Tuesday, 9 October 2012

When a women rape a man it called Love as per LAW, Society and media..right?

When i read the News article in Times of India : When live-in turns sour, man becomes ‘rapist’: Times of India News.
CHENNAI: Instances of long-time companions turning against their boyfriends, and accusing them of rape, are on the rise. Affairs gone sour, break-ups and failed live-in relationships are being taken to police by women, who charge their ex-boyfriends with rape, police say, conceding that such complaints are being lodged more frequently than before.
"We do try to strike a compromise between the man and woman, who are mostly young, but we are left with no choice if a woman sticks to her stance," a senior police officer said.
Recent examples include an IT company boss who was slapped with rape charges by his former employee, one year after she quit the job. There was also the case of a hearingimpaired man who was booked for rape after he broke up with his long-time companion. She complained to the police that he deserted her after they had lived together virtually as man and wife.
Once an FIR is registered, the prospect of arrest gets real for the man in such cases. "An arrest can ruin his self-esteem , his business and public profile," said former special public prosecutor for human rights court V Kannadasan. "Of course police have no choice but to register a case, but arrest is entirely their discretion and it should be exercised most judiciously," he said, pointing out that a couple's intimacy for a prolonged period should be taken into account by police while probing such cases.
In the recent past, police have registered a case against controversial godman Nithyananda based on allegations made by an exdevotee . It is for the police to unearth the truth, given the fact she had claimed that the godman raped her 45 times. Another incident involves a private company boss, who was arrested on charges of rape. Interestingly, here too, the two complaints from as many ex-employees came more than a year after the alleged rape took place.
In a few of these cases, the alleged perpetrator of the crime and his victim may have shared an emotional or intimate relationship , thus blurring the line between sexual exploitation and a consensual affair.
The social context remains the fact that a large number of young professionals are increasingly living together or close to each other, say police. Sharing a roof or living-in as partners too is common in this age group, they say. But sometimes, such arrangements are brought to an end without mutual consent, leaving the couple bitter.
Treasurer of the Madras High Court Advocate Association T K S Sudha, admits that some women do lodge rape complaints with the motive of exacting revenge after a relationship sours. "The Supreme Court has approved live-in relationships to an extent, as it has held that the girl is entitled to claim maintenance from her live-in partner. But, to allege rape after being in such a relationship is taking the liberty too far. It is abuse,"
Hearing impaired man gets arrested on rape charges after partner accuses him of going back on his promise to marry her A rape case was registered against controversial godman Nithyananda after a devotee claimed that she was raped 45 times Managing director of a private firm was arrested after two rape cases were filed by ex-employees , a year after the incident.


Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code lays down six circumstances to qualify for a rape. Of this, three are about consent, two about 'misconception' , and one is about the statutory age limit Poilce invoke Section 417 of IPC along with Section 376 (punishment for rape) while a man is arrested for rape. Section 417 deals with punishment for cheating and it prescribes a maximum imprisonment of one year with or without fine IF THE ALLEGED RAPE CONTINUED FOR DAYS OR TOGETHER WEEKS OR , MONTHS AT MOST IT COULD BE A CASE OF CHEATING OR BREACH OF TRUST.
We had witness several cases where a women dump men and go to another men , does on that cases a MAN can cry he had been Raped? The answer is no , then why the same is reversed when a women cry for rape? If dumping your partner is crime, why the same is not crime for women?

The bottom line is :

When a women rape a man it called Love as per LAW, Society and media..right?

 Any small child also can say such law or act is not only unfair , it is a clear injustice to men and to be termed as Blackmailing and extortion by greedy women. When two adult person stay together as per their own wish and after some time the relationship breaks, how the same can be termed as Rape?

But LAW makers prefer to keep Blind eye and promote such injustice against men and if they do not stop such biased view and promote the extortion and legal terrorism in the name of Rape, the false and fabricated Rape cases will only increase and then one more law will be made or NCW/WCD will demand increase the punishment in Rape cases .

