Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Who really Killed Chaitanya with Cricket Bat ?

There is no wonder even god also fell ashamed and  not able to bear the daily in-human torture and the pain of Chaitanya , so prefer to call  him back from this cruel society than suffering every day in the hand of a monster mum of India.

Chaitanya , a 13 years old partially disabled child, having a dream to make his final place in  Indian Idol singing competition,  is not more with us. He had been killed by his own Monster mum at Pune.

He used to happily stay with his father at Nagpur, but due to court order he was forced to stay with her mother at Pune . We will never able to see Chaitanya will be taking part in any Singing competition any more.

With various news reports like NDTV , Mid day , Pune Mirror,  suggest Chaitanya had been killed by his own mother due to beating with a cricket bat, Police had arrest his mother and one man to whom she have some relationship as per her mobile call records.

Several chilling details have emerged in the cold-blooded murder of the partially disabled Pune teenager, Chaitanya Balpande, who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and her alleged boyfriend last week. Investigations and statements from family members have led the police to suspect that the 13-year-old's murder had a rather sinister motive:

Mid-day's conversations with Rakhi's mother and neighbours also paint a picture of the 36-year-old as a monster mom, who used repeated beatings to keep the boy under her thumb. She would allegedly starve the partially disabled Chaitanya from time to time, force him to exercise for four hours and keep him up late at night. Rakhi had also threatened to file a kidnapping case against her own mother when the latter said she would take Chaitanya with her to save him from her abuse. A female neighbour who tried to intervene was kept at bay with the threat of filing a molestation case against her husband.

If you ask the law makers, who had killed Chaitanya, the answer may be given it’s his monster mother and her lover. From the news reports confirms Chaitanya was not killed for one day, many witness he was dying every day years after years all prefer to be a simple spectators.

But does it really so? Who really killed Chaitanya ?

Who all are deserved to be thanked for creating such barbaric Monster mum in India?

  • Thanks to Women and Child Ministry:

It’s not only Chaitanya , every day lacks of child had been getting abused, beaten and some have to end their life due to their monster mum in India , but unfortunately the issue never considered as child issue .Women and Child Minister always ignored the Child welfare in the name of women rights promotion.

WCD had successfully converted the Child issue = Women or girls child issue only. In spite of various studies available a father less child subject to 10 times more Physical abuse, sexual abuse, school dropout,  still our Great Maneka Gandhi who always prefer to advocate more and more anti-father , anti-child law / policy as a promotion of Father less child society in India. For them Father = just a free FREE ATM machine, nothing else.

Result: Boys school dropout became 39% vs Girls 31%. More than 56% boys sexually abused vs 44% girls. Child abuses my monster mum, gets Scot free and never got punished. Monster mum unable to take care child still given custody to them as default and keep fulfilling their demanding of money but did not allow the child to meet their own fathers.

Any disputes between husband vs wife, the custody of child had been given to Mother, let she be monster or drug addicted or have relationship with other men. Thanks to such Misandric Judges of India, who is also responsible for killing of child like Chaitanya.

Judges do not forget to award excessive money to wife in name of child care, but forget to give few hours visiting right to child to their own fathers. They do not understand it’s not a husband or wife right, its child right to meet their father and not allowing that is nothing but pure promotion of Child abuse.

  • Thanks to help less Grand Mothers:

As per report in NDTV news, the grandmother confessed, she was witness of beating chaitanya many times by his mother. But she had not able to show any courage to take him to Nagpur , as her own daughter threatened a kidnapping case. So, she prefer to leave alone Chaitanya in the custody of her own monster daughter.

  • Thanks to Monster mum’s own sister: ( Masi)

The news reports says the monster mum’s sister also crying foul, she also witness the abuse and beating of Chaitanya many times. Her sister was not a good mother and never taken care the child. She had been spending many times with the child and the child so very humble and loving.  Great, in spite of knowing all, she prefers to keep silence when in court Tarun (Chaitanya’s father) lost the child custody. If she had been said the same in front of judge, may today Chaitanya had been alive.

Many neighbours says they had witness number of times Chaitanya had been beaten, heard his pain full cry, had been locked in room, but none shown courage to rescue him, as his monster mum threatened them that she will file false molestation cases against them. If they had been used some common sense, a simple call to 100 of police without disclose of name also might have saved Chiatanya’s life.

Now the question is why a grand mother, sister, neighbor, judges all failed to save the life of Chaitanya, in spite of witness many abuse, ill treatment & beating?

It’s the biased Verma Committees members made such law’s without using their own brain , relay assumption a women never lie or never cheat in India  by which they had given protection to all such monster women of India , who can rape, who can murder, who can do adultery  and if any one dare to speak up , term them a rapist or molester .

Such mindless Misandric deserves special thanks for protecting such type monster or rapist women of India.

The Chaitanya’s had gone through every day’s abuse, ill-treatment, beating years after years and our Judiciary, society , neighbors, grandmothers, sisters ( masi) but all failed to give any justice to him, refused to give a human life in India.

There is no wonder even god also fell ashamed and  not able to bear the daily in-human torture and the pain of Chaitanya , so prefer to call  him back from this cruel society than suffering every day in the hand of a monster mum of India.

It’s time to make separate Child well fare ministry from WCD as top priority, or such monster mum will keep killing, abuse, beat & ill-treat the child as their birth right, as no one have right to question their wrong doing forget about any punishment, and we all will prefer to be just a spectators till it hit our own home.

RIP Chaitanya and give all courage to Tarun( Chaitanya’s father ) fight for justice, it’s not a monster mum is the killer, start from Verma Committees members , Law makers, WCD,  Indian Judiciary , Neighbour and all those who prefer to keep silence all are also real killer of  Chaitanya.

Save Indian Child from such Monster mum and women of India too , a Chaitanya can be suffering at your next also.


Anonymous said...

It has meanwhile become a shield for all crimial women in India to hide all the sins and crimes behind "molestation" case. If that's not sufficient, then rape case will beat hell out of man who try to stop such women.

The child could have been saved (in some other country), but DV-case even if false helps in scaring a husband and his family. Parallely child-custody is filed and before judgement comes that DV was fake, woman gets sole custody of child.

NDTV would have aired death of child 24 hrs followed by debate by big-shot panelists if child killed was a female and murderer was a father. I dont think one should expect much from media. This will keep happening till such laws which blindly favor women exist.

neeraj juneja said...

Good blog