Friday, 19 October 2012

World Health Organisation (WHO) Report: In India, Women Abuse Elders (in-laws) by False Dowry Cases

Authors: WHO,Publication date: 2002,Languages: English,Number of pages: 32,WHO document number: WHO/NMH/VIP/02.1

World Health Organisation (WHO) Report: In India, Women Abuse Elders (in-laws) by False Dowry Cases. 


“Daughters-in-law” was the next “problem” in both the groups. While both the
groups stressed on the lack of caring attitude by the daughters in law, women
of the lower socio -economic class got very vocal about the fact that daughters
in law were misusing the law, by reporting harassment by in-laws to the
police, leading to maltreatment by the police to the in-laws. (Indian Penal
Code sec.498(a), is designed to tackle dowry deaths).

(Report of India : Click here)

Now one question to all, if any one abuse your age old mother or young sister in the road what you will do???

Now when some abusive daughter in law abuse your mother and sister, what action you recommended??

Understand both side of the coin; if you really want to honest, corruption free India. Crime is Crime, irrespective of gender, sex or caste.So do you believe that, women well fare means, Daughter-in-law welfare???

Our Mother, sister and daughter are not women??

There is no force to accept anything, let other member to observe what is right and what is wrong, it is your choice, are you ready and want to accept the reality or believe in what media says and Legal terrorism activity done by some NGO in the name of so called women well fare is nothing but "" Killing the institution of Marriage "".

Hope the NCW, WCD and their supporters like CSR, AIWDA. Laywers collective, will focus more towards the women Education, Self employment, equal Property right of girls/boys in their parental property/business and give equal justice to all irrespective of SEX, GENDER, Caste or religion.

Request to understand “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment”, both a husband and wife are equally capable, and if we really want to save the institution of marriage, we need a  gender neutral Domestic harmony Act instead of Domestic Violence Act.

Now your present  Domestic Violence Act, again is going to do the same mistake like 498A – Family Killer, like punishment to one section in the name of “Verbal abuse and Mental harassment” and for another section giving a Whole Sale Free License, forget any punishment, there is no provision for a small warning.

Are we really doing the justice to our mother, who had spend her 50 to 60 years and successfully completed all her duties and today some Power Babe comes ( not all daughter –in –law) ,who wants only money, does not have any love or respect to others and term our mother , sister as Criminal and send her to Jail, as she can not accept her illogical demand.

Why our beloved married sister can not visit our home, as the house termed as Bhabi’s house!!!!

Why a girl can’t have the equal right to her parent’s property/business, the way a boy have??

Why a girl to be depended to husband money and property only??

We Indian man sacrifice our life for our mother, sister, wife. child but we cant tolerate that our parents should go to old age home , as some Daughter-in –law , ill-treated them , does not give proper food , proper medical support , throw them out from their own house by misue the 498A and Domestic violence Act.

Save Indian Family, as we cant not tolerated if any dishonest Daughter-in-LAW abuse our age old mother and sister.
The way Divorce rate are increasing , very soon we will beat the statistics of US , where marriage are less than 50% , Ireland was less than 2% .

As a result :-

-A lot of children spend their Child Hood in Single parenting system.
- More women will be force to earn their life in dishonest way (call girl)
- More rape/assault/fraud/theft/murder
- More Crime against our mother, sister and daughter.
- More abortion or unwanted child.

Are we looking for this situation in India??

If your answer is yes.. please go ahead and join hands, donate huge money to those organizations like NCW/WCD/AIWDA/CSR and their associated more than 4000NGO all over India who promote the Legal Terrorism of India by advocating gender biased 498A/Domestic violence act and never ready to accept any LAW where the word "Husband/wife" to be replaced by the word "Spouse" and " men/women" to be replaced by the word "person".


If your answer is no, join in our campaign Save Indian Family moment having more than 40 NGO all over India along with helplines to create more and more NGO who want gender neutral Domestic Harmony Act, not the gender biased Domestic Violence Act which is going to destroy the Family harmony and increase the Domestic violence in coming Years in multifold as predicted in 2005 itself in CNN-IBN debate.Stop This Legal Terrorism of India in the form of 498A and biased Domestic violence Act.

(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)


Anonymous said...

You can see it on India TV,how false certificates of physical injury is being fabricated for 5000 rupees and poor innocent boys are suffering for no fault of theirs.dirty women are using these laws to trap the men who are simple and innocent,but the courts and lawyers are enjoying it to the hilt.Even after the supreme court has declared these laws are legal terrorism .But our govt is silent spectator and watching 64000 men commit suicide because they are too sensitive and cannot see thier mother and father being implicated in false cases and suffering.What a shame ,in a democratic set up ,no one bothers about thousands of men dying and no corrective action.

Anonymous said...

498a cases are piling up all over India and no action is being initiated by the govt and they are watching the poor innocents dying.64000 married men implicated false dowry cases commited suicide in India in the year 2011(NCRB DATA)whereas only 32000 women died,but the limelight is still kept on the womens issue only and men are silently dying without any cause.I think so many men would not have died in chinese or pakistani war but our govt is sleeping over many scams and they have little interest in the death of such massive suicides.Alas!there is no body to mourn the deaths of so many good citizens and their family are unable to express it.Is not shameful that a democratic set up has no solution to such grave problem.

protector4manright said...

this issue may be bery harmful for our country. innocent person are sending to jail. leaders are supporting terrorist but making one side law against young man. young man are filld with fire. if unjustice not stpped with young man then it is possible they may united as Naksal Etc.