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Why Ngo’s working for men will meet at Mumbai on 15th August?

More than 200 representative of various NGOs working for welfare of men, various Men Rights organizations, along with Save Indian Family Network’s NGO from all over India are going to meet at Mumbai on the eve of Independence Day of India (14th to 16 th August, 2015) to intensify agitation for amendment of unfair, biased, dowry laws, rape laws and domestic violence laws in their 7th SIF-National meets.

As per organizers this year, tremendous energy had been observed and many volunteers who are campaigning to Stop Abuse of Men, are have to be kept in waiting list to join this meet. Due to limited space available they have to wait for next year booking.

Since the first SIF-national meet was organized in Goa, many think had been changed in their module as we witness in last meet in Agra.

Maximum volunteers prefer to discuss on future strategy, networking, branding, diversification, training, creating more blogs, to take the movement in next level instead of concentrating individual Ngo’s past success or failure only as showcase. 

This year also made different topic to be discussed and team had been formed well in advance to present new strategic ideas in national meet. Volunteers are working day night to give the final touch of their presentation.

Their main demands are that dowry laws like 498a to be scraped or be made bailable, non-cognizable along with domestic violence laws to be made gender neutral in larger interest of the society as immediate effect.

In addition to that new threat of unfair rape, sexual assault laws along with molestation laws getting abused left, right and centers just for extortion, blackmailing or on trivial disputes men vs women . Start form college students, Labor union leaders, social activist, media personalities or politicians, none had been spared from this injustice.

“There is no medical test, there is no time limit, the rape cases get registered like some ordering Pizza or Burger in India, let the alleged crime take places 2 years before or 15 years before lead to many women can term any men a rapist or molester as per her wish”, said Amit Despandey working in a MNC as Area head and a seasoned activist of Mumbai based NGO VastavFoundation, who is hosting this year’s SIF-National Meet.

Recently even SC also clarified, even if police found during pre-investigations, the case is fake, they have no right to refuse to register the FIR as the law had been made in such a way, that a women never lie or a women never cheat so police have no option but to register the fake cases also knowingly.

Once FIR get registered the men have to run from pillar to post to get bail or go to jail for months together, as normally lower court refuse to grant bail in the name of heinous crime and the only hope lies from HC or Sc. Even after get cleared form the court, the tag of a Rapist or Molester is not going to get vanished from his character certificate for the rest of the life.

Not only men , many women in the form of mothers, sisters also going to take part of this meet as they saying,  “The spate of actions taken by the radical feminists in sidelining the moderates and wreaking havoc on innocent people in the name of Women Empowerment has already done a lot of damage to the Women Empowerment movement and its credibility” They further added, the pain of a mother or sister is not less when they witness the suffering of their son or brother suffering in fake cases for no fault , many had even end their life also.

Save Indian Family movement does not want further deterioration of the society and hence hopes that the Govt. will do well by taking the above demands into consideration and not buckle under the pressure of radical feminists groups. It is high time that the media takes cudgels in presenting to the Society the bitter truth about radical feminists who are calling the shots.

It is to be noted that the Govt. made several laws to tackle dowry menace. It all started in 1961, with the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Then Section 498A, Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860) in 1983 and the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, passed in 2006. Quintessentially all of the above three try to achieve the same objective start form demand money/property from husband family and end with demand money/property from husband family.

Unfortunately the greedy radical feminists want some more laws as they continue to ignore the extravagant marriages and inaction of dowry prohibition officers in curbing the dowry menace as the confusion created in Law itself by making dowry as legal right of women in the name of cute word “Streedhan”.


So, at the time of marriage you can’t term any items as dowry, but if any disputes come you can easily term any streedhan as dowry and for that no evidence required only a verbal allegation by women sufficient to term whole family as criminal, let some of your brothers or sisters stay out of India also.

It is to be noted that Women's organizations have got and are still getting millions of dollars from the Govt. and from International agencies to implement stringent anti-male, laws ultra-virus the Indian Constitution for fighting against dowry. And now that they have got used to it, if the dowry menace is eliminated with proper implementation of the existing laws DP3/4, then they will not get the funds and attention.

So, they go soft on dowry exchange during marriages and yet cry for more laws so that men and their families can be harassed and money can be extorted from them.

