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Workshop by NGO SFF at Delhi : Hope for Men

Ajoy and Bijay, both well educated guy working in Top MNC. Both of them studies hard, preformed excellent in their Professional life. They had attended best of world-class training program. Ask them any rule of Cricket game, you can’t beat them.

Irony is both them was in the dream to get married one day and get settled in India and will have a happy family. For them getting married was top most priority in their life, as if they don’t get married society will term them useless guy or not men enough.

 They used to consider the chances of disputes in their married life will be Nil, so never bothered to know the unfair, biased criminal laws of India related to marriage and family.

Result after marriage within few months have to face the reality of laws like 498A , Domestic Violence act, CRPC125, Section24 , Divorce along with his parents/relative charged with molestation ( 354) , attempt to rape  or rape ( 376).

Now, one hand when Ajoy take the path to fight back against such injustice and Join hands with SIF network, Bijay prefer to end his life by suicide.  

Ajoy was in the merge of arrest, as Police successfully able to manipulate the recent SC order regarding crpc41 , but with his knowledge and network , he able to come out from police station with head high after 8 hours detention .

On the other hand Bijay unable to face the reality and in the fear of getting arrest, fear of losing social reputation ends this life instead of fight back.

Ajoy today is a self supported volunteers who spread awareness , meet others who also victims like him, give them courage to fight against this injustice , where as Bijay suicide only became a small news in some local news papers and his age old parents, sisters running form pillar to post to fight the cases . They lost their main back bone already and dying every day.

Fear of arrest, fear of losing Job, fear of losing social reputation, fear of to be termed criminal for a crime which they had never do became a nightmare for every day. Their all knowledge, training program go in vain to find any logical solution.  Because this is called Legal Terrorism and there is no logic, how to find the solution. The fast you try to resolve the puzzle, you end up in more big trouble. 

There was two more guys Amir and Samir. Both is working in UK in top MNC and have tag of NRI. But their life changed when they prefer to get married to Indian girls. Within week’s time both termed as criminal under 498A along with his parents, relative, married sisters, married sisters Husband.

Amir started to find top well known advocates and fight hard to get bail. After paying lacks of rupees his parents get bail after spending spend 3 days in jail. In the mean time he changed 4 top rated advocate and the case status is after 7 years last month only charge sheet filed by police. Now he is again running from pillar to post to find top rated advocated so that his case can be taken as fast trail and decision comes in next 6 to 8 months.

But Samir, prefer to Join SIF networks, became a self supported volunteer, start to meet many victims like him in UK, try to update this knowledge, update this knowledge about Indian judiciary and plan his strategy and execute the same. Result within 3 years he came out as winner from Calcutta court.

The difference between them was, Samir try to find an advocate who can represent him in court, than he became representative of advocate, where as Amir became representative of his advocate than his advocate became representative of  him.

There were Ravinder and Shivendar . Both were accused to rape their office staff in a Lift. Both were high profile persons and both cases media trail done at their best.

Result Ravinder , spend months in Jail and at last able to secure bail from SC after spending lacks of money and political powers, as it is he himself advocated such unfair law, where any men can be termed  rapist by a women's verbal allegations, no medical evidence required. Power full men like Ravinder always ignored the caution we made time to time.

Shivendar also done the same mistakes like Ravinder , ignored our caution , but without any ego , he prefer to call SIF-one , than blindly follow advocate , result though he lost his Job, but able to secure AB from high court without arrest.

Now both are ready to fight back, but the damage in Ravinder cases had been done so much, very difficult to defend, whereas Shivendar build his case in such a way even media trail also failed to influence judiciary.
There is non-disputed theory, knowledge is power and the more you share it with others it increasing than decreasing.

None can snatch knowledge form you which you gained, but the money, assets, reputation you earned can be snatched in minute by any unfair Law of India, whose basic foundation principal is Women Never Lie and Women Never Cheat.

When you get trapped in such no- man’s land, except your own knowledge none can help you.
  • So, if you’re a Man married or working in India, its must for you to attend this training module of SFF in association with Hridaya at Delhi on 12th July from 2PM to 6PM.

How can You Join For free entry ?

Don’t think the chances of getting trapped in such cases in India is nil for you or your friend, your son, your brother or your father. We have even today witness many wives also calling us for help as their own husband get trapped by their office female staff in fake molestation, rape or workplace harassment cases.

So, SFF in association with Hridaya ,  invite you all irrespective of your caste, religion, sex or profession a must to attend Workshop called Hope for men and make knowledge a Power by witnessing many success and failure story of SIF Network movement.
P.S. All Name changed to Protect Person's privacy.

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