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Indian Husbands End thier life:It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man ?

“She and her parents asked me to furnish Rs 10 lakh as early as possible. But at that time, I was not in a position to produce the sum. Since I was attached to my son, they prevented me from meeting my son. My wife then made false allegations against me and filed a complaint in the police station under section 498 A. The police without trying to ascertain the truth took me away to the police station. On that day, I died literally. Ever since then I was dying day in and day out for two reasons. One, I was kept away from my son and two; I was harassed by my wife. I was suffering both mentally and physically. It became routine for me to beg for my son. But no one understood me. Finally, I fell at her feet and begged to see my son. But to no avail. I then approached the courts. But they quite simply dragged the case. Everything was mechanical there." - this may be one of a Indian Husband's own confession before end his life had been recorded in his own mobile , the unanswered questions .
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No. this Video will never be a Breaking News in India as it is from a Man and that also from a Husband!!!

The Husband Killers will move freely in the Society they way more than 56000 husband killers/year are moving freely in this country and every day the same are increasing.
Where as we all can witness the Breaking News in Indian Television as Ms. Fizza tried Suicide or any Women suicide in Mumbai Five Star Hotel also and media trial convert all the cases as Dowry death or Dowry Harassment case without Single evidence, except the Verbal allegations.
Not only on the one hand, the judges/media/society/LAW makers sympathize about only a small verbal allegation "violence against women", make cooked up study reports , on the other hand women's organizations earned a huge money by making each and every "Domestic Dispute" to a Violence or dowry death story and fooled the Judges/media/LAW makers in the very temple of justice itself, but every year more than 56000 married man ending their life , which is 10 times more than terrorist killed in this country , but no one feels the same should be make a concern for this country. 

Seems killing the Husbands to be termed as Social Service in this country and creating a Father less child society is the only solution to reduce all the violence and crime in the society.
In this country a person have right to meet his child even after convicted in Terrorist law, murder law, rape law, but a Husbands do not have any right to meet his child, if his wife do not agree and all the Judges do not forget to treat them as Free ATM machine in the name of child maintenance, but miserably failed to ensure the husband at least get some visiting right of child.
That is the Great LAW of this country and our Judges and LAW makers along with maximum Media Houses believe, Indian wives are 'abala nari" and all born in Raja Harish Chandra Family (never lie) and all the Husbands born in Criminal family.

  •     Do you know who had given the whole sale free licensees to your wife to refuse to visit your own child once in a week at least? – Congress.
  •   Do you know who had given whole sale free License to your wife to beat, abuse, refuse food to your child and you can’t even ask her a single question, as it will be termed as verbal abuse? – Congress.
  •    Do you know if your wife demand 1000 rupees for her kitty party and you give 800, it is a crime by you as per law and who made such law? – Congress.
We asked to all Law makers and even honorable Judges of Supreme court , who one hand they describe the misuse of LAW as "Unleashing of Legal Terrorism" and government should take the necessary step to stop that , but they themselves silently enjoy the suffering of Indian Husbands and failed to make any corrective action or asked a small question to the LAW makers, why more and more duplication of LAW made in this country and violated the Indian Constitutions article 14, 21 and misused the special provision of article 15 by all Political party, specially congress in the name of Caste, religion, weaker sex , women etc but forget  everyone is equal in front of law and a person is innocent till proven guilty, but it does not apply when a wife complain against Husband , the moment a wife will complain, the husband to be treated as Free ATM machine, let the allegations is false or true.

Honorable Supreme court of India along with all LAW makers , still not able to answer : Is the Pain of a Mother or Sister is less or Nil , when they lose their son or brother?

If not then why a wife should not be punished, when the evidence are beyond reasonable doubt the husband end his life due to harassment by wife?

We wonder Whose life is in More Danger in India: Men or Women?

Will Our LAW Maker change the LAW 304B (dowry death) to 304C (Sowry Death) and 498A (harassment to wife) to 498B (Sowry harassment by wife)?

