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Delhi Court refuses Bail to Sanjay for marring A - 498A Girl.

Delhi Court refuses Bail to Sanjay for marring A - 498A Girl.
Mrs. Aparna Gupta , 58 years , a well known Social activist associated with Women rights  and Child Well fare for past 20 years . Her two daughters already married. His only Son Sanjay Gupta , 29 Years old and IT Engineer working in IBM , used to believe that the meaning of wife  , she should be the best friend .

Then in his Company he came to Know Reena. She had a arranged marriage but the same got in sour and she is fighting the Divorce with her husband and by the help of 498A, able to get a mutual divorce for a settlement of 15 Lacks.

Sanjay was very much impressed with Reena and slowly they became the best friend of each other. When Mrs. Aparna came to know that her son want to marry Reena , she was very happy that her dream come true , as his son want to give the justice to a girls , as per LAW had been humiliated , insulated by her husband .

They got married on April,2002 . But Reena have some other Plan. She left the Job and shift to Mumbai on Aug'05 , and asked her husband to shift there and look a Job there. Sanjay refused to accept her demand as he say " Why you want to work in Mumbai , you can very well work in Delhi . Come back and we will both work in Delhi ."

Now Reena use her previous experience, file a 498A, dowry harassment case against him along with  two married sister , mother and father . Same lawyer , same Police Station , only thing the Name changed and asked for a Mutual Divorce with a settlement of 15 Lacks .

Sanjay shocked how his best friend can do such thing???

He apply for the bail highlighting that Reena had used 498A before also, so she is harassing his family in the same manner .

Judge asked, Before marrying you Know that Reena had used 498A previously??

Sanjay say  "Yes my lord , and we became the best friend for that only , and I had given her all the support , status   ."

Judge Says, "I refuse the bail for you as you have troubled to your whole family. How you can say when first time Reena used 498A that was a genuine case and this she filed a 498A against you means this is a fabricated case. This itself proves the Respondent taken the undue advantage of Reena , and used to make mental harassment , which leads to her make Suicide twice (as she mentioned in her petition , with all the witness name ) .   Judge ask them sort out the Issue mutually, before granting the bail to Responded and responded family members"

Yesterday when Mrs. Aparna called a SIF Volunteer and request to give some judgment, by which her son can get the bail. SIF volunteer and   we had given the copy of few Judgments  for the next hearing .

We hope Sanjay and his family will get the bail in next hearing.

But the Question get Unanswered, Is this is real or False case of 498A??

Will Court will favour Sanjay or Reena ??

As per me , " If  I am the Judge , definitely send him to jail without any thought , to give a message to the society , that When it happened to others you say the girl is right and when the same girl use the 498A against you , start shouting   this is a false case . I don't have any sympathy to Sanjay and their family. That is the reason Supreme Court say the 498A had been misused so heavily, this leads to a Legal Terrorism".
Let wait and watch, and we will wonder in his rest of the life of Sanjay will say, "I want to marry to a Girl, who will be my Best Friend!!! ""
498A – Blood Cancer of Indian Society , Inspite of Supreme Court concern our Law Maker don't learn from the Mistake , they are ready with another Blood cancer in the name of DV Act , the act is so badly drafted ,  Indian family and Indian women will going towards a very very dangerous future .

Because a lot of Sanjay , a lot of Mrs. Aparna will safe guard them self before marrying a 498A Girl.

We wonder our LAW maker is really understood, Crime is Crime and the punishment should be Crime based instead of Gender Based.
Yes this can happen only in India, where a whole sale free license available for Legal Terrorism, forget any punishment for that, there is no small warning for that.
This happen only India , where age old , sick parents and pregent Sister goes to Jail without any investigation , Inspite of that they never ever stayed with their   dishonest daughter – in –law .

498A the whole sale free license is available only in one country of the whole world, the Country name is INDIA .

So, are you married or getting married, Check 498A and DV act?

