Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Documentary on NGO Working for men: SIFAR Released

SIFAR: Documentary Film on NGO Working for Men - YouTube

The volenters Gorup of Save Indian Family (SIF) , Delhi had released their first ever Documentary Short Film named "SIFAR" on 26 th August,2015 on YouTube. 

The Short film made much needed interest among viewers as witness with in 24 hours it attracted about 3000 views , which is highest ever any Documentary released in 2015 by any Top rated Production houses, on the issue related to Men in India. 

There are many documentary made by many Top rated production houses, but all was just for fun and failed to make impact about the any serious issue faced by Indian men in their day to day life. But this short film concentrate on more for providing a helping hand to abused, distressed men  of India.  

The inspiration of the film was to bring public notice about the issues like , Number of  Men Suicide , accident, murder , job loss, work place harassment increasing in India at rocket speed, due to multiple Unfair laws made by Indian Government .

The short film also aim to encourage many people to come out from silence and Join hands for the movement to stop abuse of men.

The SIFAR team promised us  to come out with more such Documentary in coming days , covering various issue related to men.

Today SIF became a Ray of hope for many abused/distressed men  of India. 

Join Hands to Stop Abuse of Men as Men are Human too.

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Neeraj juneja said...

Nice documentary film.