Monday 14 September 2015

Maneka Gandhi Hate Speech: Men are Root of Violence ?

As per various news reports Ms. Maneka Gandhi , present Women and Child Minister(WCD) and BJP MP, believes the root of all Violence is Men.

Earlier when Maneka Gandhi accused of hitting forest employee, she was Approached for comment, Ms. Maneka Gandhi told reporters outside Parliament: “I am not even answering things like this.”

Now just imagine if any Male Politicians claim that as per History and all Mythology proved beyond reasonable doubt: “The root of all Violence is Women”, what would have been reaction by all Electronic Media.

The real root of all Violence are not men or women , the real root cause of all Violence we witness due to such Hate Speech by Women like Maneka Gandhi only. Earlier Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel also get away when she termed poor boys as  Rejected Maal ( Product).

Thanks to Maneka Gandhi , since morning I got at least 72 request from various men and women , let burn the effigy of Maneka Gandhi at Jantar Mantar.

You had already converted lacks of peaceful men to violent men by your hate speech which we term promotion of Misandry in society.

My mother not like you Maneka Gandhi nor I am Varun Gandhi !

Unfortunately my mother never teach me to support or get provoked by any Hate speech in the name of gender, religion or caste , so asked them to ignore such rubbish comments the way we done earlier  also when we witness your Son's or Husband's provocative comments.

Because we know very well who will be the maximum Victim of such Violence advocated by women like you.

Just check the number of men gets murdered or victim of attempt to murder it’s 3 times more than women as per NCRB reports.
There are number of international study reports where it had been conducted with both genders , it had found women are not less root cause of  Domestic Violence . But you even refused to conduct a simple gender neutral Study , which was promised by earlier WCD ministers. You know very well the day any gender neutral study reports will come out , your false claim will be vanished like bubbles, so you prefer to avoid it repeatedly.

One of such YouTube below shows the Violence against men by Women, but the same never recornised by Indian Government in their Domestic Violence act.

Since 2001 the number of women charged with Murder and attempt of murder also increased whipping 10% to 40% as per NCRB reports, but you keep proposing laws how to protect the criminal or rapist women of India .

We know none of sensible Leaders of BJP including Narender Modi have courage to tell that to Ms. Maneka Gandhi that such comments is nothing but pure Hate speech and root cause of all violence.

Since the start of world, it’s the women always get away with their all abuse and hate speech against men. In 21st century, it became fashion abuse men, blame men for any problem let it be shortage of Electricity or lack of Toilets in your home or in school, you became famous in social media.

No one is ready to understand the fact and truth due to their Misandric mindset.

Yes, Madam you have proved us how a women Like Maneka Gandhi can create disharmony and violence in society the way Supernakah done in Ramayana. There is no shortage of Pooja Mishra or Indrani type women in 21st century.

But don’t think we all Indian men are like your Husband Sanjay Gandhi or your Son like Varun Gandhi, so prefer to put your rubbish comments in Dustbin only.

As I always said , the day women like Maneka Gandhi will learn to respect other women, forget about men, 90% violence and crime in the society will be vanished. Time to men wake up and not get triggered their instant Protector hormones in provocation of women , learn from History and mythology.

Root cause of Disharmony in society and violence is not men, its hate speech by women like Maneka Gandhi only.

After effect of Ms. Maneka Gandhi Hate Speech :

Gang of women tries to set excise constables on fire
  MEERUT: Just days after union women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi claimed all violence is male-generated, here is a gang of women, which on Wednesday attempted to set two women constables of the excise department on fire, to prove her wrong.

Men Generate Violence? -


Had A tough debate with at @AgendaonNDTV with @sunetrac , but Happy to Know that even many Young girls of IP Collage don't agree with @ManekagandhiBJP .

Crime Against Men by Violent Women You will never know the way even BJP Mp's like @ShainaNC failed to see,  as the same does not make a Breaking News in India, nor NCRB have any separate data collection for #CrimeAgainstMen


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Super article.

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Who was responsible for all the violence in Ram Ravan battle? Ram, Rava, Sita or Surpnakha? Who was responsible for the violence of Mahbaharata? Kaurava , Pandava or Draupadi?
Women instigate men to do violence so that they are not held responsible. Women are the root cause of all violence.