Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#WomenNeverLie #WomenNeverCheat: Don’t blame Smriti , Sushma, Pankaja, Vasundhara

Debate: #Lalitgate: Sack one or both? - Times Now

Veteran Politician like Rajnath Singh know very well we Indians are suffering in a disease called Misandry- Male Hatred , none will dare to question any wrong doing of a women in India . 


If someone dare to do that, they will be termed as anti-women and Mygonist . 


This is not UPA; Smriti Irani, Sushma Swaraj won't quit: Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI: The government on Wednesday rejected Congress demand for resignation of Union ministers Sushma Swaraj and Smriti Irani over 'Lalitgate' and 'fake degree' controversies, saying "our ministers do not do all that their (UPA's) ministers used to do".

"Our ministers do not have to resign. This is not their (Congress') government. This is NDA government," home minister Rajnath Singh told reporters at the Cabinet briefing.


Result even some opposition Party leader like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulyam Singh Yadav or Umar Abdula also prefer to forgive them and prefer to be silent in the name of Women, with a fear of losing Women Vote.




It's Media like NDTV, Times Now, CNN-IBN always reminded us via their #MediaTrial that #WomenNeverLie or #WomenNeverCheat in number of occasions let it be Preeti Zinda or Nisha Sharma cases. Mere verbal allegations by any women against men and she became National Hero. 


They have not learn any lesson from cases like Nisha Sharma, which found not true by court after 10 long years or Radia Tape cases where no action had been taken.

Judiciary like High Court or Supreme court also keep reminded us in number of cases #WomenNeverLie or #WomenNeverCheat and advocated various judgments merely on the basis of Women’s verbal allegations. For a same offense done by Women and men together, we had witness how Court granted Bail to women but refused to men. 


Don’t forget, even when a woman rapes to any men (sex without mutual consent) our Indian Misandary (Male Hatred) society and law colors the act with terms like loving or affectionate. Sadly some women consider such acts as their birth right over men. If a man tries to fight back or resist or even dreams of speaking the truth, he himself is labeled as rapist instead of being considered a Victim of rape.


History witness , every wrong step have a price to pay and we Indian have to pay the price for that by supporting LAW or Policy on the ideology like #WomenNeverLie or #WomenNeverCheat .



So, when you our self refused to cure from Misandry why Politician like Rajnath Singh will ask to resign #SmritiIrani #SushmaSwaraj ,#PankajaMunda or #VasundharaRaje ?

Few days back I had written Will our Youth ever try to remove Misandry (Male Hatered) from India ?  but seen counter effect , as there are some Journalist like Manoj Mitta keep spreading one sided view, hiding the fact how government change the word “Spouse” to men vs. women regarding “irretrievably Break Down of marriage law” in the name of Identity Crisis which in fact nothing but Property Garbing law. He even failed to consider the contribution and suffering a men also gone through in India at the time of Divorce no fault at his end and end up paying heavy price irrespective whose fault it is.

It’s time to accept corruption, crime or Human Rights are not a Gender Issue and oppose every LAW and Policy or Media Trial on the ideology #WomenNeverLie or #WomenNeverCheat .

Don’t blame Smriti Irani , Sushma Swaraj, Pankaja Munde , Vasundhara Raje or any Women if you yourself can’t cure Misandary –Male Hatred mind set.

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Anonymous said...

welll written , but no one is listening

Swarup Sarkar said...

No one Listening , as maximum are in Misandry Mind set . This is a small try to make them wake up or pay price. Next time don't vote to any Party who promote #Misandry better press NOTA

Vibhu Raghuvanshi said...

As is rightly placed on SIF site, Gandhiji had rightly said.
Let them ignore, we knew they would!
I was seeing that day in a clip- Mr Amit Lakhani rightly placed that if women can do anything, they can very well do any crime.
It's not just the misandrous but the inexperienced stage of these people who still think it's blasphemous to tell any woman wrong even if she is! There is no God....only women...hah!