Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Well Come #FeministWorld to Shame #MansWorld ?

Office Decorum, Code of Conduct and Ethics are the foundation and bedrock of our daily work practices. It is therefore, critical to understand and apply them in our professional work schedules. The attached document is a ready reference of the same. This document has also been uploaded on the intranet for easy access.

Let us hold ourselves personally accountable for incorporating these principles in our work life. Any evidence of non-compliance with regard to the policies is unhealthy for the organization and will lead to strict action against the employee responsible.

Great thought right, but do you know in #FeministWorld the word Employee had been changed to Men in India with the logic, after all its #MensWorld and United Nation (@UN) claim to be promoting Gender Equality?

So, the earlier guidelines for Employee Code of Conduct revised as under via another #Unfairlaw in the name of Stop Work Place Harassment and supported by misnadric United Nation also.

Men Employees should observe the principal of mutual respect, dignity and courtesy to other employees as well as to visitors and customers.

Men Employees should ensure that they do not exhibit any inappropriate act , conduct, behavior, conversion or dealings with regards to sexual harassment, both on official premises and elsewhere, during the office hours as well as beyond office hours. Harassment of any kind, Physical, Verbal, Written, Visual or suggestive is not acceptable.

Men Employee should observe telephone etiquette and should also be little mindful and sensitive about the pitch and volume as we are seated in an open office.

Men Employees should ensure that during office hours the ring tones and volume of mobile ringers should be as per office decorum. Also mobile phones should be kept in silent mode during the meetings. 

Men Employees given official mobiles have to be accessible on the mobile at all the times.

Men Employees must refrain from using abusive, provocative language and should avoid creating or being party to a disturbance.

Men Employees should not engage in running, throwing objects, or immoral or indecent behavior in office premises.

Men Employees should not have guest visit them in their work areas. Guest including Vendors, Customers, and Dealers/Distributors/CSAs/C&F agents should be seated in the guest area or in the meeting room area.
Men Employee must adhere to dress norms and uniforms in office as well as on official tours, meetings with vendors/customers.

Men Employees must not, under any circumstances bring firearms or weapons or unauthorized items to the office premises.

Men Employees should use office property and equipments for authorized purpose only.

Men Employees should be at their own work areas unless required to be at any other place for any specific work.

Men Employees must ensure not to leave printouts at common printer area and collect only the printouts belonging to their work.

Men Employees should eat and drink tea/coffee only at designated places. Eating and drinking is not allowed in office area i.e. at the workstations as well as in cabins.

Men Employees are required to follow these guidelines of appropriate office conduct in the true sprit. Strict action will be enforced on employees found not to following these guidelines.



Now what about Women Employees?   

Answer : Do whatever you want, after all it's #FeministWorld .

As in India in the workplace harassment Law there is no Punishment to Women Employees for their any mis-conduct or sexual assault on men or on other women.

Report : Women in India are more Safe

If any company HR department dared to take any action against you or sack you as a former women employee you have many legal right like :

1.     To term the even Company Directors Misogynist and defame them in media.

2.     To file sexual harassment cases, there is no need of any evidence, your verbal allegations sufficient to term any Men Employees a molester or sexual offenders. 

3.     Claim 100 crs to 1000 crs as compensations on the name of mental harassment.

4.     Your name and identity to be protected.

5.     After inquiry if your allegations found false/fabricated or to gain self-interest, such reports even will not be available via RTI (Right to Information). 

Well Come the #FeministWorld , they claim Promoting Gender Equality  by creating naming and shaming Videos of men supported by United Nations ( @UN) in the name of #MansWorld.

Stop Abuse of Men,Men are Human too. 

Time to replace the word men/women to Employees in India’s present #UnFairLaw .


Narayan Singh said...

Very rightly pen it down. Hope feminist will get some akaal from this blog. Otherwise we as men will die of harrassment by the society law police office etc etc.

rajbir singh1986 said...

Gonna share it in my office.

Amrit Acharya said...

This is the true picture.You have rightly said all rules & regulations for men only.