Thursday, 8 October 2015


Domestic Violence is not a Gender specific Problem, but who is going to say the truth to Indian Law makers and radical Feminist groups ?

We have witness various study reports which confirms, men and boys are also subject to Domestic Violence as equal as women/girls, in the form of Verbal abuse, Physical abuse , Mental abuse, economical abuse  or sexual abuse.

Till the time WCD study came open that 53% Child abuse victims are boys, none had imagined on their dream the Problem our boys are going through. 

But there is no effort made by UN or our Government to stop that . Today the situation is so worse even child getting killed , men getting burnt alive , men attacked with acid also, but all go unnoticed by common people of India as Media never shows us the truth.

When it comes to count the number of  victim of Suicide, murder, here also Men outnumbered by 2 to 3 times compared to women in India , but still there is no effective step by government to recornise Men are Victim of Heinous crime too.

On the other hand when a men even suffered in cancer also termed as Domestic Violence accused and subject to extortion/ blackmailing in India by various unfair laws.

Join hands to Stop Abuse of men and boys, as they are Human too..

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