Wednesday, 10 June 2015

#StopElderAbuse: What if I am tortured ?

"If a woman is tortured, the first thing police do is arrest her in-laws, even though they are elderly.

What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law? All 498A (a section that deals with physical and mental torture of women) does is put people like us behind bars, it will never put my daughter-in-law behind bars. Police should look into this discrepancy and if need be change the law, for I am ending my life unable to bear the torture meted out to me by my daughter-in-law."

"This suicide note was on Thursday from an Alipore (Kolkata, India) house where 64 year-old Ranjit Chakraborty hanged himself to death from his bathroom shower.

Chakraborty, a retired employee of a multi-national company, worked hard till the day he died. Police conducted a preliminary enquiry and close the case as “Family Disputes”.

Even a 88years old women, former  Freedom fighter  also not spared by her Daughter-in-Law , but no media like Times Now or NDTV or CNN IBN , feel the same worth for a debate as the crime done by some women .

Elder Abuse : 88 Yrs Old women dumped by Daughter-in-law

As a SIF Volunteer we witness every day the cry of Elderly parents, how their Daughter-in-Law abuse them day/night, just to get rid of them or capture their hard earned home in their own Name.
Recently witness a Case in Supreme court , 72 years old Mr. Mishra vs his advocate Daughter-in-Law, who  forcefully entered in their Father-in- law home , capture two rooms and next day filed a molestation case , Domestic Violence case in spite the Father-in-law have court injection order , she should not enter in their home. She is asking Mr. Mishra should be out of home in spite the Home build by his own hard earned saving of more than 20 years.

The women used to stay after marriage in Kanpur for about 7 years, when she had disputes with her husband and Divorce case filed, she Filed 498A in Lucknow , Domestic Violence case in Delhi and now demanding the only home of Mr. Mishra to give in  her name.

After 3-long years fight and spend lacks of rupees at last in last week SC ordered to vacate her the premises , but the suffering and losses gone through Mr. Mishra , no one is going to compensate or any punishment to the women who done every day Domestic Violence on him.

Even the SC Judge was surprised a Women used to stay in Kanpur, filed 498A in Lucknow , DV in Delhi , enter in Father-in-law home by force in spite of court injection order and openly asking to remove her FIL from the property in the name of Molestation case.
The biggest problem of India, the Elders are subject to Domestic Violence every day in their own home in the form of Verbal abuse, Physical  Abuse , Mental Abuse and economical abuse, but our law makers failed to address the same as problem .

We have even witness article/study like, but such news does not make any National debate in Prime channel, but long hours spend why X used word like Y or why Y does not come to party of X.

44% elder abused by Daughter –in-law and 32% by daughter, both together it comes 76%. Where as elder abuse by son comes 24%.

Now look at Our Domestic Violence law, when a Elder Person face the problem of Domestic Violence by Daughter-in-law or by Daughter, they can’t seek any relief, where as if they face any Problem from Son, they can seek the relief under LAW.

So, a Problem Elder Abuse never find any solution, as 76% Elder abusers go Scot free in our Legal System.

Now the Question is who is going to tell this to our LAW makers and ask them to correct the Domestic Violence LAW and replace the word Men/women to Person , so that irrespective of their gender who ever done Domestic Violence can be booked and Punished ?

So , as a Volunteer , when ever I get Question from any Elder Men of India : "What if I am tortured by my daughter-in-law" - A Unanswered Question by Government result my reply :

  1. Immediately Reverse Mortgage Your property/Assets.
  2. Move to near By Old Age home , as I don't want to see another Suicide Note from age old person.

90% cases I got crying reply , sir , we have treated our Daughter-in-law as like our Daughter , why she is doing like this with us ?

They completely unaware , today Elder Abuse done by 76% by daughter or Daughter-in-law in India and 24% only by Sons. 




Anonymous said...

no one care elder people or ready for break down of marriage faster than ever.

sushinjan bhattacharjee said...

leaders fool people in name of vote bank politics by making gender biased laws, but nobody understands these as trap unless they face effects of gender biased laws, as ignorance purposefully and deliberately rules mind of people, and a few people is asking for gender neutral laws, for rest its"how does it matter?", the price such mind setting innocents pay