Then decide want to support his legal terrorism or not!!!!!
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As expected , the Process started to remove Ms. Namita Panda SCW Chair Person. She have to pay the Price for telling the truth. PDF Print Email
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2007-09-21 03:21:14
Resignation sought
The women activists, led by the State secretary of the All India
Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), Tapasi Praharaj, held the
demonstration at the SCW office and raised slogans against Ms. Panda
who, however, remained firm on her stand.
Resignation sought

"We demand Ms. Panda's resignation because she is interested in taking
up cases involving alleged torture of men instead of solving women's
issues," said the AIDWA leader.

Do not forget it is the same organization’s so called women activist even broken the Judges Chair openly in front of media, but even our Chief Justice also not able to punish them, when Mr. J.D.Kapoor, Delhi High Court Judge, asked government to amend the 498A, so that Husband’s innocent relative in the form of Mother/sisters/child/age old people should not be arrested and we can save some marriages also.
Do they think that the Husbands Mother/sisters are not a Women?
Seems those so called women activists have the whole sale free Licensee to do the Legal Terrorism in this Country and to full fill their own pocket, they even support the sending age old women also behind the bar, without any investigation, as they believe all the wife born in Raja Harish Chandra Family, never Lie, right?

Save Family Foundation argue to all Media's honest Journalist and Editors, specially ,DNA News( First to Publised the Domestic Violence Against Men's Study reports),Times of India and Hindustan times to rise their voice against such Open "Gundagari By AIDWA members" and punish them for suppressing the truth and creating a havoc in our society, by which till date we witness more and more only Father less Child had been created, nothing less.
We still not able to remember any news or evidence, in the whole world, if there is any country exists, where any organizations broken the Judges Chair in open public in front of media and still the same organizations had not been banned. But in our Country we have so much patience, instead of banned such organizations, we support them with more and more funds to do the Legal Terrorism in our society and they are still moving freely, instead of spending their life behind the bar.
Further "In a memorandum to the Women and Child Development Minister, the activists opposed the SCW accepting petitions from males allegedly tortured. They objected to such action by the chairperson of the women’s panel"
Since the so called women rights activists have objection on taking up the issues/concerns of married men by the state women commissions, where those poor/harassed married men will go for resolution of their grievances?
In 2005 more than 52000 Married Men are ending their life as per Crime Bure reports, but wonder will we allow to such married men to end their life and keep mum?


Do they think that killing Married men is their on birth right and it has to termed as Social service in this country and those are killing the married men to be awarded by "Bharat Ratna”?

In this country even a animal have protection, right, ministry, NGOs, Special LAW, but our so called such women activist feels, the Married men do not have any right to live or any protection for their mother/sisters/child/age old father/grand parents from " Women commission"? When a married man harassed daily in their own home by their so-called wives along with his mother/sisters/child/age old father/grand parents, where they will go?

If So, Save Family Foundation once again propose to our "Prime Minister" should immediately initiate a process of building the "Ministry for Men's Welfare", so that those 52000 innocent married Men should not end their life and let them also give some Protection and right to live with dignity.

Let wait and see how our Media's Honest Jurnalist are react , can they able to save the Ms. Namita Panda's Chair or they have to just keep mum , as in this coutry we wittness earlier , even the Chief Justice of India failed to save gurd the Judge's Chair, who is Ms. Namita Panda?

Spouse abuse: It's the husband's turn now: DNA News,September 20, 2007 PDF Print Email

NEW DELHI: Women have for long complained of being abused by men, which the law takes very seriously. Now it's the men who claim to be at the receiving end.

A new survey has found that no less than 98% of Indian urban husbands say they have faced domestic violence in one form or the other during married life.

The study, conducted by two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - Save Indian Family Foundation and My Nation - looked at four aspects of domestic violence — economical, emotional, physical and sexual. In a sample survey of 1,650 urban men, almost 98% of the respondents said they had suffered violence under one or the other of these heads more than once.

