Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why Indian Men like Suresh Kumar prefer Overseas citizenship than India?

I have not at all surprised when read news like :  61,000Indian Millionaires Shifted Overseas in Last 14 Years, many reason had not been even listed in the report.  

New Delhi: India has seen the second-biggest outflow of high net worth individuals – those with at least $1 million in addition to their primary homes – in the last 14 years, with as many as 61,000 such millionaires migrating overseas on account of security, children’s education or taxes, says a report.

Some 61,000 rich Indians changed domicile between 2000 to 2014 – second only to China, which saw an outflow of 91,000 ultra-rich persons in the same period, the report said.

“Indian HNWIs tend to move to the U.A.E., the U.K., the U.S. and Australia,” the report said, adding that Chinese HNWIs mainly moved to the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.K.
Overall, the U.K. saw the biggest inflow of HNWIs from abroad, with the figure standing at 125,000 over the past 14 years. The U.K. was followed by the U.S. and Singapore.

Inflows into the U.S. predominantly came from China while nationals of the U.K., India and Russia made up a sizeable chunk. Most migration to Singapore came from China, India and Indonesia.

Other countries that saw significant HNWI outflows include France (42,000), Italy (23,000), Russia (20,000), Indonesia (12,000), South Africa (8,000) and Egypt (7,000).

The main reason which above report failed to bring to our notice that our Government, Judiciary, media failed to respect Indian Constitutions article 21 – Live and liberty to Indian Men since 1980 onwards.

Few months back an immigration Consultant came to my office, he left India about 30 years back, but came back for some study about condition of Indian living standard vs rest of the world for a research work.
He asked me, if he gives a choice to 100 Indian men to choose, where they will prefer to stay in India or in UK or Hong Kong or Singapore?

  • I asked him back: What type of Job you will offer them?

He replied: I am not discussing about the type of Job, just think for a moment, there will no visa or passport required going to UK or Hong Kong or Singapore. You can just sell off every think you have in Delhi and go there and start living as a citizen of that country, what they will prefer?

  • I replied with smile, I don’t know about others , but if we asked in our SIF Network , 99.99% will say they will prefer to leave this country , the reason is not to get better job or comfort of life , it’s because India is the world largest Hub of Legal Terrorism against men.

Now I understand why so many guys in India are victim of immigration frauds or human trafficking, as we witness number of such Fraud company’s able to establish huge offices even in Nehru Place or Connaught place area also.

Suresh Kumar, one of my friend who ranked 26th in IIT and followed by management degree from IIM Ahmadabad , proud son of a TOP IAS officer , when gone to UK for a assignment , had never came back to India and today proudly living there as UK citizen.

Last week he came to India and we were re- counting our old day’s hostel lives, I asked him why he prefers to accept citizenship of UK? The amount of money he earned, if prefer to stay in India; his next 3 generation can live a comfortable elite class life without even doing any job.

My one single questioned answered by so many unanswered questions, lead many highly tax paid guy like Suresh Kumar to dump Indian citizenship.

  • A country , where we witness many women activist like Indra Jai Singh and her supports fighting for mercy petition on behalf of convicted Terrorist like Yakub Abdul Razak Memon , some of them even awarded  Padma Shree or Padma Bhushan also by government, but they refuse to provide any support to innocent men like Gopal Shatey , whose 7 years life had been destroyed by fake Rape cases.

  • A country , where neither media or law makers or judiciary recognize that filling fake, false, fabricated criminal cases on men by women as a heinous crime, but more than 15 seconds staring towards to any girls or women as heinous crime by boys and such boys deserve to be put in jail via non-bailable stalking or molestation laws.

  • A country, the word Husband tag itself deserve to be most hatred community, as they perceived worse than any hard core Terrorist or criminal. A husband can’t be victim of any Domestic Violence, in-spite NCRB data shows more than 60,000 married men suicide vs 27,000 married women suicide.

  • A country, where any women or girls suicide, her Boyfriend or Husband to be put in jail, but if any Boyfriend or husband suicide, none will question to their wives or girls friends.

