Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pooja Mishra - Light , Camera , Action : Men are Human too

Few days back when some one send me the What-apps CCTV footage of Ms. Pooja Mishra , first I prefer to ignore , thinking as some Publicity gimmick .

We have seen her in Bigboss -5 as well as in Police station about her many violent and abuse act , still I prefer to give her benefit of doubt as believe such reality show as a per-fix TRP driven drama .She also became an accused earlier by Pooja Bedi in 2012 in a defamation case .

CCTV footage shows, when she was trying to leave Hotel , but the Hotel Staff was stooping her as seems she had not completed the Clearance of Hotel bills as per Check Out terms and condition of Hotels - related to damaged items or property .

In return she break the men's mobile, slap her , beat them , along with sexually colored remark and threat to harm them. She also try to  accused the men , want to touch me , want to touch me , want to touch my bag ?

We have to wait and see the next move of Ms. Pooja Mishra , may be some molestation or a rape case will be filed against the Hotel , as earlier also she successfully able to make compliant of Rape and molestation case against two famous Hotel. She even successful to term another actress Husband also as molester .

In her case against Udaipur Hotel molestation case as per news report Police had filed Final report in court saying the allegations are not true .  

It does not matter , what reports police had filed in court as police had failed to invoke IPC182 against her,  She had successfully established herself as Victim of Molestation and rape in number of earlier incidence too, as there was no CCTV footage was available.

Then I realize , when I born neither of  my any family or any school/Collage subjects teach me such abusive words , still I know all the abusive words and their meaning .  Then from where I learns all those abusive words ?

Thanks to our Film and TV industries in the name entertainment  of Light , camera & action , today even a 6 year old child also know much more abusive words than me .

Few days back even perceived well cultured actress like Ms. Sonam Kapoor also teach us some innovative and dignified way, how one can abuse to others with sexually colored remarks.

I know many of you like me prefer to ignore such acts , either believe or thinking as Publicity Gimmick or TRP driven acts , but have you ever thought if the same type of act done by any men , what had been reaction in social media or Electronic media like Times Now ?

Not only he had been termed as Pervert guy , he had been booked under molestation or sexual abuse act IPC354 . Many high profile actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan  or Salman Khan had not been taken few seconds to tweet to express their concern , how our society forget to respect Women.

Many of them like Fharan Akthar , by birth misandric men even said , they had been ashamed to be an Indian men of India.

But when some girls or women abuse to men with  sexually colored  comments the same never considered as crime in India . None of them ever dare to term the same violation against a Men's dignity . On the other hand if any men reacted against such abuse with counter remark or a counter slap , all prefer to term the men as dis-respectful to women.

Few years back in a CNN-IBN debate show :

I asked to a great feminist senior advocate what is the difference between  a heated argument vs sexual abuse to women ?

Senior advocate : If you use any sexually colored words or gesture ( like even showing middle finger) in arguments , will be considered as Sexual harassment to women .

I asked :  Very good, but if a women use any sexually Colored remark against men , will it be considered as Sexual harassment to me ? Why India can't have gender neutral Workplace Harassment Act like more than 35+ Country have ?

Senior advocate : No. No .. Indian women never do such type of act with men .

Before I give her examples... the TV Anchor shut me , let concentrate on the issue at hand, we are discussing today a case where a women had been sexually harassed by men , the issue of Men getting harassed by women is not today's topic !!!

Hope to see some day : Men get harassed by Women too will be a Topic of discussion in some Electronic Media or in the world of Light , Camera and action , so that the same also can be considered as Crime against men.


Keep boasting the moral of abusive acts of  Pooja Mishra , Sonam Kapoor and forget Men are Human too and they also have right to protect their Dignity.

Once upon a Time I was a Big fan of Women like Pooja Mishra or Sonam Kapoor as bold, dynamic actress , but can't grantee for future , extremely sorry Brave-hearts .





Hussein Ali said...

True State of our Country .. in words we all are same but in reality the Right to Truth, Justice, Laws and also to Misuse all rests with only 1 specific Gender in our Country and certainly its not " Men ". Hail Empowerment !! For me to live, you must die ..Great Thought indeed !!

ab said...

It is quite an irony that indecent and abusive language is considered as the empowerment and liberation of woman and such women are seen as bold and beautiful. This in no way is liberation. Such acts should be condemned by everyone but the media and feminists project it otherwise.
Future of the society is totally bleak.