Economical abuse was found to be the most common complaint with 32.8% saying they had faced it at least once in their married life, followed by emotional (22.2%), physical (25.2%) and sexual violence (19.8%).
Nagging, grumbling, taunting, name calling, refusing food, denying sexual intercourse, abusing parents and family members, snatching salary, throwing objects, scratching with nails and biting, threats of suicide and even eviction from the house were some of the common forms of abuse mentioned. But perhaps the most serious was framing of false charges under the Indian Penal Code.

"It is true that men account for most of the violence outside the home, but women instigate most domestic violence and they injure men more frequently and more severely," says Swaroop Sarkar of Save Indian Family.

"When a man tries to tell his problems of torture and harassment in marriage, no one really listens or believes it. Many men are ashamed to admit they are beaten at home by their wives and her family members because everyone believes a woman can never be a tormentor. But the reality is often different," said Sarkar.

Close to 43% of husbands said they contemplated suicide due to humiliation, harassment and frustration and 14% accepted they that had wanted to kill the woman and her family members for instigating her.
The study, conducted by doctors and IT engineers for these NGOs, covered husbands from various socio-economic strata but the bulk of the respondents came from the middle class and upper middle class backgrounds. A high proportion of husbands who had experienced domestic violence were either well educated and/or earned good salaries.

This study corresponds with a similar survey conducted by Orissa's State Women Commission recently where it was found that women are increasingly using dowry related laws like 498A and the Domestic Violence Act to harass husbands.

According to its chairperson Namita Panda, women were found to be filing false cases in order to harass their husbands and settle scores with them.

"Section 498A is a great weapon for women. It is being used for both getting justice and settling scores. We always tell police to first inquire into the matter before arresting a man and his parents because in many cases it may turn out to be a hoax," Panda said over phone from Bhubaneswar.

However, the National Commission for Women (NCW) differs. "Women are generally in a more dependent position. There may be a few stray cases of women harassing men but that doesn't change the basic situation," said Malini Bhattacharya of NCW.

As per the National Crime Record Bureau's statistics, 4,450 men in the age group of 15-29 and 5,876 between 30-44 committed suicide in 2005 due to family problems which included matrimonial discord.
During the study these organisations received more than one lakh mails across the country. However, only 1,650 husbands aged between 15-49 years selected through random sampling were specifically interviewed using a schedule adapted from the WHO multi-country study on domestic violence.

An interesting finding was that the probability of violence increased significantly with the duration of marriage particularly if it was more than seven years old.

"As the marriage gets older the wives get stronger and more intolerant towards spouses and their families," said Dr Grover, one of the researchers. "The interviews showed that Indian husband who had experienced some form of violence during the first year of marriage, continued to do so for the rest of their lives. It is not something that just goes away."

Gaurav Nigam, a software engineer with the Bangalore-based IT giant Wipro, recently accused his wife, Tripti, of physical abuse. He claimed his wife was pressuring him to transfer ownership of the house and the car in her name. When he refused, she would beat him up.

He alleged that on one occasion, Tripti had left him and gone back to her parents' house from where she filed a dowry complaint against him, after which his parents were arrested and sent to jail for three days 'for no fault of theirs'.


Subu said...

whaaat ?? Mrs. Aparna Gupta Social activist associated with Women rights and Child Well fare is seeking bail for her son ????

whaaaat ??

she should support her DAUGHTER IN LAW and get her son to run wherever daughter in law asks her to run ...

isn't it ?????

isn't Ms. Aparna Guptha a WOMAN'S welfare activist ????

why is she changing colours when it is her son's case ?????

amit said...

This is called jaisi karni waisi bharni...Mrs. Aparna Gupts was a social activist for women she might have sided many false 498 wives and destiny showed her the truth of life...
cant say anything but i hav full sympathy for them...fact is judges are also feminist they will hav to be strong and will have to fight it out it will take time but they will win eventually..they must not accede to the girl's demand she is nothing but a bad lady who uses corrupt laws to extract money thru terror..