  • A country where if Boy friend refuse to marry to girl friend, it is termed as rape, but if girl friend refuse to marry to boy friend, it’s her choice.

  • A country believes in ideology, a man must be provider and protector to women and child for rest of the life and die one day as donkey in old age. He had all responsibility, but no rights; even he can be thrown out from his own hard earned purchased home in the name of Domestic Violence by his living partner.

  • A country strongly believe the burden of providing food, shelter , safety to women and child is the responsibility of every Indian men , but in return what they get ? Abuse, daily humiliation at home or in office, loss of dignity, social reputation by awarding  tag like 100% Indian men are potential rapist or molesters.

  • A country where even Women and Child Ministry found, more than 90% NGO seeking fund in the name of women welfare, education, health care, are fake.

  • A country if any Men boss refuse to give promotion to female employee or ask resignation for non-performance , its termed sexual harassment, but if any male employee forced to work by female boss to works 12 to 14 hours every day the same is not even work place harassment.

  • A country where the LAW and policy made in government as per agenda by such handful women activist’s , media tune to dance as per their whims or fancy and we Misandric people of India feel self proud by supporting them in social media.

  • A country who give whole sale free license to term any men a rapist ormolester, by mere verbal allegations and keep in jail years after years, but no rehabilitations when such men proved their innocence in court.

  • A country that refuses to follow the natural justice that a crime does not have any gender and keep refusing the make gender neutral Work place harassment law or rape law. The Law makers and Supreme Court of India keep reminding us women never lie or cheat by their various anti-men judgements and policy.

Start form Income Tax to alimony law, rape law, dowry law, work place harassment law, marriage law, Divorce law, always men have to pay high price if he earn well. But, for any reason he failed to maintain the same standard in old age, no social security or support provided to him. 

Think before some one terming rapist

After 7 to 10 years court fight when they proved innocence in the court itself, still such men do not find a basic living means in India , as we refuse to give back their lost dignity or any support system to lead some basic human  life.

The more you earn, the more you get success the more trouble you are going to face and your risk increases as there are long list of  unfair, biased , anti-men laws made, whose basic motive start from how to grab money/property from men and end with grab their hard earned money or property via Legal Terrorism.

Poor men may not have option to dump India as they have to continue to be victim of your vote bank politics, but high tax payers seems not going to forgive Indian Government. Governments failure to stop fake cases and abuse of men, they prefer to dump such Country which is becoming world’s Hub of legal terrorism.

It’s time to our Government wake up and review all their policy and unfair laws , if you can’t provide respectable job, education, medical health care to Indian men , at least don’t promote blackmailing or extortion via Legal Terrorism.

Respect Indian constitution 21: Right to live and liberty than promote extortion and blackmailing of Indian men to grab their own hard earned money/property by abuse the special provision of 15(3) or be ready to witness many Suresh Kumar of India.


Vämp!rë said...

Very true. The only developing country where there is no gender equality even though everyone talks about it. It seems nowadays India is FEMALE DOMINATED SOCIETY (or better say COUNTRY)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree. 498a cases in our family has motivated many of my cousins to leave India..not for money, not for job or not for freedom to visit other countries without visa but to save their future and breathe in air of freedom.

Only in our extended family we had 2 fake cases of 1 case wife was caught red-handed with his boyfriend in bed by other case girl was forced to marry. Both filed 498a to hide their deeds.

One of my relative had to marry his ex-girlfriend after she filed rape case for "conseunsual sex" on pretext of marriage. Yes, in India consensual sex can also become rape if you dont marry your girlfriend. WTF!!?

Navdeep Sharma said...

Very well written n worsed conditions of men in exposed.

ab said...

very true! Laws are made for she-draculas to feed on males. A suicide by husband can make you eligible for rajya sabha seat even!!!

prajeesh nair said...

A very nice and meaningful blog

Abhi kam said...

Well said friend,we born in a country where women consider as a Durga(Goddess) or men as a mahishasur(Demon). even she discard her maryada(limits)-from which she protection laws and responsibilities -from which she got Aarakshan(reservation).