wife, it's necessary for him to save his place in Aam Admi Party ( AAP).

Somnath Bharti may had flighted against many people let it start from drug suppliers, Delhi Police but one think he forget when it comes to fight against wife or any women in legal case the same not like other cases. Here you had been assumed guilty on mere verbal allegations of your wife , let it be true or false .

Somnath had been visited many time Delhi Airport T3 , but I am sure , he had never Visited the Shop like many Indian men named : " Happily Unmarried " .

If he had been visited , had not been missed the left side Doormat placed : " Beware of The Wife " and was a worth to buy for him, as we understand their problem is going on since 2010.

So , instead of all the documented evidence he had in the form of SMS or call recording submit to Police or in Court , prefer to give to Media and Media are not allowed to run the same when it's against any women or wife .

Media are allowed to term any men pervert or any words on the basis of Verbal allegations by any women , but any electronic evidence against any women are not allowed to telecast, that's the law of this land.

When I saw Somnath Bharti in TV news at mid-night in-front of Delhi Police station after getting Arrest Stay and subsequent interviews in various TV Channels , I know he is in trouble .

He keep blaming every one start form BJP, Congress, Delhi police except his own wife and lost the merit of AB there itself , like maximum Husband do , use Josh than Hosh

Maximum men will keep blaming every one , except their own wife , like it's their wife a small child or a dumb wife and she don't know what she is doing .

Result the abuse, Domestic Violence , extortion, Blackmailing a Husband face in the hand of wife always get back foot as evidence .

They totally unaware why SC termed such cases as Legal Terrorism .There is no logic , there is no Natural Justice , it's a process where a Husband have to keep mum and have to act like a Punching Bag till you get the bail, you had no other option .

Now let see a common Husband mail today i had received in our SIF Group :  Wife threatens in front of Court to suicide with my child , please advice!!

My wife has tried to committed suicide with my daughter and than she has filed 498 and than DV complaint.

498 is still under investigation and DV is in hearing stage.

In DV she has been awarded 6000 maintenance including 2500 for my daughter. Now on last hearing she was requesting judge to request me to increase her maintenance on which judge denied and ask her to go to upper court. Then she started shouting on me and compared me with dog and cats and than she told that nothing is left for me and my daughter than suicide.

My lawyer wrote an affidavit stating her statement in Court but judge is denying to sign the same and he is behaving rude with us.

Now still 10 days when I asked for copy of affidavit judge is not signing the same.

Just for a moment imagine , the same act like threatening of Suicide to Judge done by a Husband in Court room , till now he had not been taken in custody ?

But as the same done by a wife , even the Judge also help less , seems Judge shab had already visited the doormat placed at Delhi Airport Shop "Happily UnMarried " show room.

We know Somnath Bharti not only a well known Advocate , but ex-law minister of Delhi or a fear less person,  but for common men it's time to wake up , when it comes to fight Legal Case against your wife or verses any women , first became a Punching bag

Time being forget the logic, truth , natural justice and come out from fear of Jail or fear of loss of your social reputation , because you are a victim of Legal Terrorism , not only an accused .

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SIF Jammu said...

India has to liberate itself from sexual taboos and stop marrying for sex. Or for that matter for "ghar sambhalna". Use a cook and cleaner (male) and GF (female) and be happy.

Jai Purusharth!