Saturday, 1 August 2015

Indian Daughters Filing False Rape case on Father’s

Last 10 years Journey of my bloging ,  this going to be most painful blog post to write about  a issue any media house even dare to talk. Many Men Right activist in SIF Network also will be find it difficult to digest.

A Virus now arrived in India also, called "Terming Father a Rapist" by Daughter via False , fabricated rape cases .

In a country where Prime ministers continuously reminding us take selfi with daughters, I have witness lacks of fathers are posted photographs in social media at least 6 times more than their mother. I will not be surprised if tomorrow many of them will be termed as Rapist by their own daughter, as the virus terming fathers rapist by daughters already arrived in India.

Thanks to our mindless Justice Verma  committee members , who made a law without any check or balance,  where the basic assumption a women or girl never lie , let she cry for rape and term any one as rapist and our court happily keep deny the bail years after years.

Recently it was fund by court that a girl trapped her own father and mother also in fake rape and abortion cases as they not allowed her to meet with her boyfriend regularly. Their parents were put in Jail for months together.

Indian Daughter filed false rape case on Father

The judge had strongly made observation , when such girls not think twice to term their own fathers as rapist and send behind the bar, how such girls can be trusted as Girl friend or wife of some one ?

This is not the first case or will be last cases. The number of fake rapes cases on their own fathers is increasing rapidly in India. 

 In another case a wife filed false rape case on father via Daughter also came in light .

Wife file false rape case on father via Daughter

Few more case as reference:

Girls sending their fathers behind the bar in fake rape cases, will never be a concern for Indian law makers or media houses, but one wonder, when we even argue to give mercy in the name of humanity even to a hard core terrorist who found guilty of killing more than 270 people in Mumbai, where their humanity goes when such fathers had been send behind the bar for years after years in fake rape cases?

Don’t forget the filling of rape, molestation, attempted to rape against Father-in-law had now become a norm in every divorce cases after SC Arnesh kumar Judgements which restrict auto arrest in 498A cases. Every advocate has modified their template of accusation, as women you have to just name the Father-in-law and by default he will be termed as molester or rapist.

Even media editors, film makers, politicians, judges, advocates or bureaucrats, none had been spared from this legal Terrorism today. Any disputes men vs women the man had been termed as molester or rapist.
Though feminist will not agree, it is well established truth, the amount of love and care or concern for daughter by any father always high compared to their son.

Today filling a fake rape case had became as easy as ordering some PIZZA or KFC burgers. The Pizza or burgers shop have right to refuse to take your order, but our police have no right to refuse to register the FIR, even if they know the case is false and fabricated .The law had made in such a way and badly drafted, even she can claimed she had been raped 20 mins or 20 years before, there is no difference made.

Media houses and women organizations will keep shouting, misuse of law is not a ground to amend or scrap a law, but will never consider, when you make a law where mere verbal allegations can send someone behind the bar for years after years, is not worth for some check and balance?

When your present CRPC340 or IPC182 totally failed to make any control to stop fake cases , is not time to make a more balanced and sensible law, where before sending some one behind the bar some prima face evidence need to be collected ?

We know our henpecked Politicians even so called 56-inch Chest leaders like Mr. Narender Modi also will be indented to take any corrective action on the fear of losing women vote bank even after Supreme Court caution:


 There is no option but one have to keep paying price as a Girl’s father or as a Father-in-law in India, as when such unfair, biased, mindless law was made, you also refused to come out from Misandric ideology virus injected by radical feminist and media houses, except you every man is a potentional rapist in this country.

So, please welcome the Virus Terming fathers a rapist  by Daughters also arrived in India, but have to wait and see will India ever try to find any vaccine or prefer to sleep under denial mode.


Humanist said...

People have started to accept that daughters are no less than sons and started celebrating daughter's birth with equal vigor. However, this is the trend very soon people will be afraid of having daughters, however for the different reason this time.

Anonymous said...

but will it eye opener for fathers that their eyes are wide shut to support gender biased laws? doubtful if they will support still gender neutral laws.

amit shrivastava said...

Moral vales ending and false allegations coming,so be ready for worsen issues, and Indian males,be ready to suffer more,and be ready ,to be eunuch/gay or better go to foreign to calm your sex needs.Indian law doesn't bother you,as human.You are a object,and noone cares you.

neeraj juneja said...

Good blog.

Alex ov said...

I would like to get in contact with the blogger of this article.. Please let me know your contact details

Swarup Sarkar said...

Dear Alex, in the Blog itself the contact Form available , you may send your messages.