Thursday, 2 July 2015

Did Our Misandric PMO Mr. Narendra Modi forget Fathers day?

It’s nice to see that our Misandric Prime Minister, Mr. NarendraModi doesn’t forget to wish all our Canadian Friends on the eve of #Canadaday,but the irony is the Indian PMO always forgets #Fathersday. 

We have not witnessed any wishes from him on #Fathersday, poor Indian Fathers!!

It’s not only the PMO , even most of the front line Electronic Media prefer to forget the same except few like NDTV who have shown some courage to re-telecast programs like #Housedad in India.

On a positive note we had observed in 2015 number of Brands who recognized #Fathersdayand had used the Social media for various Promotional activity like #HugyourDad, #Luv2Dad even #SelfiwithDad also.

The selfless efforts and sacrifices a father does for their Child can’t be compensated by any means, but on Father Day, which is falls on the 3rd Sunday of June every year, and has been recognized all over world, more than 90% people in India are not even aware.

We have witnessed in countries like USA the outcome of a Fatherless child society,there are various studies highlighting this social degeneration:

 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes (Source: National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools.).

Not only that probability of a Father less child subject to abuse, gone in depression, run away from home or even became a hardcore criminal increase by 8 to 10 time more.

Volunteers of Save Family Foundation understand the need of Public awareness, as the contribution of a Father in their child’s life is enormous, which none can buy with money, power or by thousand years of effort like hi-tech Digital India programs.

They prefer to spend the Weekend in the heart of Capital at Connaught Place, New Delhi on 21stof June and meet many child, men and women. They happily distribute Gifts, Chocolate,Ice cream to many privileged as well as underprivileged children of Delhi.

The street was roaring with voices like, “Happy Fathers day “, “East or West my Father is the best” and supported thousands of people, some of the moment captured by this beautiful Video made by Mr. Joy Ghosh worth to view than some Z-Grade #Misandric video in the name of like My choice .

Father's Day SIF Delhi - YouTube

1 day ago - Uploaded by Joy Ghosh
SIF Delhi chapter celebrated Father's Day on 21st June 2015.

Witness many outlet in Connaught Place, New Delhi, hanging big banners for various promotional discounts offers , like 50% off on food/Drink, 30% off in cloth , 40% off in Golf kit to name a few.

We thank all of them who have recognized the fact that Fathers also deserve to be loved and gifted. Would also like to remind them about the upcoming #Mensday in 19th November, which we know our #Misandric PMO as well as prominent electronic media will conveniently forget.

At the end as we witness in the video, a young guy said, in your life your friends or Girlfriends can dump you, but your parents never do that and in the parents list a name called “Father” also exists.

On the other hand we witness many unfortunate fathers in the event unable to stop their tears and hug each others, as our cruel Family court Judges never allow the Fathers any easy access of their own child in the name of disputes in Family matters.

Even if some Judge allows some 1 or 2 hours monthly to visit their own child, it’s their cruel wives who repeatedly violate such order with impunity and the Hon Judges turn a blind eye on such violations of orders.

Time to realize, it’s not only a Father rights, it is a Child right to have access of their own fathers, so that every child also can Hug their dad and say Happy Father’s Day every 3rd Sunday in themonth of June.
History  :The most neglected day in the (male) calendar.

Father's Day started in the early 20th century in the United States to celebrate fatherhood and to complement Mother's Day. It was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA by Sonora Smart Dodd. She heard about Mother's Day in 1909 and told her pastor she thought fathers should have a similar holiday. Her father raised six children as a single parent. The local clergymen agreed to the idea and the first Father's Day sermon was given on June 19, 1910. 


Partha Sadhukhan said...

Very good article. Importance of father's have long been ignored. Such articles make us remember the same. It is surprising that the pmo has ignored such a day.


Joy Ghosh said...

The irony and most touching part of the Father's Day celebration was that most of the Activists who were bringing smile on the face of the fathers in CP on 21st June are themselves deprived of meeting their children because of the gender biased child custody laws of our country.

Joy Ghosh