Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Watch: Pooja Mishra caught again on CCTV creating ruckus in store in Delhi

#MansWorld video ka #RaitaaPhailGaya : Watch: Pooja Mishra again caught on CCTV creating ruckus in a  Delhi Shop.
Wake up & #StopAbuseMen

Pooja Mishra once again Caught in CCTV Camera as per Zee News report beating Men left , right and center. She even threatened them to Kill by showing Gun , which found afterward it's a Toy Gun.

The question arise why such type of women/girls found repeatedly found abusing men , beating men  and still moving freely in India ? If any men had been found doing such activity should not he had been put in behind the bar ?

Thanks to misandric mindset of our great Delhi Commissioner of Police Mr. B.S.Bassi .

Due to his insensitive approach towards crime against men by Women , such crime is increasing and will increase . In spite of having CCTV footage , he will never file any case against Pooja Mishra as seen earlier, where as he will prefer to advice police to file Molestation case against some men .

Mr. B.S.Bassi when you can't even stop a crime by Women against men , do you really have any moral right to be in such Post ? 

Thanks to Unfair Law enforcing Police department of Indian Capital , where in the name of watch a women/girls more than 15 seconds boys had been put in Jail without any evidence , but when women/girls found doing  open rucks captured in CCTV as evidence still Mr. B.S.Bassi failed to take any action.

And Ms. Maneka Gandhi , all Violence created by Men , right ?

We know Delhi guys will never rise their Voices against such Violent women , so let keep men or boys get abused /beat up in Road, Home, Office, Shop repeatedly. Thanks to their misandric mindset .


Narayan Singh said...

This is what we r heading in a society where a women can do anything I'll and will not be punished by any authority. And still v talk abt equality. Jahan soch wahin achai. Women stop misusing ur gender otherwise a day will come no one will belive in you. #poojamishra like girls r spoiling the society. And Mr. Swarup very well written but this bassi is suffering from #WomenNeverLie #WomenNeverCheat shame on such police ppl.

S.K. said...

Mr. Bassi is a very busy man and is busy in some other important matters of his own interest. Why should he be worried about criminal activities. Law takes its own path and for girls/women, the God has forgotton to create the path as the corrupt officials have lust to keep this source of income as permanent.

Mehul Rathod said...

There is nothing like men in India. Now a days men in India has became abla mard. It seems that no one is there to listen pain of a men.if women suicides after marrigae caught with her lover red handed, husband and his family are blamed and tried in a long lasting legal battle. There is nothing like feminist they are terrorist trying to break Indian culture. Really shame to this people.