Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Delhi Girls Try to Rape Auto Driver

Two Delhi Girls Try to rape Men, One arrested

When it comes to Rape, Molestation or acid attack, we Indian men and women never agree to accept the same crime can be done by a women or girls, due to our Misandric mind set.

When a women or girls rape a men we termed it as Love, affection, where as when the men try to make the complaint, instead of treating him as victim, he himself land in Jail on as accused of rape or molest women as per IPC354 or IPC376. So, the men victim of rape suffer in silently or end this life, as neither law or society or media support him.

So, when we see the news that in Delhi two girls tried to rape, molest and made MMS of men, we had never been surprised. It shows some courage of some media house to show the truth in front of us, though main stream media prefer to ignore it. 

Girls molest auto driver in Delhi , one arrested - YouTube

Here the girls can't be booked under a molestation act ( IPC354) forget about attempt to rape ( IPC376). They will be booked under simple assault or cheating case and will get scot-free very soon.  

Such cases you will never find in National Crime Bure report , as such cases never considered as crime under IPC354 or IPC376. So, the crime against men by women will be shown always as Zero and keep claim women or girls don't rape or molest men in India.

Many developed countries including UK already made Rape or sexual assaults Law, work place harassment law as Gender Neutral. In UK itself more than 65000 women and girls found guilty of raping men and boys, then wonder why not a single women in India had not found guilty?

It’s because when a women or girls rape a men or boys, it never considered as crime in spite "The Law Commission in one of its Report dated March, 2000 had  recommended that laws relating to rape or sexual assaults to be made gender  neutral.

Our Justice Verma Committee and their supporting gang, made all effort to Protect Indian Rapist women and get got Scot free.  

They even forced government to change the original ordinance where the provision was made to Punish irrespective of Gender, a person can be accused for rape or molestation.

Biased Justice Verma and his gang strongly argued the crime done against women is far more than against men, so let some men suffer and make the law gender bias as the life of some men’s are not valuable .  

Even our Law makers also surrender in front of them and ironed the earlier LAW commission’s report to make rape / Sexual assaults law Gender Neutral.

They forget it is not the numbers game, injustice somewhere is direct treat to justice everywhere. Number of Terrorist/murder in the form of Women or men is much less than total population, so does all prevention of Terrorist act or Murder act will be only for men? Number of women caught in Drink and drives also much less (90% cases police do not even register a case against women), so does the same law should be only for men?

Request all honest citizen of India, demand to your MP/ MLA to make gender neutral LAW as a Natural Justice all over world follow and immediately replace the word "Husband/wife" to "Spouse" and "Men/women" to "Person" or be ready to pay heavy price tomorrow as crime in society is going to increase in multiform. 

Women organizations always give logic whenever any discussion to amend the anti-men laws come in sight, that good men will not suffer from such law, only bad men are booked by such laws. Abuse or misuse of a law is not a valid ground to stop making any law etc.

So, same logic should not apply that if any good women does not rape, molest or acid attack to boyfriends, they will not be punished, very simple logic, but what the logic they have, when bad women like bad men do heinous crime like Rape, molestation or acid attack, the same should not be termed as crime in India ? 

Would love to hear from you.

My humble request, law should not be on emotion as crime does not have any sex, caste or religion, so the first priority the law should be gender neutral. If women do not do rape, molest or acid attack on boyfriends, they will not be punished, but outright say, women do not do rape or sexual assault, is wrong and such mindset in law making process will increase the crime in society.

It’s time to stop Protecting Rapist women of India also. Men are Human too.


Sahil Kapoor said...

Thank you

Partha Sadhukhan said...

This incident of a woman raping a man just became public. We are not sure how many more such incidents are taking place and going unreported.

avinash said...

Society needs to know that Girl/women are also capable of doing such heinous crime. Punish these girls and send message to the society.

Anonymous said...

Good, let more men come out than suffer in silently . Time to punish those girls/women who rape men or boys in India also.

YAKSH said...

आज पुरुषों और पति-परिवारों के लिए बहुत ही बुरा वक़्त चल रहा है. महिला सशक्तिकरण के नाम पर एक तरफ महिलाओं के गलत कामों को भी जायज ठहराया जा रहा है तो दूसरी तरफ हर पुरुष को अपराधी माना जा रहा है. एक ऑटो चालक को अपनी इज्जत बचाने के लिए अपनी जान जोखिम में डालनी पड़ी शुक्र है कि सिर्फ टाँगे टूटी जिन्दा बच गया अगर मर गया होता तो यही खबर छपती की रेप करने की कोशिश कर रहा था.
अब भी लोग मानने को तैयार नहीं हैं कि लड़कियाँ ऐसा भी कर सकती हैं? संसद और न्याय व्यस्था तो बिलकुल भी नहीं. न जाने कितने पुरूषों और पति-परिवारों की जान लेकर ये लोग इस सच्चाई को स्वीकार करेंगे।
तब तक ईश्वर हमें ये अत्याचार/ अन्याय सहने की शक्ति दे।

ravi gupta said...

Appreciate your all efforts put in to collect such informative article

neeraj juneja said...

Good blog.

SAURABH said...

Very depressing and sad to hear this.Actually the mindset of lawmakers is such that they should be called foolish.If something like happens to them or there male family members perhaps then only they would alter the laws.One point i would like to raise that most male rape victims report that they were threatened by the women to be implicated in a false rape charge if they dont agree.In fear of false rape charge they allow the woman to rape them.I will say that there is no need to fear a criminal woman.Most men are physically stronger and they should use physical force to resist such barbaric act.

Anonymous said...

Two Girls Caught On Camera Attempting to Rape a Guy