First convert every break up as Rape case , then increase the crime against women statistics and then demand another new law , increase the punishment , which our great law makers, Supreme court of India and media often failed to understand .
Consensual sex is not rape: Supreme Court , but Police/Lower court and media never ready to accept the same. and misuse the Rape LAW qs a whole sale free lincence in this country.
Recent Judgement of Delhi Sesson Court , terming that "A man having sex with a women on promise of Marriage and then refuse to be termed as rape" reported in Hindustan times.
This is total violation of Supreme court's earlier Gudie line, which neither the Judge or Hindustan time's Jurnalsit who had reported the News , seems aware:
New Delhi, August 29: A man having sex with a girl after obtaining her consent on the promise of a marriage does not necessarily constitute rape even if he retracts on his pledge, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Such retraction by the accused would amount to rape only if the consent was obtained by coercion or threat, a bench of Justices Arijit Pasayat and D K Jain said while upholding an appeal filed by the accused Pradeep Kumar. The apex court maintained that there was no straitjacket formula for determining whether consent given by the girl was voluntary or given under a misconception of fact as it has to be decided on the basis of the circumstances and surrounding factors which led to the alleged consensual sex.
"The court must consider the evidence before it and the surrounding circumstances before reaching a conclusion, because each case has its own peculiar facts which may have a bearing on the question whether the consent was voluntary or was given under a misconception of fact," the apex court observed.
Pradeep Kumar had filed the appeal against the orders of a sessions court and the Patna High Court which rejected his plea for discharge from a case filed against him by a girl who got him booked under IPC Sections 376 IPC (rape) and 406 (breach of trust) for "retracting" on his promise to marry her.
In his appeal before the apex court, the accused claimed that the victim had consensual sex with him and hence the charge of rape or breach of trust cannot be entertained.
( Refer the Supreme court Judgement Appeal (crl.) 1086 of 2007)

But Delhi season court had failed to consider why she had been in a sexual relationship before marriage, is it her birth right to term any Tom/Dick or harry a rapist, if the guy do not find she is suitable for his rest of the life?
When she is so concern about protection of virginity, why they go for sexual relationship before marriage?
If at all a Promise of Marriage made , maximum it can be termed as Cheating or Breach of trust, but how it became a Rape?
Further we witness a number of cases the girls( so called lovers) are dumping the boys also and do not marry after college, specially in those cases where the girls get better earning man in their life after ward to fulfill their dream of lavish lifestyle through marriage, so do those boys have any right in the law to file Rape case against their cheater Girls friends?
One hand as per Domestic Violence LAW, our LAW makers and all radical women activists already made live-in-relationship women had got all the legal rights ( even a one night relationship) , among the college we witness maximum young boys and girls are having per-marriage sex in the name of women and sexual liberation, strong avocation by WCD ministers that in the School itself we should teach sex education among the child to stop the AIDS, continuous provocation that do not marry a unknown man, first know each other form all the aspects, as marriage is a eye opener and love is blind.. etc, on the other hand terming some one a Rapist only on the basis that the guy had refused to marry a girl after consensual sex , how much justified , only our LAW makers can answer.
One hand a women will be raped by a gang of people and then will be killed and police/media will continue to search to find the real rapist years to years , on the other hand so called living greedy women will file false Rape cases , if they feel the man do not find suitable her for a real life partner due any reasons.

So , in this country as a women you have all the wholesale free lincence to term any man a "Rapist" , let you rape the him, that does not matter!!!!
When a women rape a man it called Love as per LAW, Society and media..right?
Wonder why Rape law should not be made Gender Equal, if we fell women do not rape the man and instead of hide behind a gender biased law , let the so called radical women forces come forward to prove that they do not rape the man.
Can they have such honesty or it is White lie to protect their own crime and refuse to accept the LAW commissions long back recommendations to make the Rape LAW Gender Equal.
We know if the rape law made gender equal , every year at least 5 times more women will be convected than man, as per present definition of Rape and if we have Judges like this , who think sex with the promise of marriage is Rape in this country.
Request all honest Media guys, Law makers and common citizen, wake up and make the law sensible, logical and gender neutral instead of any assumption that all women born in "Raja Harish Chandra family" and all men born in criminal family. 
Be ready tomorrow WCD/NCW will demand no punishment for women in murder case, drink and drive cases as the same crime done by few women, what a logic!!


Unknown said...

after reading times of india article no doubt that if woman making relationship with own her wish this is love... if man do same thing and after some time if love goes finish than it termed as rapist for the man....
according to this theory all man those are involved in sex either their girl friends or wifes are all rapist... mean india have 70% rapist male.....

Stop Abuse Men said...

Thats why i said they can term any tom/dick or harry a rapist and increse the crime against stastics...law makers and Sc is silent against such abuse of law and open extrotion/blackmailling.

Anonymous said...

India has the one of the highest reported cases of rapes, but least percentage. And with the least convictions!!


This from the UN.

India comes next to the US in reported cases of rapes, but rate is the lowest (1.8). So much hysteria as if whole nation has no other issue. Even the most violence prone areas in Africa the reported cases are less, but rates are high. Even in the US, where rape is reported much more, no such hysteria.

