Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What precautions should be taken at the time of marriage of son/Brother?

In India today marriage had became a crime by default for Husband and all their family members. If the marriage failed, irrespective of its whose fault , it is the Husband family have to be termed as criminal, thanks to all unfair, biased Law on principal all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra Family (#WomenNeverlie ) and all men born in Criminal family only. 

The major problem, 98% people even do not know the danger of marriage in India and believe the chances of failed marriage is Nil , lead to victim of Legal Terrorism.

At the time of marriage every item given or taken irrespective by Husband family or wives Family or by any relative, its “Stredhan” a women’s legal right and property, but if any disputes happened all became Dowry. Hope you all now understand, why after 60 years of passing law like DP3/4, still women organizations keep crying and demand more anti-men law , because the dowry had made Legal right of Women via sweet terms “Stredhan”.

Common Myths:
         I have not taken any dowry, nothing can happen to me.
         I’ll be arrested as soon as cases are filed.
         Dowry cases can’t be filed after 7 yrs of marriage.
         I have hired a “good” lawyer, so I am in safe hands.

Wake up! It is Legal Terrorism, no Logic or common sense applies here, she can file cases and you have to start to fight back instead of surrender. You take Dowry or not demand Dowry; does not qualify for any auto protection or grantee that you can't be a Criminal, if marriage failed in India.

 What all Cases can be filed on me?

          IPC 498A till you or your entire relative die.
         IPC 304B in case wife die within 7 years by accident/medical negligence/suicide/murder  and the same will be termed as Dowry Death by default.
          IPC 406
          IPC 323
          IPC 504
          IPC 506
          IPC 511
          IPC 307*
          CrPC 125
          PWDVA 2005
          IPC 376A, 376B, IPC 376C (Husband relative / friends)
          IPC 354 (Husband relative / friends)

So, the question comes in mind what precautions should be taken at the time of marriage of son/brother?

Frankly speaking there is no full proof method, but you may reduce some risk by :

          Do Not marry in a 498A family
         Avoid marry someone who are in hurry to get married
         First cross check how many lie had been told, start of girls age, education, job, assets, Location, other family members details and life style. Don’t ignore even a small lie, because a liar is always liar and such people are very dangerous.
         Before marriage must meet and try to understand the life style of Mother-in-Law and sister-in-law first.
          Do not marry in the family where people are involved in illegal / fraudulent activities.
         Avoid marry to someone from Long distance, if you are not comfortable to travel those places frequently or don’t have any close relative or friends. (Like you stay in Bangalore and marry someone from Punjab or J&K).
          Make sure that the list of Gifts (“stridhan”) is signed by the couple along with 2 witnesses from each side. This should be video graphed.
          Marriage certificate should say that NO dowry was given or taken during the marriage.
         At the end Chanakya advice, marry someone for inner beauty than outside beauty.

Prefer doing only Court Marriage and no pomp and show events to avoid allegations tomorrow, it was demanded by you only such massive expenses for marriage. 

P.S. These are General Guide Lines, may differ cases to case basics. If you can live a life without so called wife, none is better than that , but still if you want to take the risk of marry in India , spend some time to understand their inner beauty , keeping in mind , if you refuse to marry can be termed as Rapist also.


Dr. said...

really very educative.

Partha Sadhukhan said...

An eye opener.. Must read for everyone


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Very good one,but can be more descriptive.Pls extend it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dada for this awareness article.

ab said...

It must be given wide publicity in newspapers etc so that all bachelors take due precaution

SIF Jammu said...

Why did you not advise us earlier :(
I am married and 498aed by a women from JnK.