Sunday, 27 January 2013

Woman throws acid on boyfriend's face! #AcidAttack Justice Verma do you Know?


Men are Human too , Don't ignore crime against men


Woman throws acid on boyfriend's face

New DelhiA 24-year-old woman threw acid on the face of her boyfriend in east Delhi on Sunday after he failed to fulfill his promise to marry her, police said.

Arti Dikshit, a resident of Yamuna Vihar, attacked Vineet Kumar, 25, at Cross River Mall in Anand Vihar. She feared that he was about to desert her, police said.

"We received a call and rushed Vineet to hospital. He suffered 45 per cent burn injuries," Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Asif Mohammad Ali told IANS.

Police found Arti in Surajmal Vihar, near the mall. "We have detained her and informed her parents," said Ali.

Arti called Vineet, a resident of Maujpur, to the mall on the pretext of watching a movie. After spending two hours, they entered into an alteration over the issue of marriage, police said.

During the argument, she took out an acid bottle from her purse and threw acid on Vineet's face.
We wonder why Justice Verma was so blind and do not recornise the crime had no gender.  The electronic media always try to pupress such News.

This is not a single News there are several news also available one of them:

Woman throws acid on three siblings over property dispute »
Daughter throws acid on mother's face over family dispute »

Justice Verma and his gang will strongly argue the crime done against women is far more than against men, so let some men suffer and make the law gender bias as the life of some men or women is not valuable as the crime done by some abala nari.

But they forget it is not the numbers game, injustice some where is direct treat to justice every where. Number of Terrorist/murder in the form of Women is very less, so does all prevention of Terrorist act will be only for men? Drink and drive very women does, so does the same law should be only for men?

Request all honest citizen of India, Stop this legal terrorism of India against Indian men and demand to your MP/MLA to make gender neutral LAW as a Natural Justice all over world follow and immediately replace the word "Husband/wife" to "Spouse" and "Men/women" to "Person" or be ready to pay heavy price tomorrow as crime in society is going to increase in multiform. 

Many men well fare NGO shocked and finds it hard to believe that given the credibility and collective legal experience of the committee how could the committee choose and include only archaic and highly dangerous clauses and exclude female sexual predators or crime done by women who are also guilty of committing sexual assault and acid attack?

Presumption of guilt of a man, removal of misuse clause for women and adding an additional section for matrimonial rape in additional to already existing 15 laws for women in a matrimonial setting is something very preposterous on part of the committee. While the human rights, social rights, and legal rights of women were brought up many times by Justice Verma in his press conference, none of the same rights have been conferred on men through his legal recommendations. Men cannot expect to get a fair trial should any of these recommendations come into existence.
The above news proved beyond reasonable dought doubt on the level of due diligence claimed by the committee in the law amendment recommendations and believes it is essentially a blind copy of the recommendations proposed by a handful of aggressive women’s organizations invited for deposition.
So, my humble request , law should not be on emotion and crime does not have any sex, caste or religion , so the first priority the law should be gender neutral. If women do not do rape , they will not be punished, but outright say, women do not do rape or sexual assault, is wrong and such mindset in law making process will increase the crime in society.

Join SIF Team to Stop this legal terrorism of India and demand to replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse and Men/women to Person to related LAW or policy like all over world follow instead of making assumption that all Women born in Raja Harish Chandra family ( never lie) and all Men born in Criminal family. 


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Narasimha Rao Malisetti said...

Stop legal terrorism..

Anjan Chowdhury said...

False 498A and Dowry cases has ruined this country; many intelligent and hardworking male now studies Law ( forsaking their own profession of science, engineering, medical, business and commerce etc) to safe and protect themselves from false civil and criminal cases filed by their wives. This is loss of the human resource for the country.

Whereas rape of a woman is not only bad but worst form of crime, so is FALSE CASES of rape against Man. The two are not different. In both the cases, the individual and their families are tormented and shattered. False rape cases against men are equally HEINOUS.

We have all read and heard false rape cases in news papers & TV and Justice Verma knew of it more than the common public. He ought to have suggested measures to prevent false cases of rape because they are no less HEINOUS then actual rape.

While all possible measures have been taken to prevent rapes, but nothing is done to prevent false cases of rapes. Justice Verma ought to have been PRUDENT in this matter.

His introduction of Marital rape will doom this country. There is going to be endless litigation. How is the husband going to prove his innocence in case of allegation of Marital rape?? If the husband is indeed a rogue, who is preventing her from walking out of that marriage?? But why dragging the husband into litigation through rape charges??

Justice Verma has opened floodgates of cases.

Anonymous said...

honestly support this cause.

Sameer Kasavkar said...

My wife is not living with me and my family for last 3 months,she use to have quarels for petty issue,now she is pregnant and forced me to take a rented house near her mother's place claiming that my family does not take care of her, but instead we were very happy to know the news that she was pregnant,i am the only son to look after them hence impossible to me to stay away from them, as i have to look after both, i also agreed to take a rented house near my parents but she did not agreed to this, on 15 dec 2013 we even called a meeting taking into consideration peoples from both the family but she caame with 4 friends too and started blaming me and my family, i front of everyone she said that she wants divorce from me, but me and my family are even now ready to take care of both her and the baby,but now she is saying that i do not have time to do any divorce procedure and is even not ready to come back,i have a fear that she may create a big problem for me and my family in near future,so please help to guide me through this

Ranu Upadhyay said...

Mere bhai bhi is sab trauma se gujar raha hai . Uspar sare jhoote case lagaye gaye hai yar uske in laws wale humlogo ko dhamki dete hai ki court mei humlog siddhii la jhoota natak kar ke tumko buri tarah phasa degne . Meri mummy ko usne bhaut torture kiya hai aur bhaiya ko bhi .papa mere phele hi expire kar chuke hai. Ab mummy aur bhaiya ko kaise bachhaya jaye aap log kuch help kariye.Kya meri mummy ek auart nhi hai jo un par intna attyachar ho raha hai aur karne wali bhi ek aurat hai .ab wo kehti hai ki wapaus augni uske naam se hi hum log disturb ho jate hai. Hum sabhi log bhaut jayada mentally diaturb ho chuke hai. An itni takat nhi hai ki age unke aane ke baad phir wo sab torture jhela jaye . So plz help us.
I want to join ur group