Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Not all Women hate Men but do they care for Men’s problem?

ARUP, WAS 14 the first time a women grabbed him inappropriately without permission. He was at a family functions and he can’t quite remember what he did to raise her ire, but he remember her grabbing him from behind. 

Then she yelled something to her ladies group friends about Arup’s private parts was not fitting into her hands. All her friends enjoy the same and poor Arup run away from there with shame.

Take his age out of the equation and most people would be more surprised about believing that that’s a sexual harassment to boys, playing with their private parts when done by any women or girls.

Playing with boys private parts , kiss their private parts, forcefully remove their cloths , punish them in front of other kids as Naked is very common not only in Urban society , even  I had witness in remote villages also. But if the victim is boy, none term it as sexual harassment.

Samir other 16 years guys, just got expelled notice from his school and got termed a molester, as his parents had a heated arguments with School Principal regarding excessive demand of Donation.

Now those  boys became 18+ and gets termed as Men , but the sexual assault or abuse on them does not stop , it continue in various form , they even get raped by women/Girls but can’t even cry for get raped . The moment they will cry for rape, instead of treating him as victim, the law will term him a rapist.

As soon as a man tries to explain a problem that affects all men, like “some women can get very aggressive when they’re rejected”, the hand-waving response is often just “not all women”. That is a comment that helps no one, clarifies nothing and only achieves the derailing of a conversation about an important problem. We know it’s not all women, but when the problems are experienced by pretty much all men, something has to change.

Being an ex-male feminist witness many brain wash advocacy that Feminism isn’t about hating men it’s about equality.  But when it comes to the victim of sexual, physical, mental, economical abuse of men in the hand of women, feminist show their true picture. All the ideology of equality goes out and desperate attempt made to justify all wrong doing of women against men as exceptions.

A Live example:

Today morning when I was driving for office there was a program in FM Radio regarding recent reports of more than 93% Pick picketers in Delhi Metro found are women/girls, but a young girl made RJ Raunak clean bowled by logic that girls/women are not expert of theft , so they get caught , but boys are expert so they never get caught and run away.

So in spite of having evidence on record we will still term Boys/men is culprit on assumption based theory only. CCTV footage will show how some women is beating boys/men left, right or center, but no case will be filed against such women, whereas without any evidence the molestation case will be filed against the men/boys on mere verbal allegations.

There are enough bad girls/women out there but men had been never taught how to avoid being get raped, what to do when get abused by women/Girls, how to hold your nerve or protect yourself when any women/girls get violent.

In reply of #MansWorld Misandry Videos

Ask any men, all of us have at least one own story in their life about a girl or women they had witness, who got aggressive after being rejected to full fill their illogical demand.

Roughly one of every two men/boys will experience sexual assault once they’re over the age of 13. Most of those men/boys won’t report the incident because men/boys are raised to believe that they’re in some way responsible, so this mass outcry goes in deaf ears only.

What’s sadly not surprising is that even though (or perhaps because) it took a lot of courage for the men to speak about the things that had happened to them, there was still a big backlash against them.

The laughably named “Women rights activists” always tried to turn the conversation back to how horrible men were responsible for rape of women and how dare men seek equality, taking “rights” to be victim away from women ?

This conversation is important to have because while not all women will go around abusing people, but a large number of women still think abuse any men is their birth right and any wrong they do against men is justified as Self-defense and will go Scot free .

More than that, all of these issues are the things that men need to speak up about, instead of just replying with “not all women” hate men and non-male hater women also need to learn listen and think about how they can be part of the solution, even if they’re not actively part of the problem.

Stop Abuse of Men, as Men are Human too.



Narayan Singh said...

Dada mein aapke sare blogs videos follow karta hu. Ab mein jaan sakta hu ki hum aadmio ka kitna mushkil hai jeena iss desh India mein . taking birth as men in India is a crime, rightly said by you. No one listens to the attrocities done by wife on a husband and his family members. No listens. Ab toh log dhukhi hote hai ki ladka hua hai, aur ladki hona toh sach mein ek ache family mein toh sochna bhi paap hai jaisi auratein pooja Mishra aur jasleen ho toh kaun inka sach sunega

Swarup Sarkar said...

Time to #SpeakUpMan and fight than just ignore the abuse of Men.