Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why to Celebrate International Mens Day ?

Hope many of you had already got the answer of the Question : When is International Men's day ?

Yes, you are right it's 19th November of every year !!!

In a country we have Government funded authority/Commission even to protect the rights and welfare of Trees , animal , but none for Men. When it comes to issue like Crime against men or high Men suicide, Job-loss of Men, Men health issue , our Government always prefers to go on silent mode.



Them of this Year International Men's Day by Save Family Foundation ( SFF)  : Men are Human too

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But still you are wondering Why to Celebrate International  Men's Day to give some love or respect to the men in your life?

  • Watch & Share "SIFAR : Documentary on International Men's Day !" on YouTube 


Uma Challa , a Hyderabad based Women who writes about Fight for Gender Equality ,  prefers to bring the same via her Blog Pictures.

Photo credit: Minal Adkar Veturi. Pune. India

Save Family Foundation ( SFF) , Delhi based NGO working for Men presents picture messages to all and appeal :

  • Don't forget to Say Happy Men's day to all our Men in Life on 19th November and show some concern of problem they are facing in society as a Men. 

So get ready and Join @SFFNGO to Say : Happy Men's Day as Men are Human too !!


ab said...

The men should also be given rights as human being.They also deserve a life of love, care and dignity. They have emotions too and their emotional need should also be respected.
They should not be treated as bonded labor or slaves or cash-machines of their wives or children. When they are given the responsibility, they should also be given their rights. And men's rights violation by women should also be made punishable in equal severity as in case of women's rights violation.

neeraj juneja said...

Nice article.