Friday, 1 May 2015

Will Youth ever try to remove Misandry (Male Hatered) ?

Manish( Name Changed to protect his identity ) a 25 years Bright Student of Delhi know every think about the LAW of Cricket, but totally unaware about India’s unfair, biased law like Rape, Dowry, #MaritalRape , Domestic Violence Act by which  one day he will be termed as Rapist for No fault at his end.

He was in a relationship with a Girl for 4 years but the Girl's family was not ready to accept him as Son-in-LAW, so they run away from home and got married. In return the Girl's parent file a Kidnapping and Rape case not only against him but drag all his family members like father, Brother, one close friend and married sisters also by claim they all supported her to Kidnapping the Girl.

His parents went to Jail and he had to surrender in Police station and was in police custody for 2 days and gets all treatment what is possible in Police custody. He keep repeating, he is not a Rapist, they are in relationship for last 4 years, but all go in deaf years.

At last he got the Bail from Court, but the tag of #Rapist put in his head will never go away so easily, but the girl prefer to go back to parents Home than support him and continue the married relationship.
Now the Police had closed the case and filed final reports to court it was not a rape case as both was married.

But after 3 months  the girls file, new cases under Domestic Violence and claiming residence Right of Girl's and maintenance 30K per month, one time compensations of 20 lacks.

They filed another case of 498A , with allegations that Manish refused to take her back and demanding 50 lacks as Dowry.

In a New twist she claim she had been Raped in married relationship also and every day Manish used to beat her and used to have forced sex, once he even hit him 18times in head for forced sex.

So, from a Rapist now he became Wife beater, Dowry seeker along with new term he rape his own Wife.

Once again court rejects her petitions as there was no frima face evidence and there was enough SMS, calls by her to Manish where she was asking to forget every think and let start fresh as married couple. But Manish had learnt enough and was very much hurt by the fact, for no fault why his parents and brother was send to jail? He can’t trust her 2nd time, so best is get separated and let her start new life with some good guy than continue a relationship with a #Rapist.

Now the real Blow comes, her advocate refer a foreign funded women organizations who are desperate to send all men to Jail in #MatriaRape, the women organizations move to Supreme Court, but the SC also denied the Petition as she had already asked relief under Domestic Violence act, if there was any wrong done by Manish , he will be punished and have to pay the price under Domestic Violence act , 498A as well as Divorce with necessary alimony under section 25.

The same does not go well with Feminist groups and media Houses in India. They all geared up. By covering the face of Girls start playing the Victim Hood card and spread lie after lie that in India there is no relief to a wife if he faced #MatrialRape , so change the law.

They repeatedly hide the Vital information that in 2000 itself LAW commission made recommendation to make Rape related law like IPC375 , IPC376 should be Gender Neutral , so that irrespective men or women who ever do wrong should be Punished.

Now as a Indian men we are already full of misandary( Male Hatred) already in our mind , keep jumping in twitter and put our views how liberal we are without even knowing that 4 special law available in India fr a Wife if she face any #MaritalRape.

But the fact they also don't try to know, in India if a Husband rape his wife , she can seek relief under 4 special laws like Domestic Violence Act, CRPC125, 498A as well as Divorce. The truth is when wife do rape to Husband or to any other men in India, as per India LAW she had never punished. If the men try to tell the truth that he had been raped by women or raped by wife, instead of register any case against women/wife, the Rape cases registered against Men/Husband only.

 When a woman rapes (sex without mutual consent) our Indian Misandary( Male Hatred)  society and law colors the act with terms like loving or affectionate. Sadly some women consider such acts as their birth right over men. If a man tries to fight back or resist or even dreams of speaking the truth, he himself is labeled as rapist instead of being considered a Victim of rape.

Boys like Manish are not alone, every day many Boys had been termed as Rapist in this country and more than 70% cases court found the consented relationship converted to Rape in India.

Indian men today are filled so much misandary( Male Hatred) in their mind that they can’t foresee that the day is not too far when they all will termed as Rapist or wife beater for No fault. 

If you refuse to marry your will be termed as Rapist. If you marry then you will termed wife beater, dowry seeker and also rapist under feminist Proposed #MaritaRape .

But organizations like Save Family Foundation  who are advocating to amend the law gender neutral and promote Family Harmony reach to Delhi University Collage with a Hope , open your eyes than blindly believe the Lie spread by radical Feminist groups supported by Indian Media.

You can click for the Presentation  below : 

SIF Presents to DU College Misandry in Youth - YouTube


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