The case of Girl in Delhi is a genuine one, and it should be addressed. But with that now as if everyone is reporting to be raped! Newspaper pieces are filled up, phones are buzzing...money has to ripped from Daru, Bacardi, Drink ads, Cocktail promotions and of course women protection!!!

The news channels bring up these cases time and again. But Dr. Singhi (yes Dr....never ever CNN-IBN or TIMESNOW or NDTV fail to call them Doctor!!) is there for protection of women!! What a sham and shame?

Kamalesh said...

What a demonstration of foolish Panel. Do they not have son's in their families? Will these laws protect them from injustice? This is majorly impact the middle class men who do not have any money to bribe or use influence to express the TRUTH. I feel ashamed to be born in India as a boy. What a crap have these people in power made our nation.

Lex said...

There is a growing men's right movement exposing feminism.Please visit this website to understand more


Anonymous said...

a time will come when women will marry a rich man and then threaten him with divorce and take a lover ..so money from husband and love form lover ...this
is where our country is heading

Unknown said...

Hi Swaup - i am also a vicitim of this legal terrorism and fighting my way to get justice. Please contact me I would like to talk have a short discussion with you.

Anonymous said...

I was in love since 4year with girl, we are sincere and honest in our relation, and we did not proceed for mistkes in our relation like doing sex befr marage and roaming in d parks etc, we alwys belive in our parents, and she promised me that she convince her parents at even time nd promised to marry me, but today there parents are not accpeting our love,since we r sincere and honest,as she promised she did not convince her parents and ready to get engage with someone, now she totaly suportive to therr parents, i gone mad and i attempted for sucide, i lov more than anythg nd she love me but i dont know why today she changed, i cant live without her anymore, if she really cheat me than im ready file case on her, i hav a evidance like calls and chatings etc, so i reqest you to help under which i can file case on her???

Anonymous said...

i am really thank full to all the people who really think about mans ,,, i just want to pass the massage that every man is not cruel ,,, and every women is not facing cruelty ,, why the innocent mans faces the same problem ,,,
I request all the big politician ,,, all big names ,,, pls pls pls think about innocent mans ,,, please make the law which is equal to all mans and woman's ,,, please save mans

Anonymous said...

Indian law se accha taliban law hai... jhoote ke dalane wali Mahila ko jail pe aarakshan dena chahiye...

Anonymous said...

Ek Ladaki se meri shadi fix ho gayi thi..

Jab pata chala ki usaka dusare ladako ke sath affair hai to usake parents ne shadi karane ka dabav dalane ke liye Rape Case dala hai..

Unhe laga ki court me shadi karake matter settlement ho jayega.. Mere pass usaka phone hai jisame usake affair ke proof hai..

Case dalake 1 saal aur 8 mahine ho gaye hai.. abhi tak case court me stand nahi hua.. Court se case clear hone ke bad kya mujhe mera Time, Piase aur Izzat mil payegi????

Aise jhoote case dalane wali ladaki saja milegi???

Anonymous said...

Abe bevkuf Case file karake kya sabit karega... Shukar man ke usake parents ya usane tuje case dalake nahi fasaya..

tere upar koi ladaki ya gharwalo ne case dala na to tera love ka bhoot chala jayega...

Anonymous said...

This lines dedicate to Indian Kanoon & so called Abala Nari

"Incident with consent..
Pleasure cent per cent..
Too late the complaint..
What to do with the plaint.. "

Your faithfully,
Mr. 376

Anonymous said...

Mai bhi ek victim hu. Mai ek ladki say payar karta tha. Humari relation ship puray 2 saal chali relation ship k doran uske kuch ladko k saat conction bhi thay. Vo humysa jhut bolti rahti thi. Uske baad usney kaha marige k liyai apney parents say baat karo mane baat ki unhoney yai kha ki 2 saal ruk jao some financial problems ki vajaha say or us ladki ney saaf mana kar diya uske baad usney Kaha mai kisi or say sadi kar layti hu. Jisay maray parents ney rista kar rakha hai or ab after marriage mai divorce laykar augi par jab uski marriage ho gyi tab vo bilkul basal gayai or kahnaey lagi tu ja Tara rasta or hai Mara rasta dusra hai too sir muje kya karna chahiyai ab muje batayi

Unknown said...

one girl after love marriage rape case against me now wath can i do plzzzz rply

Stop Abuse Men said...

This is self supported group. U may call 08882498498 or join yahoogroup weekly meetings details available in www.savefamily.in

hitendra said...

Same case happened with me brother its take 2 n half year and I spend 1yr In jail