Monday, 19 October 2015

When is International Men's day ?

Question : When is International Men's day ?

  • 23rd January
  • 15th August
  • 26th January
  • 2nd October
  • 19th November

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Them of this Year International Men's Day by Save Family Foundation ( SFF)  : Men are Human too

In a country we have Government funded authority/Commission even to protect the rights and welfare of Trees , animal , but none for Men. When it comes to issue like Crime against men or high Men suicide , Job-loss of Men , Men health issue , our Government always prefer to go on silent mode . 



On the eve of International Men's day , SFF demand and seek your support as per  resolutions passed in 7thSIF-National Meets by more than 50 NGO’s:

1.    India should have a “Commission for Men”.
2.    National Family Health Survey should include Domestic Violence on Men.
3.    Make Shared Parenting as per UN Convention of Child Rights.
4.    Effective counseling and helpline for distressed and abused men to reduce men’s suicide.
5.    Amendments of CrPC 340 and IPC 182 to punish misuse of laws as these present laws are ineffective.
6.    Protection of identity of accused person. Merely on an allegation, the identity of the accused should not be revealed to the media.
7.    In all gender biased laws, the terms ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ should be replaced by the term ‘Person’ and also the terms ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ should be replaced by the term ‘Spouse’.
8.    Government should have separate funds and create policies to rehabilitate survivors of false cases.

Stop Abuse of Men as Men are Human too.


Time to Stop Dirty  Rape Politics


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YAKSH said...

19 November

YAKSH said...

19 November

khanthejourno said...

Its high time govt shd start treating men n women equally... Laws to protect women have become laws to abuse n exploite men. Women r taking these for granted n even nt sparing their in-laws.... I know a friend whose career got crushed due to false case by his wife. Even his old parents n brothers n sisters got arrested n sent to jail. Although court ruled in favour of this family their life, prestige everything was ruined.