Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Who Killed Sheena Bora: Indarani Mukherjee ?

Prime face from the Gist of Media & Police reports  , Sheena Bora had been killed by her own mother or sister (Indarani Mukherjee ) , who had been arrested by Mumbai police, along with a Driver and an unknown third person.

But the fact is Seena was introduced to society as Indarani's Sister and tell us , who is dare to disbelieve that including alpha men like Mr. Peter or  any one , who are already victim of Misandric mind set, that Indarani Mukherjee will be lying ?

Sheena had not killed by Indarani Mukherjee, she had been killed due to our Misandric mindset and strong believe a Women never lie or cheat , which reminded us every day via various Laws, Media Trail  even many SC Judgments also said, the word of a women to be treated as Gospel truth and evidence.

Now 3- question:

1.    Why this story in all over media today
2.    Why Mr. Peter Mukherjee failed to discover the same earlier.
3.    If at all Mr. Peter had been discovered that , what had been his fate ?

·         Reason for Story all over media: 

This not the first case Mother killing their own Child , few days back we also witness a 13 year old boy Chaitanya also was killed by his own mother , but electronic media not feel the same as relevant to debate as the same not from a high profile family like Indrani .

Indarani Mukherjee and Sheena Bora  story gives enough suspense to raise TRP of any news Channel as we had earlier explained in Men Ngo’s National Conference:

The key of media reimporting lies on viewership’s and readership only.  The type of issue and stories they carries, which viewers or readers want to, know. 

It’s a fact we Indian men or women are victim of Misandric mind set , so we love to view or read a rape or women murder stories with more interest ( let it be false or true ) than a story like suffering of men like Gopal Shettey , who had spend 7 years in jail in a fake rape-cases.

The final verdicts of any cases let it be true or false does not give any suspense to readers or viewers but a allegations or FIR or Charge sheet keep every viewers or readers under suspense , what will be the final outcome of the case which is not known to them .

·         Reason why Mr. Peter Mukherjee Failed to discover truth earlier:

A valid question asked many in Times now debate , how it is possible Mr. Peter Mukherjee , does not know Sheena was Indarni’s Daughter in spite a Icon of establishing many Media houses , sharing the same home for so long ?

The justification came from alpha men like Mr. Peter Muhkerjee , that when his own son , Mr. Rahul Mukerjea, once told Sheena is not Indrani’s sister, but her daughter only , he preferred to believe his wife’s version than son’s version or claim.


Yes, you will get wondered if you are a victim of Misandric mindset (male hater)- Women Never lie or cheat. But if you had already came out from that virus will never be wondered.

It’s beyond reasonable dought Mr. Peter Mukherjee paid the price of his Misandric mindset and it’s not only peter alone many of you are also paid price or will have to pay in future.

IN a  recent survey done by Male factors team named : Beware of cheaters on matrimonial websites, revels maximum marriages men in this country done via various websites, social sites, hardly know about the full details of their wife’s family back ground. 

Experts who handle such cases and help the male victims by counseling them say that a man needs to be careful about the girls who –
  • Hide any information
  • Boast about their rejection criteria of boys
  • Highly qualified but not earning
  • Reside in far away location from that of the boy
  • Go out with friends with common friends or in groups
  • Ask for well earning grooms
  • Give you late replies on Whatsapp
  • Doesn’t share social media profiles
  • Are from affluent families, have politicians, lawyers, judges, police in their families
Almost all the respondents agreed that girls very often post fake profiles on websites. To be cautious one would need to verify their hard proofs of all documents. (Ever heard of background verification that big companies do?)

·         Reason if at all Mr. Peter Mukherjee discovered the same truth prefers to be silent:

After marriage many men able to found the hiding fact about their wife, start from age, educational qualification, family members details, medical problem, wife’s past relationship, wife’s present relationship with other men, wife’s having child from earlier marriage, wife’s hidden earlier marriage, per-marriage multiple abortion done, but question is what happen when they came to know about those truth and asked their wife, why she hidden the fact?

Various news revealed, where ever the CHILD DNA test of child ordered by court more than 90% cases found the men is not biological father of their child.

The moment those men asked their wife about their hidden fact, either they had been :

·         Killed like  Amit Bachchan or 
·         Lead to suicide or 
·         Termed as wife beater, dowry seeker, womanizer, if alive along with all his other family members also. 

None of the cases wife faced any criminal cases for hiding the fact , but all husbands along with his mother, sister, father, brothers are facing multiple litigation start from 498A , IPC354, CRPC125, Section24 , Domestic Violence years after years.

Many of you might have forget the Rape case against Ankit Tiwari . He was 25 years old and a 40 years old women termed him a rapist , as Ankit refuse to marry her after came to know she hidden the fact she was married earlier and have child also. 

So, Mr. Peter Mukherjee if at all knows the truth after marriage, what option he had? 

1.    Suicide
2.    Risk of getting Murdered
3.    Getting termed as Wife beater, Womanizers.

It’s not only peter Mukherjee , lacks of men like him are victim of Misandric mindset still unaware about the true fact of their wife in spite living together 20 or 30 years .

Those able to find the truth after marriage termed dowry seeker, wife beater or womanizer and those able to find before marriage termed as Rapist or molester.

Thanks to all our LAW Makers , media houses along with all women organizations , who had made multiple unfair laws , were the basic assumption is Women never lie or Cheat , any disputes Men vs Women , it’s men have to pay the price.

As a man if you discover any hidden fact of your partner before marriage you will be termed as Rapist and if you discover after marriage you will be termed as Wife beater, dowry seeker or womanizer.

Unfair Laws and media trail can’t bring fairness in any society, time to accept for LAW makers: replace all laws with Person than hide under Men/Women.


neeraj juneja said...

Yes,this is a publicity stunt.

Pratap S. Malik said...

A nicely written article with a deep understanding of social environment.

Swarup Sarkar said...

Thanks sir. If at least men take corrective step after read this , my purpose will be served

Rahul Shayar said...

We are sorry for the modern day media and electronic channel. They have 3 week bogus news for Lalit Gate and now Indrani related murder mystery. Let the police decode it. There can be many positive news than religious agenda, bogus Lalitgate and murder mystery.

saurabh81111 said...

Sad truth.