In case when a wife end his life, irrespective of any reason , the husband and all his mother/sisters put behind the bar immediately , but when a Husband end their life, inspite of having the evidence , no one cares or media also do not find the same as news , forget about any Breaking News. We even witness the husbands and all his family members send behind the bar , even when the wife's family falsely claimed the wife is dead, where as the truth is the wife is alive and happily enjoying her life with another man.

Whereas , we have witness in this country , a women sleep with her boyfriend in Mumbai five star Hotel (few month back a Air Hostage women's suicide case) and the moment she suicide , all the News Channel claim the wife had been killed (where as the husband stay in Delhi) and it is to be termed as Dowry Death... wonder , where every suicide of a wife had converted to Dowry death and made more and more laws (as on date more than 6 laws to harass and treat the husbands family as Free ATM machine available in this country).

It is evident, more than 90% Indian Husband totally ignorant about the danger they are in and relax, till the time they hit by those dangerous weapon of Legal Terrorism in the form of one sided law like 498a/DV Act/Crpc125/child custody/adultery/maintenance.

This is called the present Justice system in India and equal right in India, made by congress Government.  

For a wife even adultery also is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life), but for a man even an allegation of “Name-calling” is crime and not only the man, his mother/sister/age-old father also can be put behind the bar under 498A or DV act.

From the court record it is evident, maximum wives who are well educated, working and healthy to earn themselves rush to the court and want money from the husband, but do not forget to file another criminal case (like 498A DV act), mentioning that their husband ill-treat them for money, but they themselves openly demanding money as a legal extortion and blackmailing in front of Police/Media/Court and that is not a crime in India.  Further to note, if a wife earns the money and husband due to some any reason not able to earn the money, even if he is ill or any other condition, he is not eligible for any maintenance from the working women, irrespective he had earned lacks of rupees and given to his wife earlier. 

So the question arises: Is Indian Husband is a Free ATM Machine for Indian wives?
As per Congress Government the answer is:  Yes, result make more and more duplications of LAW and policy , by violating the basic principal of Justice System and forget every person is equal in front of LAW and a person is innocent till he/she proven to be guilty.

We had repeatedly requested and given all the examples suffering of Indian husbands and demanded all Gender Biased LAW  should immediately to be made crime based instead of any assumption that all women never lie and all the men born as Criminal. "MEN/WOMEN" word to be replaced by word "PER SON" and word wife/husband to be replaced with the word "SPOUSE".

But it all goes in deaf ears of Congress Government.

So, dear Indian Husbands and their family members , you have a great option in your hand , vote for congress and ensure more and more suffering of Indian Husbands , as they all born in criminal family and all Husband killers to be awarded by " Bharat Ratna: , as not only congress all other political party also should  consider increasing the suffering of Husbands and their family members termed in this country as Social service and Indian Husbands and their family members can’t ensure their defeat or reduce their vote share, so make more and more anti-husband, anti-family, anti-child and anti-men biased and lopsided law in this country.

History witness , a Terrorist activity can't give any freedom to any one, it kills only innocent , the same is evidence in India also , in the name of Protection to wife/women or reduce the Domestic violence against women, our LAW Makers made more and more duplications of law, killed the basic foundation of Criminal Justice System and "Unlash open Legal Terrorism", which only kills the innocent and the real objective and freedom still far away and can never be achieved and cry will be continue, Indian women are suffering and need more and more anti-men, anti-family and anti-child law and some are under way in the name of Sexual Harassment law, Child abuse law, every where the basic principal will be do the extortion of money/property from a man and the same will not be termed as crime, as all the women born in this country in Raja Harish Chandra Family ( Never Lie)!!!!!!!!

'It Was A Crime That I Was Born As Man'?
Indian Husbands End their life: (Click for Video live evidence of a Indian Husband ).

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