Monday, 15 October 2012

Learning to Say ‘No” to your wife illogical Demand!!

Learning to Say ‘No” to your wife illogical Demand!!

Learning to Say ‘No” to your wife illogical Demand!!

Parliament has just passed the Domestic Violence Bill. But the social conditioning and attitudes are different to alter, finds out an Exclusive SIF (Save Indian Family Yahoo Group) survey.

Sushmita and Amit (Names Changed) appeared to be the Ideal Couple. There were “ no issues “ in their relationship , except Amit’s occasional complaint about Sushmita use of abusive language against his parents and sister and some time she will take some money from his money parts without his knowledge . He used to get hurt , but Amit would dismiss it as a once –in –blue-moon behaviors till one day Sushmita kicked his 65 years old mother , when she came to their house for a evening for few hours . Amit was shocked!!!!

Silence and Suffering!!!

“There’s nothing surprising about these behaviors” says a renewed psychiatrist. “This is how things begin “She explains. “Initially he (Amit) doesn’t mind the swearing because he didn’t realize that this was just another form of abuse – She explains. “After all most of us do curse from time to time “She adds.

Then again boy’s who have grown up seeing their families and under stand that a daughter –in –law having a Whole Sale free license to abuse their Mother-in-law and Sister –in –law, as our Government thinks that all our mother and sister are criminal, for them women means only daughter in law, so only 498A, anti dowry law are there, where without any investigation all your relatives will put behind the bar irrespective of the complain is false or true. But in case of Dishonest Daughter-in-law, there is no provision by which you can give a small warning to them.

As a result all husbands believe to continue the relationship despite the violence and abuse, tend to school themselves into thinking that it is accepted behaviors. Indeed for most of the boys in India, abuse is accepted as part and parcel of a relationship – pre or post –marital.

Level of abuse:-

An online yahoo group Survey done at SIF (Save Indian Family) , throw up some interesting results . According to member, 98 % of husband suffers verbal, mental and economical abuse from their wife and in-laws. Only 10 % categorized insulting language by wife as abuse .Then again 90% husband said they were willing to forgive their partners.

Say Supreme Court Lawyer, Mr. Mahesh Tiwari, “Our society is biased . We make our boys more docile and therefore, more prone to verbal and mental as well as Economical abuse. But a girl is never fed on such views. It is because of this attitude that a wife can not take “NO” for an answer, this is where problem begins “

Why take it??

Compulsions – economic, social and emotional. A 38 Years old husband and a victim of abuse by wife confess that he is ready to forgive his partner because he “loves her too much “. A large no of husbands accept that they will continue to a relationship with their abusive partner and will sacrifice their age old parents and sister.

Indian Old Parents and Pregnant Sisters in JAIL?

The question now, in the proposed domestic Violence Bill the word “Verbal “Mental and Economic abuse , really justify and gives the right picture that only women suffers the same , husband never suffer the same ??

Mr. Praveen says , this DV Act will lead India to massive Single parenting System , a lot of Un wanted child will be in our society the way in Us 75 % Child born with out a wed lock , In Ireland only less than 2 % people get married relationship .

Another Step to Kill the Institution of Indian Marriage System - Part -2

On that country, women used to beg to men for a live together, forget a marriage, used to beg for a part time father!!!!

Our government is really concern for our honest women??

When they will understand that killing of Institution of marriage is called a “Legal Terrorism “..

Already Supreme Court of India described regarding the misuse of 498A. This Domestic Violence Bill will totally kill the Institution of Marriage system in India which a lot of outsider country want.

Let wait and watch, when our Government will wake up and do some real women well fare instead of playing this Men vs. Women game.

Disclimer :This is totally writer personnel Views only. You may have different opinion. The name and place changed to protect the Persons Identity.


amit said...

Absolutely correct! I fully agree with this view. I live in a country where only wives are considered saint and mother and sister in laws are villians I dont understad who gave the politicians the right to form one sided laws. Laws are made by Renuka Chaudhary and her boyfriend Salman Khuseeid, the hated Law minster. They pass laws without any discussion Renuka is a man hater and Salman a Hindu hater as all the laws being passed direclty impacts Hindu's families...above all the NCW they are beggars for evyrhting they want a law so that they can break it and can extract money from men...shame on a country like India where mothers and sisters have no respect but an adulterous wife is hailed as god and given all laws to screw a family..hope corrupt politicians and corrupt and feminist congress reads this..

Anonymous said...

Many a times due to harmone imbalanaces, woem behave weirdly and use abusive language. This is a serious issue in our society where women abusing their husband without any intimidation is going unnoticed and unreported.
FOr women welfare sooner or later media needs to start a discussion of the matter.

Anonymous said...

My lover make fake promises to me to marry me in any case.. from past one year even after her family member knows that she loves me nd they dont agree with our relation soo after that also girl promisses me that in any case i will be with u .. bt now after one year she left me with no reasons and now i am soo much mentally disturbed and feeling less.....
Please suggest me some action so that i will take against that girl as now mentally i am totally dipressed due to this and due to this ny whole carrier also distroyed .... plz help me .....
As in same case if a girl wants to marry that boy she files a case against him and forces him to marry her bt why not men are allowed to do this..... plz give me a suitable anf legal against which i can take against her.
Pls guys help me.. as ladka galat kre toh uske liye punishment h bt ladki galat kre toh uske liye kuch ni..