It is worthwhile to be noted here that nowadays, women do not hesitate in filing 4-5 civil and criminal lawsuits for the same allegations on their husbands, blatantly and out rightly violating Article 20 of the Indian Constitution which clearly says that no person can be tried / punished twice for the same offense.

The cases filed include lawsuits under Dowry Prohibition Act, then another under section 498A of the IPC, then one more under CRPc125 and one more under maintenance section24 and so on and so forth, divorce, Child custody, making total lock-jam in Judiciary also. Till date none have dared to question in the name of Dowry how many law you want?

But now many Indian men have learned to fight and are giving stiff resistance to such wild practices and will continue to do so till the laws are not amended and the perpetrators of this misuse, aptly termed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India as Legal Terrorism, are not brought to task.

It is interesting to note that in India, terrorists and hooligans are roaming freely and the Govt. does not want to bring back TADA / POTA but the same Govt. continues with arbitrary arrests of the 1, 20,000 women in the form of our Mothers or sisters, in last 4 years without any trial or investigation and the same is also justified by radical feminist organizations.

Such practices can only be ridiculed at best and termed as grave mockery by the Govt. taking potshots at the people's patience.

Save Indian Family Network Ngo’s regrets to mention that in spite of nationwide awareness campaigns launched by it since the last 10 years and bringing this to the notice of the Govt. about the rampant misuse, still the Govt. continues to ignore.

Many people feel such ignorance of Government may lead to people will have no choice but to take the law in their own hands losing complete faith on the law of the land.

It is so pathetic that the Govt. is funding radical feminist organizations, which are no way different from any radical fundamentalist organizations so far as their intolerance is concerned as it is evident from the silence of these radicals on the arrests of 1, 20,000 women and more than 7, 00,000 men in last 5 years without any evidence in hand , except wife’s verbal allegations.

It is also a sad reality that the government is completely ignoring the suicides of Indian men to the tune of close to 90,000 a year with married men forming a sizeable chunk of it to the tune of 60,000 (on average) a year versus 27,000 married women. Any women died all the blame put to men and made multiple laws and policy to curb it but when a married men suicide, none had been blamed or try to find any solutions to the issue.

Husbands Suicide double than Wives

We wonder whose life is in more troublesome in India: Men or Women.

As per the National Crime Records Bureau data of 2014:

·               Married Men Suicides = 59700 vs. Married Women Suicides = 27000.

One may wonder Why married men suicide is double than married women, one has to go through the age wise data of Times of India Report:

      Age-wise analysis of suicides also compares with data on suicides of married men and women. Till the age of 18, data show men and women are equally prone to suicide. For about 5,500 men who committed suicide in 2014 in this age group, there were 5,300 female victims.

The gap begins to increase after 18 years, also the age after which people chose to marry. In 18-30 year age group, 60% of victims were men. In 30-45 years age group, about 72% victims were men, while in 45-60 years age group, men accounted for almost 80% of the victims.

     For a wife, even adultery is not a crime (it is a rewarding option and free money earning business for the whole life) as the word lived in adultery had been changed to living in adultery in CRPC125, means a Judge even can’t dismiss her maintenance claim in- spite you caught red handed.

     But for a husband even an allegation of "Name-calling" is a crime and not only the man, but his mother/sister/age-old father can also be put behind the bars for this 'crime' under IPC 498A or DV act. Such unfair, biased treatment faced by men from judiciary, law makers, media and society lead to high suicide rate, as all men can’t take law in their own hand to seek justice.

All assumption based law ( women never lie or women never cheat) need to be replaced by some more benign, sensible, gender-neutral legislation that may ensure both women and men  their rightful, honorable place at home and abroad, at the same time not forgetting the rights and well fare of men.

With an ending note Save Indian Family Network Ngo’s likes to remind the civil society as well of its duty to raise voice against the injustice going on under the barb and paradoxical veil of Women Empowerment and to the Govt. to make immediately Men well fare ministry , as Men are human too.

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ab said...

The only aim of feminist organization is more and more androcidal laws with total lack of accountability/responsibility on the part of woman. Women donot want to have even a single restriction on them of any kind but take pride and term it liberation and equality by making newer and more draconian laws against men. This is resulting in total destruction of the families and society and the nation in future.