Friday, 17 July 2015

Hidden Face of Indian Wives : True Love or Abuse ?

It was Saturday morning 7.30AM in Delhi as I forget to disable to my daily alarm in mobile phone, started crying, wake up , wake up , good morning tune.

I have no other option but to wake up and have to touch the screen of my android mobile to confirm, yes I had wake up to make him silent.

Very surprised to see in my serious Whats-app group, a guy posted a Video in name: “True Love” – Murga by RJ Naved.

My first reaction was why the hell he had posted this in a serious whats-app group where strict instruction, no forward of Jokes and you will be banned.

Then I open the Video and understand its people termed as Joke , but the Hidden face of maximum Indian Wives , which we witness or experienced many times in our daily life .

My anger vanished in 3 minute, after all the person who send unfortunately belongs to worlds most hated community called as Indian Husbands . Even some  terrorist community of India also had not been hated so much .

A great thumps Up to RJ Naved , who bring this hidden Faces to our Notice , which every one know , but none dare to telecast.

P.S. Wives face have to be hidden as showing her face in public itself is a crime for Husband in India, as per unfair IPC354 and Domestic Violence act.

Yes you will also have a good laugh, like in this video back ground done along with mine also.

But if this had been done by any Husband to his wife, it had been a breaking News till now.

  •  Indian Husbands abuses their wives, many one-sided funded survey had been flashed. 

  • Twitter, face book had been filled up to make it viral and termed every Husband of India are wife abuser, right?

  • Many documentary film makers had been traveled from UK or USA to India to show the whole world, how sick our Indian mindset. There had been mass protest in India gate to force government make another new law and demand hang to such wife abusers, right? 

But when any women or wives abuse any men or Husband, its fun, joke, entertainment and enjoy the suffering of Men/Husband. Thanks to our MisandricMindset.

Verbal abuse , mental abuse , economical abuse , physical abuse and sexual abuse all over the world termed as Domestic Violence, but in India when a husband face such domestic Violence by wives , the same never considered as Domestic Violence.

Lacks of fund had been spend to make study, survey to prove how women are victim of Domestic Violence, but none had asked their male partner, what they face on their daily life. All the study basic foundation is Women Never Lie and Women Never Cheat assumptions.

There are some international studies there the researchers dare to ask the same question to both men and women and found more women doing domestic violence against men than men doing against women.

Every year more than 64000 married men ending their life which is almost double than married women in India, but National Health survey never feel to need of even to find the reason.

Married Men Suicide Increasing In India

When SFF Volunteers ask them in 2013and send the questioners to be asked to Indian men also and why the same should not be covered in their study very surprising answer received:

“At present the National Health Survey module does not have facility to capture the data for men, may review in future.” 

Two years had been passed, but still they have not able to find how to modify the data capturing module in their survey and our Prime minister dreaming of Digital India.

When it comes to look into the problem faced by men or husband , not only government , even well known media houses also try to ignore and prefer to use abuse to men or husband as matter of Joke and fun.

It had been reminded to every boy from their child hood, that boys should not cry , they can’t be victim.

Result when Men became victim of Domestic abuse, they never cry in front of Public or in front of friends.

Their crying place is Washrooms, bathrooms or dark bedrooms only.

They even refuse to accept that they are victim and such denial of victim-hood restricts them to seek any help or guidance from others and victimize themselves more and more.

When men themselves on denial mode, that they are victim of domestic abuse which is hard fact and truth, result their suffering, pain, agony continue to increase.

End result lead to suicide or spouse murder or self destruction mode.

So, time to first accept you are a Victim of Domestic abuse, then only you will look for come out from such victim hood, but if you are in denial mode, the problem is not going to resolve by some magic.

Domestic Violence against men are not Joke, it had its own repercussions , if you continue to ignore, as society everyone have to pay the price  which I had caution in 2006 itself in CNN-IBN debate show.

CNN-IBN Debate on Domestic Violence Act , 2005 Part-2 ...

When unfair, biased Domestic Violence act was passed in the name of big relief to women by ignoring suffering of Indian men/husband, I had clearly told , after 3 years  radical feminist groups will start cry violence against women is increasing and they will demand more anti-men laws , instead of correcting the unfair laws.

History witness the more you will destroy the harmony in society by multiple unfair law’s, crime in society is going to increase, it never decrease.

Just have a comparative looks of Spouse murder per lack population USA vs India, 4 times more spouse get murdered in USA than India.

Would love to see your comment, when next time you witness any news or video where Men or Husband had been abused by any women or Girls the same to be used as Fun/Joke or try to provide a helping hand to them.


Sahil Kapoor said...

This is very Much true that men are taught right from th begining that they shoud not cry. But we had really forgetten to speak our fates in front of even aur own friends. We need to stand up and speak against these biased laws and even we need to take harder steps to make the govenment listen to this injustice. Thank you for showing the right direction.

ravi gupta said...

Thank you